How to make kitchen from plywood

How to make kitchen from plywood

Often, the owners of apartments, choosing furniture for the kitchen, can not find the best option: the finished products presented for sale do not fit in size and configuration, and a custom-made set costs a lot of money.

Make kitchen from plywood own - a simple and inexpensive way to furnish your apartment with quality and practical furniture.

At the first stage of preparation for creating new furniture, you must create a sketch of the product and determine the exact dimensions of the headset. Based on this, draw up an accurate drawing of the kitchen.

Often, the headsets for storing kitchen utensils consist of several modules (3-4 lockers). Example calculation of material for one module (85 * 65 * 50cm):

  • Side walls (2 pieces) 85 * 50 = 0.42 m2
  • Shelves (3 pcs.) 65 * 50 = 0.33 m2
  • Table top (1 piece) 65 * 65 = 0.36 m2
  • Back wall (1 piece) 85 * 65 = 0.55 m2
  • Facade (1 piece) 85 * 65 = 0.55 m2
  • Basement facade 65 * 5 = 0.32 m2
  • Total plywood sheets - 2.53 m2
  • Shelf for shelves (4 pcs.) 50 cm
  • Bench for countertop (2 pcs.) 65 cm
  • The total length of bars is 3.2 m
  • Self-tapping screws 30 pcs.
  • Hinges 4pcs.
  • Handles 2 pcs.

Material selection

How to make kitchen from plywood

High quality of plywood - a pledge of successful work performance and a long service life of homemade cuisine. When choosing sheet material, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

1 Grade. For the manufacture of furniture it is worth to buy plywood of the first grade, made of selected wood. Such a slab does not have on its surface rough manufacturing defects and natural flaws.

2 Mark. For the manufacture of furniture is used environmentally friendly plywood grade FK, made of peeled wood veneer and resin adhesive.

3 Degree of processing. For all facial, side panels and shelves, a smoothly polished plate (SH2) is grounded from both sides, and a sheet (SH1) processed on one side can be used to make the back panel.

4 Dimensions. Furniture plywood is produced in standard sizes (1220 * 1220,1500 * 1500,1525 * 1525 mm), thickness from 3 to 30 mm. To make the kitchen optimal is a 10-15mm stove.

5 Manufacturer. The domestic market of building materials presents a wide range of glued materials from various manufacturing countries.

How to make kitchen from plywood

It is recommended to give preference to plywood manufactured at woodworking plants in Russia: this material is made of high-quality wood raw materials with full compliance with all the requirements of GOST.

To be sure of the quality of the purchased material, the choice of plates is recommended to be carried out in online stores, which are the official representatives of large woodworking companies.

Manufacture of furniture for kitchen from plywood - step by step

After the preparatory work is completed, you can proceed to the direct manufacture of kitchen furniture from plywood, following the following algorithm of action:

  1. 1 To put on a surface of a plate of the image of details and places of their fastening. Furniture from plywood
  2. 2 Open the sheet for the necessary elements, cut the bar.
  3. 3 Treat edges of parts with coarse-grained sandpaper or a drill with a grinding head.
  4. 4 Spoon the places of chips and cracks with acrylic mixtures (if necessary).
  5. 5 Cover the workpieces with antiseptic agents and linseed oil to increase the moisture resistance of the material (apply the liquid in two layers, let it dry completely).
  6. 6th Assemble the frame from the timber.
  7. 7th Secure the walls, countertop and façade.
  8. 8 Place the fasteners securely or close them with plugs.
  9. 9 Apply a sealant to the joints.
  10. 10 Cover the furniture with the finishes (varnish, PVC film, etc.).
  11. eleven Lock the hardware.

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