What is a cyclone filter in a vacuum cleaner?

What is a cyclone filter in a vacuum cleaner?

Maintaining order in the house or apartment is an important aspect of every person's life. Very few people want to return to dirty, untidy rooms.

What is a cyclone filter in a vacuum cleaner?

Technical progress does not stand still: cleaning with modern gadgets is much easier than ten years ago.

For example, virtually no one is using vacuum cleaners with garbage bags.

But modern models, such as vacuum cleaners with cyclone filters are popular, and their pros and cons are actively discussed in the relevant forums.

The device of the cyclone filter

So, these filters are much more convenient than many dust bags that are familiar to many: they are more hygienic, do not let small garbage pass, often capacious and easy to clean.

But not everyone knows how they are arranged. The principle of operation of a vacuum cleaner with a cyclone filter is as follows:

  1. 1. So, when you turn on the vacuum cleaner, a powerful airflow starts sucking in the garbage.
  2. 2. Before entering the dustbin, air passes through the first filter - an ordinary fine plastic mesh.
  3. 3. The smallest particles are retained by a second barrier - HEPA-filter, which is a cotton wool plate.
  4. 4. Further, 90% of the garbage, except micro-dust, enters the dust collector of the shape of the cut off cone.
  5. 5. This shape in the dust collector is not an ulterior motive: it creates a vortex effect, through which the garbage spins and settles on its bottom under the action of centrifugal force.
  6. 6. As a result, air comes out of the vacuum cleaner, which is 97% cleaned of dust.

In simple words, the cyclone filter is two filters + a removable dust collector.

Everything, nothing complicated. Instead of the bag hidden in the vacuum cleaner, we have a tapered dust compartment with two simple filters.

Hopefully, we were able to answer the question about what it means to have a cyclone filter in the vacuum cleaner.

But is it worth it to buy a vacuum cleaner with the CF? Let's see.

Advantages and disadvantages

What is a cyclone filter in a vacuum cleaner?

The vast majority of manufacturers (Bosch, Philips, LG, Samsung, Dyson) have long been producing such vacuum cleaners.

A huge customer feedback database was formed, from which we were able to identify the pros and cons of having a cyclone filter.

Let's start with the pros:

  1. 1. Firstly you will be extremely easy to get rid of debris and dust: Disconnected the dust bag and poured the contents into the trash can. 5 second of the case.
  2. 2. Further it is necessary to note them more durable work. Unlike analog vacuum cleaners with dust collectors, models with a cyclone filter serve much longer without the need to constantly empty the tank. This is easy enough to explain.
  3. 3. In old vacuum cleaners a bag for dust, hammering begins to affect the suction power - it starts to decrease, and the technique is overheated. In vacuum cleaners with a cyclone filter, this problem is excluded: garbage immediately falls into a separate removable compartment (dust collector), so that does not interfere with air flows. Absence of fluctuations in suction power is a positive factor, which has a positive effect on the service life of the vacuum cleaner.
  4. 4. In addition, the care of the filters themselves is quite simple and more hygienic. You do not need to shake the bag for a long time, and then try to collect the dust that has scattered in the process. They are easily detached and washed.
  5. 5. Saving. Since there are no bags, they do not wear out and they do not need to be bought. It's simple.

What is a cyclone filter in a vacuum cleaner?

If we compare the vacuum cleaner with a cyclone filter and an aquafilter, the former have smaller dimensions and weight.

Even such a child will be able to equip such an aggregate effortlessly (especially wireless models, for example, Dyson).

Unfortunately, there is a couple of small nuances that some buyers consider to be minuses:

  • Cost more.
  • Despite the fact that such a vacuum cleaner is more hygienic than a model with a bag, a little dust (3%) still gets into the air. Therefore, allergies should think about other options - for example, a vacuum cleaner with a water filter. In this case, you do not need to shake out the tank - just pour out the dirty water.
  • Another shortcoming can be considered a narrow functional. This vacuum cleaner is only suitable for dry cleaning. Undoubtedly, he does it very qualitatively, but from modern models, many would like more - for example, wet cleaning.
  • Another disadvantage is exclusively cosmetic. During operation, debris leaves small scratches on the tank, which damage the appearance of the dust collector. But this shortcoming is not very significant - rather, a nuance that must be borne in mind.

Tips for choosing

As already mentioned, many manufacturers equip their models with this filter. Therefore, it is difficult to immediately orient and make the right choice. We hope that our recommendations will help you.

What is a cyclone filter in a vacuum cleaner?

First of all, you should pay attention to the power of the vacuum cleaner - it directly affects the ability to suck in dust and debris. The best figure is 300-350 watts.

It is enough for cleaning the living quarters. A model with a higher index may damage the carpet, and less powerful can not cope with the cleaning.

Pay attention to the consumption of electricity. When the plug values ​​from 1500 to 3000 watts, it is better to choose the average. So you reduce the cost of electricity, and the vacuum cleaner will work reliably and stably.

Choose a model with a telescopic tube - so it will be more convenient for you to clean up under the couch and in other hard-to-reach places. It is also convenient, when directly on the handle there is a power regulator.

In addition, considerable value has the convenience of the vacuum cleaner - see if the wire is long enough, it is convenient for you to hold a tube in your hand. If you have to move from the outlet to the outlet, and equip the unit will be inconvenient - forget about the comfortable cleaning.

Of great importance is the reputation of the manufacturer: do not buy a Chinese unknown vacuum cleaner, trying to save money. Most likely this unit will fail in the first month. It is better to pay attention to models of proven manufacturers.

We hope, our recommendations will help you to choose a reliable unit. To facilitate the selection process, we compiled a rating of the best models of vacuum cleaners with a cyclone filter.


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