White glossy kitchen in the interior: the possibility of a difficult surface (22 photos)

The white glossy kitchen is a very bold, but stylish interior solution. That's why many customers, referring to designers, choose a white gloss from a huge variety of colors and textures. In addition to the fact that it looks exquisitely, it solves several problems at once.

White and beige glossy kitchen

White glossy kitchen with a black table top

What good is this kitchen?

The white glossy kitchen has a number of advantages:

  • is universal;
  • functional;
  • easy to use;
  • Combines with any color;
  • visually expands the space.

Kitchens of white color today are represented by all furniture manufacturers, because they are in great demand. They are ideally combined with any decor items and with both white and chrome household appliances. It is very convenient for those who like to change dishes, kitchen textiles and curtains. If today you eat from red plates, and the curtains hang on the window, then in a month you can change the boring colors to green, blue, blue or any other.

White glossy kitchen in classic style

White glossy kitchen with wooden top

White color visually expands the space, so the kitchens of this color are suitable for a small room. This is where the kitchen set with glossy facades will have to stand. They will act as mirrors: reflect light and thereby make the room even larger.

Today you can choose any design of white kitchen and any model. Owners of small apartments are recommended to pay attention to corner kitchen sets. They are very roomy, and if the furniture is matched correctly, it will not take up much space.

White glossy kitchen in the house

White kitchen with glossy facades


Another white color favorably affects the human psyche. It calms, helps to relax and tune in to good. In the kitchen of white it will be nice to start a new day and spend time in the evening.

Modern white glossy kitchens are very simple to clean. Unlike red or any other color, they do not show so much traces of hands, water stains or any other dirt, so with minimal care, the white top will always be in perfect condition, but this is no reason not to wash the kitchen at all - do not forget about rubbing a damp rag of all kitchen surfaces after cooking, and then the kitchen will always shine.

White glossy kitchen in the interior

White glossy kitchen in high-tech style

Ideal for any style

This is how you can tell about the white glossy kitchen, because it easily fits into the interior of any style. This is possible thanks to a diverse palette of colors. Such a kitchen can have a shade:

  • lactic;
  • creamy;
  • eggshell;
  • chalky;
  • Ivory;
  • lilies;
  • linen;
  • cotton.

For the style of Provence or Country, a dairy or creamy kitchen is suitable. In this case, it can be combined with natural wood. In this interior the kitchen with a wooden table-top will perfectly fit. The kitchen apron can also be milky or brighter: olive, turquoise, violet. The brown countertop will add coziness and make the interior more homely.

White glossy kitchen in the apartment

White glossy linear kitchen

The glossy kitchen in the Art Nouveau style will look absolutely different. There should be no bright accents here: everything is very laconic and restrained. Such a headset can not have extra decorative elements: a strict straight line of facades, smooth angles and thin chrome handles. Such a kitchen can be combined with any color, but it should not be too much. For example, a gray stone countertop will become the center of such an interior. You can also make a green or blue apron and pick up plastic chairs in tone. This is all possible, because for a white kitchen as a companion any color will do.

White glossy cuisine will ideally look in a modern minimalist style. It is even more concise than modern. Here, only a gray color can appear in the minimum amount. For such a kitchen, a metal worktop, chrome modern sanitary ware and household appliances of the latest generation are suitable. The color of the headset should be chalky or perfectly white.

White glossy kitchen in loft style

White glossy small kitchen

But fans of shocking experiments and experiments recommend paying attention to the art deco style, in which the glossy kitchen with a black table-top fits perfectly. Such a surface will require special care, but it will look very stylish. In the kitchen in the Art Deco style, a red glossy floor can be laid or the facades are decorated with gold forged handles - everything is permissible here.

Kitchen design can be chosen absolutely any. In all cases, white color will act exactly that ideal background on which any other colors will look brighter and more saturated.

White glossy kitchen from MDF

Which material should I choose?

The more quality the material from which the kitchen is made, the longer it will serve you, so you should not save. A real classic kitchen is made of natural wood. It is very expensive, but it looks luxurious. The tree is safe, durable and does not require special care. Even through the glossy coating you can see its unique texture, and this makes the whole interior even more refined.

White glossy furniture in the kitchen

White glossy kitchen in minimalism style

For those who dream of a wooden glossy kitchen, but wants to pay a price less, you can choose a combined option. In such sets, the facades are made of natural wood, and the inner and side walls are made of veneer or MDF.

Today, the kitchen from plastic is very popular. It costs less, is not afraid of changes in temperature, high humidity and can be of absolutely any shade. Plastic weighs less than wood, so plastic lockers can be hung on walls made of plasterboard. On the plastic with time, there are scratches and chips that can not be removed, but at the same time to replace the plastic facade at times cheaper than the wooden one.

In one kitchen interior, these two materials can not be combined. If the white top is made of plastic, then the bottom should be made of it. In such a kitchen can appear a wooden table, chairs or decor objects. They can be in tone or, conversely, bright colors.

White Glossy Kitchen in Art Nouveau Style

White glossy modular kitchen

It is not necessary to save on the table top and accessories. The table top should be thick. It is desirable from a stone, metal or a durable synthetic material. A fittings better to order from well-known manufacturers. Then the kitchen cabinets will close silently and noiselessly, and the handles will not break off and crack.

White glossy kitchen with floor cupboards

White glossy kitchen with hanging cupboards

Disadvantages of glossy cuisine

Like any piece of furniture, a white kitchen with glossy surfaces has its drawbacks. Many people associate white color with the hospital, so staying in such a kitchen gives them more discomfort than joy and pleasure. If you still want a light set, you should take a closer look at warmer shades: milk and cream.

White glossy kitchen with island

White glossy kitchen-transformer

Some owners of such sets claim that it is difficult to take care of them and too quickly the surface loses its luster, but in this case everything depends not on the color, but on the texture of the material. On cheap plastic, fingerprints will always be visible.

White glossy corner kitchen

White glossy cuisine will appeal to lovers of Scandinavian interiors, but it will fit into the style of minimalism, provence and even art deco. Contrary to many prejudices, such a kitchen is very practical in operation, but in order for you to be satisfied with it, you need to meet two requirements: do not save and choose a better material for the kitchen set and must take good care of it.


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