Organize order in the kitchen once and for all

Organize order in the kitchen once and for all

Do not deny that much of our life is in the kitchen. But maintaining order on it is not so simple - a large number of cook tools, jars of spices and products do not add accuracy. The very process of cooking food, too, can not be considered very clean: splashes of water and fat, pruning and crumbs ...

Organize order in the kitchen once and for all

Not every landlady immediately understands, how to organize order in the kitchen, optimizing the cooking and making the room cozy.

We have collected several recommendations for you, as well as reveal the secrets of the super-system, which will help to achieve the result without spending a lot of time and energy.

Clean better on a clean

At first glance, the statement may seem absurd. However, if you think about it, it really is.

It is easier to maintain order than to try to wash kitchen Augean stables regularly.

There are many systems that help to achieve cleanliness and accuracy, with very little effort.

Start with the rational placement of kitchen accessories.

  • Take care of spices and loose foods: do not leave them in the store packages. This not only looks untidy, but also significantly shortens the shelf life of their products. Interesting ideas for the organization of storage sites you can see in our article.
  • Carefully go through all the items in the kitchen: maybe some of them need to be donated or thrown away. Think about whether you really need three whisks for whipping, utensils that are dusting around without a cause for the second year or a broken glass?
  • Replace accessories with modern ones. Accurate sponges for washing dishes, cute towels in tone, potholders and clothespins for packages and trifles - everything should look harmonious. You will be surprised how tidy the kitchen will become, it is worthwhile to take care of it!
  • Try to teach yourself how to wash dishes while cooking - so you will need much less power. It's easier to immediately rinse the pan and pan than wait until the food remains to it.
  • Keep track of all horizontal surfaces - It is only necessary to leave on the windowsill some trinket, as in a few days it will be packed with them. The same applies to dirty cups on the table: have you ever paid attention to their tendency to multiply? Where one glass with a half-drunk juice, there will soon be ten.
  • The standard rule, which is often forgotten to use: shed something - wipe it, open it - close it, wake it up - sweep it. All these actions take a few seconds, but the general cleaning of the kitchen is noticeably facilitated. If it is required at all with such accuracy.

As you can see, maintaining order in the kitchen is not so difficult - just show a little attention and do not run it to the state of complete mess.

But what if you are too late and the room looks more like a battlefield? Do not give up! We will help you to restore cleanliness, without exerting extra effort.

The system is the best solution

Organize order in the kitchen once and for all

The main reason why great plans to wash the whole room in one day fail - fear of a large amount of work.

You start to wash the stove, put the floor in order, look at the closet ... And give up! Do not blame yourself - this burnout is considered an absolute norm.

It is much easier to put the kitchen in order in order, using a certain cleaning system - for example, the lady's flag.

The name of the American method is translated simply - "fluttering woman." Its essence is to to bring the apartment in order not one jerk, but in stages. So you will not be tired, and you will be able to achieve stable maintenance of order. Let's consider more in detail?

  1. 1. The first rule will please lazy people and those who are constantly busy at the same time - do not spend more than fifteen minutes cleaning. To do this, put a timer, which by its signal will stop you. There is a certain logic in this - you can not get tired for such a period of time, and you will have plenty of time to do it, if you do not get distracted.

Organize order in the kitchen once and for all

Important point: Of course, you can break this rule and add time for cleaning. However, we still recommend using fifteen minute intervals, since this time is considered optimal - a person can concentrate extremely and not react to distractions. Do not forget to arrange respites between the approaches, if you want to change the system of the lady's ladder "for yourself."

  1. 2. Cleaning is carried out in stages, so the second rule - for one approach, we remove only one zone.

Try to act according to the plan below (10 steps).

I. Surface cleaning. Take two packages - one for garbage, the second - for things that clearly do not belong in your kitchen. Look through all the surfaces, throwing away all unnecessary and putting off the items, which here were clearly mistakenly.

Already at this stage the room will look much more accurate. At the same time, take the kitchen appliances into the lockers, which you use not every day. Do you really need constant access to a meat grinder or a food processor?

Organize order in the kitchen once and for all

Interesting information: In the system, the lady's flag is very popular with the reception of disguise. Every day you are offered to get rid of ten things.

Do not be scared - it includes old drafts, candy wrappers, and cosmetics that have lost their expiration date ... Try it - and you'll notice how much unnecessary accumulated in your kitchen!

II. We put things in order in the lockers. Do not try to immediately wash and polish them. Just look at what you need to discard from your stocks, and what - to pour into a sealed container.

You do not want to have a food moth in products, which is very difficult to get rid of? Repeat the same for dishes: remove the one that you do not use, get rid of the cracked and lost sight.

After such preparatory work, maintaining order will no longer be an impossible task. It's time to proceed directly to cleaning the room!

III. Pay attention to the dirtiest zone of any kitchen - the sink and its surroundings. To maintain the cleanness, two foam sponges and a couple of small rags are enough - discard the rest. At the same time, replace the old ones - they smear more than clean them. Think about how best to arrange cleaning agents - perhaps you will like the hanging organizer.

Organize order in the kitchen once and for all

Thoroughly, to shine, wash off the shell and the adjacent areas. You may need a remedy for rust or stains. All that is needed at the end of work: regularly wipe the sink from the water, clean the leftovers of food and make sure that the dishes do not accumulate.

IV. Then you should go to the plate. The cleaning principle is similar here - we wash everything, including pens and zones under the burners, then just maintain order. It is easier to wipe the cooking surface once after cooking, than to waste time scraping the frozen fat.

V. Attentively examine the walls - perhaps you need to vacuum the web, wipe the stains of fat over the stove, wipe the washable wallpaper or tile. It will take you another one or two fifteen minutes.

VI. Then pay attention to the lockers. Do you remember that they had to deal with their contents already? Now take time to clean - wipe off dust and wash off dirt if necessary.

Do not forget and walk on the upper outer panel - usually there is accumulated a lot of debris.

VII. We will not focus on cleaning inside the refrigerator - it is described in detail in a separate article. But it is necessary to wipe it from the outside. At the same time, think about whether you need all these magnets, on which dust is collected.

VIII. One of the most time-consuming processes - washing windows. Wipe the windows and window sill, wash the curtains, remove dirt from the eaves.

Organize order in the kitchen once and for all

You will be surprised how light and tidy your kitchen will become.

LifeFac: It is not necessary to dry and iron the curtains. Just hang them on the cornice wet - they straighten out under their weight.

IX. One more stage is a chandelier. Wipe the plafond, throw out the midges that fly to the light. At the same time you can clean the ceiling.

X. Now you only have wipe the dust and wipe the floors, having previously walked on them with a vacuum cleaner.

Of course, such a step-by-step approach will take more time. But you will get tired much less, which means - there is a chance to bring it to the end.

You can not call these recommendations universal: someone needs to wash the microwave, someone does not store supplies in the kitchen ... But the main principle we tried to explain in the most detailed way: fifteen minutes per zone and methodicality will help you to establish an ideal order and effortlessly support it.

There are many more photos of the organization of order in the kitchen - use them or create your own!


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