How to determine the optimal size of a kitchen set: 5 tips

How to determine the optimal size of a kitchen set: 5 tips

Working on the project of his kitchen, it is necessary to organize the space as conveniently as possible. And for this it is very important to choose the optimal size of the kitchen set.

In the design of furniture for the kitchen there are certain standards based on the parameters of the average person. But the greatest comfort will be provided when the kitchen is planned for a specific owner.

For this you can:

  • turn to specialists;
  • make the kitchen yourself;
  • buy a more ready-made version and modify it - for example, put it on the socle or supplement the custom-made furniture of non-standard sizes.

So, you have finally finished the repair and are considering the plan of the kitchen. In what order is it better to act? First of all, you need to find out the overall dimensions of the room.

How to measure the kitchen correctly

To do this you will need a metal tape measure and an assistant who can hold it and record all the data. Measuring the height, length and width of the room, do not forget to accurately indicate on your scheme the location of the gas, drainpipe, gas meter and ventilation, which will need to be taken into account in the further planning.

How to determine the optimal size of a kitchen set: 5 tips

The last point is not very important, because the exhaust pipe for ventilation can be hidden by the cornice, or, if you do not prepare enough, you will have enough autonomous stretching with the filter.

Measuring the kitchen, you can proceed to the next stage - a miscalculation of the size of kitchen appliances, located as close to the relevant communications, and putting these data on your drawing.

If you do not have time or desire to do this, then you can contact the manufacturer of kitchen furniture, whose specialists will come and do everything qualitatively.

We find out the working centers

So, your scheme already has a stove, a sink, a column and a refrigerator. As a rule, mistresses during cooking, ply between the sink and the stove (or cooking surface), and this fact facilitates the solution of the issue with the location of the cooking zone.

In the spacious kitchens there will be also auxiliary zones on which you can mix a coffee machine, combine harvester or other equipment that you use daily. For beauty or safety, it can be placed in special niches.

The basic laws of ergonomics will help you to arrange all the necessary modules at the optimal distance from each other.

How to determine the optimal size of a kitchen set: 5 tips

Now you can proceed to the overall design of your kitchen, including the choice of materials and the shape of the facades.

Having compiled an approximate sketch of the kitchen set, you can proceed to apply the scheme of communications and outlets.

And only now you can proceed to find out the best size for your kitchen headset.

What do you need to take into account for this?

  • the size of the room;
  • individual parameters of the hostess (height, length of arms, right-hander or left-handed);
  • number and size of necessary utensils;
  • Formed during the years of cooking habits;
  • The distance between the furniture and the walls should be at least 1 cm, and between the equipment and the walls - according to the instructions of each device. Do not forget to take into account the indentation for pipes and sockets taking into account the plugs.

When choosing furniture for a small kitchen You need to use vertical planes, because every centimeter is important here. It is very practical to use a hob instead of a stove and corner cupboards - this will save a lot of space.


  • embedded technology may not always be functional, but it will solve the issue with space;
  • place the oven in a column, lifting it over the floor - so it will be much more convenient to use it;
  • a washing machine or other equipment can extend beyond the narrow headset a little, but will provide you with more room for movement - think about what's more important to you;
  • you can release a whole box by hanging a kitchen railing on the kitchen apron for such voluminous kitchen utensils as a scoop, colander, hatchet hat, etc., and spoons with forks can be stored in stands on the work surface - so they will always be at hand.

How to determine the optimal size of a kitchen set: 5 tips

Standard, confirmed by research, the dimensions of the outdoor kitchen set are: height 82-90 cm, width - 30, 60, 90 or 120 cm, depth - 50-55 cm.

Non-standard models usually cost more and do not always fit the built-in technology, but, you see, comfort should always be in the first place.

An uncomfortable position of the body can make any occupation very tiring.

Therefore, you can take the appropriate headset dimensions from your own parameters or calculate the arithmetic mean, based on the size of all the members of the family engaged in cooking.

We find out the dimensions of the floor

The height of the countertop and, accordingly, of the working area, should be such that you do not work in a bent and unnatural state. Usually this value is set by household appliances, but to increase it you can buy a tabletop thicker or use a socle.

The width of the working area is usually dictated by the size of household appliances. The depth of the shelves and boxes is determined by the volumes of kitchen implements. As an option, you can measure the shelves of your old furniture (if you still have it), which housed everything you need.

Hanging cabinets

How to determine the optimal size of a kitchen set: 5 tips

The height and depth of the hinged furniture is also set by your height. Stand at the wall and imagine that you are opening a wall cabinet and getting something out of it. Mark on the wall the point where the handle of the locker should be, the angle of the door or its bottom.

The optimal distance between the upper and lower cabinets is considered to be 50-55 cm, but it can be large, if it is more comfortable for you.

But will it be convenient for you to stand on tiptoe? Although this is a very useful exercise, it can podnadost you in due course.

Perhaps you were surprised by a separate item in which we mentioned habits. If for young people or middle-aged people they are not so significant, then this can not be said about the elderly. If the kitchen is at their disposal, it may be worthwhile to measure your favorite old table or pre-stipulate the person's preferences beforehand.


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