Sofa-canapé in a modern interior: elegance and convenience (24 photos)

Sofa-canapes are characterized by small size, raised headboard and mandatory presence of armrests and back. His homeland is France, where he first saw the light in the eighteenth century. Since that time, this piece of furniture has undergone many changes and now has little similar features with the historical model.

Sofa accordion
Sofa accordion
White sofa canapé

Sofa-Canape Turquoise Color

Modern forms

Modern couch sofas are made in two styles: elite and everyday. The first, embodying the elegance of past eras, has a high aesthetics and is intended for interior decoration. But for a full rest such furniture can not be used.

Leather sofa
Sofa-canapé in classic design

Sofas from the second group are multifunctional due to the presence of an additional surface, hidden inside the structure. If necessary, it can be expanded, increasing the sleeping area from 100 to 140 cm. Such mini-sofas, suitable for use in average apartments, also look elegant and stylish.

Modern models combine the presence of an armrest, a backrest of medium stiffness and a soft seating position. In some cases, there are two armrests of different heights made of wood. In others, their role is played by soft rollers, which are fastened to the seat on the Velcro or are thrown on the hinges to increase the overall length of the sofa. Backrests vary in type of construction and can be made of wood or chipboard, and can also be equipped with pillows.

Sofa-canapé with wooden armrests
Children's sofa-couch

When creating skeletons of canopy sofas, wood, metal or a combination of these materials are used. For filling the seats, springless systems made of polyurethane foam and latex are used, which are characterized by high wear resistance and elasticity, as well as spring systems with dependent or independent springs.

Sofa-canapé in the nursery
Blue sofa canapé

Mechanisms of transformation

Despite the small size in the folded form, couch sofas can fully replace the bed. To obtain a berth, various types of mechanisms are used, among which the most popular are:

  • "French clamshell." It features convenience in installation, practicality and compactness. Expands "accordion" in three stages, forming a surface perpendicular to the back.
  • "Accordion". The layout is carried out by raising the seat with a characteristic click and pulling it forward until a wide, level place for rest is formed.
  • The withdrawable. The mechanism is the most durable and reliable in operation, so it is optimally suited for daily use. Folds out by pushing the seat forward, after which the back is lowered onto the empty space formed.
Sofa in the living room
Checkered sofa-canapé
Forged sofa-canapé

All types of transformation mechanisms move forward. Therefore, when installing furniture, care must be taken that there is sufficient free space.

Leather sofa-canapé
Red couch sofa

Use in the children's room

When choosing a sofa in the nursery, several points should be taken into account that will ensure the safety and comfort of the child.

Sofa-canapé in Art Nouveau style
Sofa-canapé in a minimalist interior

Children's sofa canapes are made of materials that do not cause allergic reactions. The fabric of the upholstery should be strong, hygienic and soft, the seat filler - wear-resistant and retaining the form. It is also not desirable that the sofa is equipped with hard surfaces or protruding parts, hitting about which you can be injured.

Sofa-style canape in rococo style
Sofa-armchair with armrests
Gray couch sofa

The mechanism of transformation must have a soft stroke, so that the child himself is engaged in its decomposition. To prevent accidents, it is better to choose clamshells, the design of which does not provide for the presence of falling parts.

Sofa-canape purple
Corner sofa-canapé

Due to the compact size and laconic design, the sofas canapes are successfully used in the rooms even with a small layout. They can decorate any interior, fulfilling the role of a comfortable resting place during the day and a comfortable bed at night.

Green sofa canapé
Yellow Sofa Sofa

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