Bathroom panel finishing: installation features

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The modern market of building materials is full of a variety of finishing materials for the design of the bathroom: starting from classic paper wallpapers and finishing with natural finishing materials. However, some options are not suitable due to their physical properties, and some simply can not afford it.

The toilet is big

However, there are, among the general variety of options for decoration, quite versatile options, which can easily be arranged with their own hands. It's about using different panels in the toilet of your apartment. Combining the reliability of construction, financial efficiency and quality execution, panels are becoming an increasingly popular type of decoration.

The process of installing panels is also not difficult. It is enough only to understand the technique itself. And then thanks to the large selection of used panels and their color solution, you can create even the most unique interior design.

Blue Toilet

Basic selection criteria for panels

Most often, pvc or wood panels are used to repair the toilet room. This choice of materials is due to undeniable advantages:

  • Moisture resistance. It is worth remembering that the toilet room is quite wet and cold, so that the used material does not start to deteriorate before its term, it is necessary to take into account these parameters. In addition, due to the durability of the panels to moisture, you will have an excellent opportunity to conduct a wet cleaning of the premises without much difficulty.
  • Reliability. Any repair is aimed not only at a serious change of the situation, but also on its durability, and the more quality the material used, the longer it will serve you. Panels for the toilet have among their characteristics high quality indicators of materials, from which they are made, which in turn ensures their strength and reliability.
  • Beauty. The last but not the least important criterion is the aesthetic beauty of the interior design you create. Agree, it's much nicer to be in a cozy atmosphere, which you like. The variety of colors, textures and textures, as well as the possibility of photo printing, guarantees the opportunity to create the necessary atmosphere.

WC white

The toilet is cozy

Types of panels used

There is a fairly large assortment of used panels. Each species has its pros and cons. Let's look at the most basic options and their features.

Toilet under the tree

One of the most democratically financed options is the use of PVC panels. In addition, it is the PVC panels that have a number of undeniable advantages, including their increased moisture resistance. In addition, PVC panels are light enough, which greatly simplifies the repair process and increases its reliability. The variety of colors of such panels does not know the limit, in addition, it is on them that you can place pictures and photographs.


No less popular option are MDF panels. Of course, in many such material can cause mistrust, because of their instability to moisture. However, today you can easily find panels with special impregnations. But due to its thickness, MDF panels significantly increase the levels of sound insulation and thermal insulation.

Fans of extraordinary solutions can use natural materials. An excellent example of this can serve as a panel of classical wood. However, in addition to its natural beauty, nobility and reliability, the tree has a number of shortcomings. For example, with fluctuations in humidity and temperatures, the tree can narrow or vice versa, expand.

Toilet light

Panel mounting

After selecting the panels for finishing the toilet, you can proceed with their installation. In this process, there is nothing complicated, but it is very important to take into account a lot of seemingly insignificant nuances.

Toilet with panels own hands

First of all, it is necessary to assemble the frame, to which the panels themselves will be attached in the future. The frame is assembled from regular beams measuring 20 to 40 mm. Mount them to the walls at a distance of 40 mm from the floor and ceiling. The remaining bars should be placed at a distance of 50 cm from each other.

You can do without creating a crate, but then your walls should be perfectly even. Otherwise, the construction will not last long.

Fasten the panels to the crate in several ways. The most popular of these is the use of special Kleimers. They perfectly hold the panels and, most importantly, do not interfere with their expansion from the effects of moisture, in case you chose panels from wood.

An easier way to fix the panels is to use ordinary screws. The option is a bit simpler, but unlike the Kleimers, self-cutters will not allow the expansion of the panels.

Toilet with panels

Decor in the toilet

Separately, we should talk about using the decor in the toilet. For some reason, it is customary to pay little attention to this issue. Perhaps this is somehow related to the small size of the room. However, it is still necessary, albeit in a rather specific form.

Wooden toilet

Depending on the toilet room you create, different decorations can be used. As an example, you can use the pictures in a classic or similar style. You can do more budget options for decor. For example, the selection of special stylized toiletries.

If we are talking about panels, then in some cases as a decor will look good and a variety of vinyl stickers. In addition, you can stylize the room by analogy with the bathroom. After all, in essence, these two rooms are similar, and sometimes completely put together. So the use of uniform stylistics in the design of the bathroom and toilet is even welcomed.

Toilet is small


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