Kitchen of light green color: interior in details

Photo of light green kitchens: interiors, furniture, wallpaper

The lime color is multifaceted: on the one hand, it refers to a warm range, including all the properties of warm tones, on the other - as a shade of green, has a neutralizing function. It turns out the interior, filled with "cheerful tranquility."

Light green is ideal for the interior of a bathroom, a children's or a playroom, a kitchen. The design of the salad kitchen, the photo of which is presented on the page, has its own peculiarities.

Let's consider in more detail: what properties of color to consider, to create a harmonious interior of a kitchen in a light green color.

Interior styles for greenery

Light green kitchen - the choice of fans of non-trivial solutions. This color is akin to orange: screaming, bright, juicy, it dominates the room.

Therefore, you must carefully handle the "dosage" of color. Excess of salad will lead to disharmony, and ill-conceived choice of style of registration will cause a sense of imbalance.

Perfect choice for a light green kitchen - any modern style of interior, beginning from soft, sophisticated modernity and ending with colorful pop art.

Kitchen of light green color: interior in details

Eco-style. Light green is simply created for the kitchen in an eco-style. The combination of natural materials and the most natural shades create a unique atmosphere of harmony.

Furniture from a natural tree it is advantageously looked on a background of salad walls. Lilac decor (bright vases, dishes of color of a juicy salad, curtains of a saturated shade) will perfectly correspond with greenery of house plants, and the upholstery with impregnations of this shade will add to an interior of dynamism.

Kitchen of light green color: interior in details

Minimalism. The light green color will perfectly dilute the ascetic situation, add mood to the interior of the kitchen. A minimalist style is characterized by an abundance of light and free space.

This is also required by the green color. Furniture with facades of a juicy green shade looks more advantageous, if brightly lit.

Salad cuisine in the style of minimalism

High tech. A strict and restrained kitchen in the style of hi-tech light green color will fill with freshness and cheerfulness. The accentual wall of color of juicy greens will add to an interior of dynamism, and furniture with bright green facades will dilute a monochrome style.

Kitchen of light green color: interior in details

Modern likes muted shades and flowing lines. Therefore, for the kitchen in the Art Nouveau style it is necessary to choose a muted shade of light green color: gentle, translucent, as if covered with haze.

It can be selected as a background by painting the walls. On the other hand, the most recognizable detail of the style are the stained glass windows. Juicy lime, chosen as the main one when creating a stained-glass picture, will add a harmonious kitchen.

Kitchen of light green color: interior in details

Pop Art. Original furniture, a screaming palette and an abundance of decor - these are the main features of the kitchen in the style of pop art. Since this style requires a neutral ceiling and floor, it is better to decorate with green or furniture, or highlight this color accent wall.

Light green kitchen with contrasting wall

Loft. Kitchen in the style of the loft - this is for fans of space. Open planning and the absence of any partitions accent attention to the palette of the room.

A saturated shade of green can be used for zoning by selecting a wall near the dining area or, conversely, to make an apron or a table top of a luscious green color, emphasizing the working area.

The important question is a choice of a material of a table-top for such bright kitchen.

Kitchen of light green color: interior in details

Much less often, lime is used in the design of classical cuisine. It's difficult to write this color in the classics, but it is possible: the main thing is to guess with the number and choose a harmonious color pair.

Classical cuisine in light green color

How green combines with other colors

According to the classic rules for combining colors in the interior in the design, you need to use three colors: monophonic, harmonious and contrast. As illustrative examples, we offer a selection of photo interiors of the kitchen with a light green color with different shades.

  • Single-color. The color scheme of this cuisine will vary within the same color: green is perfectly combined with other warm shades of green - olive, herbaceous, moss color or delicate greens. But with emerald, nephrite or blue color, it is better not to place them together, since these are cold shades.

    Kitchen of light green color: interior in details

  • White. The combination is considered ideal, especially if white is represented in its natural palette: milk, cream or cream. The more saturated and juicier the lime, the warmer the white.
  • Kitchen of light green color: interior in details

  • Gray. Such blowing may seem boring, but gray color has an incredible gradation of shades, each of which will only emphasize the freshness and purity of greenery greens. So, to the green facades of furniture, the metallic color of household appliances will be an excellent addition.
  • Kitchen of light green color: interior in details

  • Blue, turquoise and ultramarine in a pair with a salad look royally luxurious. The kitchen, decorated in such a palette, turns festive and romantic. The combination of salad and blue is like the harmony of the sky and grass, the sea and fresh greenery. Despite the brightness of the color pair, the interior is harmonious and soothing.
  • Kitchen of light green color: interior in details

  • Brown. Light shades of brown will make the salad cuisine soft and refined. More saturated (the color of chocolate, mahogany, coffee) will give the kitchen respectability.
  • Kitchen of light green color: interior in details

  • Yellow or orange. To the interior did not turn canary, lime and yellow (or orange) should be balanced with a third color, which will play the role of a neutralizer. It can be, for example, white or beige.
  • Kitchen of light green color: interior in details

  • The black. A dramatic combination, where, against a background of deep blackness, the lime green becomes even more life-affirming and festive. However, to the kitchen did not look too pathetic and gloomy, it is better to dilute the palette with splashes of golden or white.
  • contrasting combination of light green and black

  • An effective "trio" is obtained if the pair is added little red. And add a few strokes: red stripes or edging on modern curtains, individual fragments of a mosaic on the kitchen apron, pillows on stools. Red will add a light green kitchen speaker. If you are tired of passivity and calmness, add a few objects of red color to the interior - you will immediately feel a rush of energy.
  • Kitchen of light green color: interior in details

It is not recommended to arrange lime and lilac, purple or saturated lilac. The interior of the kitchen turns out gloomy, cold and uncomfortable.

Interior details

Creating an interior of such a kitchen, you will have to choose one thing: to make lime walls or furniture.

Walls. On the background of salad walls, furniture made of natural wood, MDF or wicker looks the most. The darker the color of the tree, the lighter the shade of the salad.

Want to make the kitchen interior more dynamic, but are afraid to overdo it with brightness? You can paint only one wall in the juicy shade of the salad, making it an accent.

Light green walls in the kitchen

Furniture. Kitchen furniture with light green facades harmoniously fit into a white or gray interior. The brighter the color of furniture, the more dominant role it will play.

Kitchen of light green color: interior in details

Avoid an abundance of gilding - in combination with a salad it will cause a feeling of "congestion" in the interior of the kitchen. It is best to match the color of the salad chrome surfaces.

If you have chosen a green kitchen set, and its saturated color becomes dominant in the interior, it is desirable that the facades are as simple as possible, without unnecessary adornments, types of carvings, color inserts, and they should not be satiated with accessories.

If the lines of the kitchen set are smooth, with intricate curls, and the facades are decorated with carvings, then the lime color of such furniture should be as light as possible.

Support bright colors of the facades of furniture will help decorative elements matched in tone. It can be: a border on curtains, light green dishes, a lampshade or a tablecloth with napkins, covers for chairs.

Apron in the light green performance immediately becomes an accent detail of the interior. That's why the rest of the shades in the kitchen are better muffled.

Kitchen of light green color: interior in details

Decor - the most unobtrusive inclusion of salad in the interior of the kitchen. Bright vases and figurines, utensils of a juicy lime shade will help to arrange color accents.

Kitchen of light green color: interior in details

Light green cuisine can become a real oasis in your home. Agree that even minor inclusions of juicy, spring greens create a festive atmosphere.


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