Facing the house of brick (75 photos): beautiful ideas and combinations

The facade for a modern private house is his business card. Such a finish allows you to transform the appearance of the house, as well as improve its design. There are different options for decorating the facade of a building of private houses that can satisfy the numerous requests of homeowners. But among them, brick masonry stands out.

The facade under the brick is an excellent combination of refinement, elegance and rigor with incredible practicality. Finishing of cottages and private houses with the help of brick facades looks stylish and beautiful, helps to create a unique design. In addition, this cladding is simple in arrangement, reliable and durable. The brick finish is resistant to weather changes - temperature drops, moisture, including mechanical impacts.

Beautiful brick facing two-story house

Brick facade

Brick facade

Facing the house with a brick

Gray brick facade

Brick facade

Two types of brick on the facade

Brick for facades

Brick for cottages and private houses is the best solution for finishing the facade. So the decoration of the house can be carried out using different types of bricks. Projects of cottages and private houses often include classic types of bricks. For example, double silicate brick, includes a decorative facing brick, which gives the building a modern and even original look. The combination of the materials used can be very different.

Multi-colored brick for facing the house

Brick front of house

Facade made of bricks


Bright brick for the facade

Two types of brick for the facade

White brick facade

The house is made of bricks

Gray brick facade

Brick house facade

Partial decoration of the facade with brick

For decoration of facades the following types of bricks are used:

  • Classic silicate brick. The cheapest and simplest building brick, which has good thermal insulation. This decoration of white brick protects the facade of cottages and private houses from temperature changes, negative effects of moisture and damage. Masonry is quite simple, the material is cheap and can be purchased in almost any building department;
  • Hyperpressed brick. Produced from various crushed limestone and shell rock. This masonry of white brick differs in the class of frost resistance F150, low water absorption (up to 6%), high strength (about 150-300 kg / cm2). Facing of white brick implies a variety of designs, sizes and shapes, a large selection of colors;
  • Ceramic brick. This type of brick can be full and hollow, it stands out stylish appearance. Can have different versions. Masonry has excellent performance, looks original and beautiful. Facing can be matte and glazed.

Projects of color solutions for ceramic bricks are very limited. As a rule, these are shades of orange and brown colors. This should be taken into account to choose the right combination of building materials for the decoration of the facades of cottages and private buildings.

Combination of dark and light facing bricks in the exterior of the house
White facing brick
Facing the classic house with red brick
Bright red brick in the lining of the house

Facing the house brick

There are several types of finishes for cottages and private houses for brick:

  • facing with decorative brick;
  • application of facing bricks;
  • plastic panels, on the surface of which there is an imitation of brickwork;
  • Profiled sheeting in sheets, imitating brickwork, and the like.

The most popular are the decorative and facing types of bricks.

The design of cottages and private houses from facing bricks can be made using different shades. The most popular colors for cladding are shades of white and red. To ennoble the finishing of cottages and private houses during masonry, a black decorative seam is often used. The shades of white, red, brown or
yellow are provided with a special coloring pigment.

Brown brick of different shades in the lining of the house

The facade of the house is brick

Facing the house with a brick

Facing the house brick

One-storey brick house

Facade made of bricks and siding

Variants of the brick facade

Combination of bricks and siding

Combination of the facade from bricks of two colors

The surface of the facing brick can have the following types:

  • imitation of wild stone;
  • chopped;
  • smooth.

Facing brick in size almost does not differ from the usual building stone. However, the weight of white, red or yellow facing brick is several times lower, because in most cases it is hollow tiles. The design of cottages and private houses can be made with facing brick using natural natural material - stone. There are a variety of types of stone, which in their technical properties have a very similar combination with facing colored bricks. With the help of a light or dark stone, some elements of the cottages are decorated.

In some cases, the lining is used only for slopes of walls, socle floors and doorways. Such options for tiles, as a rule, suggest a combination with decorative plaster, which makes it possible to create a beautiful design of the cladding.

Chopped brick in the lining of the house
Beautiful facing red brick
Red and black bricks in the lining of the house
Multi-colored brick in the lining of a modern house

Facade made of white brick

Clinker brick

Clinker brick is one of the best materials for facing the facade of the house. Facing options for finishing the facade clinker can be divided into three types:

  1. Cladding with a cavity for ventilation;
  2. facing masonry with a transverse overlap and without a thermal vent gap;
  3. Combination of thermal insulation detachment, as well as clinker cladding.
Facing the guest house with red brick

Facade made of clinker bricks

Facade of clinker tile

Clinker tiling

Clinker tiles

Clinker facade of the house

One-storey house from clinker brick

Clinker brick on the facade

Facing with brown clinker bricks

Facade made of clinker bricks

The most common options are when the outer shell includes clinker brick, which is mounted at a small distance from the bearing wall. This ensures air circulation between them, which is extremely important if projects of houses built of wood are being implemented. The clinker facade in this way provides protection of the house against atmospheric precipitation. Clinker brick and facing layer with load-bearing walls provides an excellent combination for obtaining high thermal insulation.

House in the style of minimalism with a red brick facing

Cladding the house with clinker bricks

The clinker version of the tile represents thin clay plates. Such tiles by the type of surface, shape and color can accurately simulate a brick for cladding. Clinker tiles are very actively used for the construction of a country house. Such tiles can be used for different design of the house, inscribing the created facade into different projects.

Clinker brick can be used in landscape design. Tiles from clinker can have di
fferent color shades from red to light brown color.

Brick house facade
A small house with a brick facade
Small houses with brick lining

Clinker facade

Light clinker brick

Clinker brick cladding

Clinker facade of the house

Modern facade made of bricks

Facade made of clinker bricks

Facade of yellow clinker brick

House of yellow facing brick

For finishing the house can use a combination of white, red, brown or yellow facing bricks. A beautiful shade of yellow color allows you to choose a contrasting combination. For example, brick houses made of yellow brick with a brown roof can perfectly harmonize. The house will look well-groomed and rich. The house of yellow light brick is beautiful in appearance. Such masonry is most often used for facing the outside of houses. The structure itself can be made of different materials at the same time.

House with yellow brick lining

Yellow brick for facing the house

Facade of yellow brick

Brick front of house

Facade of yellow brick

The house is finished with yellow brick

Yellow brick facade

Yellow brick facade

House of yellow brick

Facing the house with yellow brick

Facing the house and the fence with yellow bricks

The house is lined with yellow brick

Facing the house with yellow brick

To decorate the walls of the house you can use different options for natural stone tiles. Such a facing material is one of the most expensive, its cost largely depends on the rock. A good alternative to obtaining a beautiful design of the facade, which simulates brick and stone, are thermopanels. These are multi-layer modules that represent a "cake" made from a hard base, a heater and a face layer of clinker or stone tiles. Such a material is more expensive than a modular tile, but the facade does not require additional insulation.

Multi-colored brick in the lining of a small house
Brown brick of different shades in the facade of the house
Gray facing brick

Facade made of blue brick

Facing with red brick


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