Best Electric Kettles: Our Rating

6 best electric kettles according to experts

Imagine a morning without a cup of coffee, and an evening without fragrant tea for most people is quite difficult. Modern kitchen technology helps significantly speed up the process of making drinks - just buy a good electric kettle.

He will boil water much faster than the analog, which needs to be heated on the stove. However, a large assortment of technology stores makes you think: which electric kettle is better to buy. Reviews for the same model are inconsistent, so the selection process can take some time.

We decided to help you and made a rating of the most popular and high quality teapots in the middle price segment.

Electric kettles up to 3 000 rubles

Which only models do not offer modern electronics stores: plastic, ceramic, steel, glass ... It seems that the choice of a reliable and functional electric kettle can be delayed for a long time.

We have selected for you three budget models of electric kettles, which differ excellent functionality and good reviews of users who use them for more than one year.

Bosch TWK 3A011 4.5

Electric kettle of the famous manufacturer of Bosch will cost you quite inexpensively - only 1680 rubles.

Best Electric Kettles: Our Rating

Volume in 1,7 liters more than enough for tea drinking a family of four or five people. At the same time, due to high power in 2400 watts a full kettle boils in just five minutes. Undoubtedly, in the morning rush such speed will please you.

Heating element of the kettle - closed stainless steel spiral. This is quite convenient, since it does not form scale, which gradually flakes into the water.

Thanks to the heating element, the kettle easy to care for - it is enough to rinse it periodically to wash off a variety of precipitates obtained from tap water. If you use filters, even such manipulations can be done every two to three months.

The plastic case looks rather stylish and neat. The choice of six colors allows you to choose a model that fits into the interior of your kitchen. According to reviews, the model is definitely worth buying - for its price the kettle serves a fairly long period without breakages and leaks.

It can be separately noted security: no matter how much you push the button, the kettle will not turn on without a certain amount of water. Blocking the cover when heated prevents accidental burns. When removed from the stand, the kettle switches off immediately.

Is present and nylon filter, It helps to prevent small debris and precipitation from getting into the water.

Facilities in use add water level indicator and LED indicator on-off teapot - functions that are not in all expensive models.

Electric kettle Polaris PWK 1758CA

Best Electric Kettles: Our Rating

Polaris PWK 1758CA will be even cheaper than the previous nominee - only 1020 rubles, while its functionality is also high.

The water in volume of 1,7 liters heats up for five-six minutes. Contributes to this amazingly powerful for such a price the heating element is 2200 watts. At the same time the kettle is reliably protected from burnout - even more expensive models will envy its security system.

Lock-on option A kettle without water is useful to forgetful personalities. If you notice the absent-mindedness, perhaps this model is something. what you need.

In the event that there are less than two hundred milliliters of water in the kettle, it simply does not turn on. The lid, like the previous model, is locked as soon as you turn on the device.

The heating element in the form of a closed spiral is made of stainless steel. This helps to avoid the formation of scale and ensures the stable operation of the household appliance.

The case is made of durable metal, which looks very stylish in the kitchen. By the way, despite its spaciousness, the model looks very compact and neat.

Those who care about a healthy diet will not leave you indifferent the presence of a filter, It does not allow precipitation and scale to get into the cup. The kettle is equipped with water level indicators and inclusion, which makes its use even more comfortable and safe.

A separate bonus from the manufacturer - compartment for the cord, which helps to maintain a neat appearance of the kitchen. Of the shortcomings, the buyers noted only one - the model is slightly noisy.

Electric kettle Philips HD4646

The most popular model in our rating! On the well-known Yandex.Market service, she collected almost two hundred reviews! It is noteworthy that almost all of them are extremely positive.

Best Electric Kettles: Our Rating

The cost of an electric kettle is only 1300 rubles. For this price you get a reliable, stable running unit, which will serve you for many years.

The capacity of the model is slightly less than that of the already mentioned analogs. Only 1.5 liters. However, this amount of water is enough for five large mugs, so think whether you need more?

Thanks to the power in 2400 Watts, the kettle warms up literally in 4-5 minutes. This is very useful for those who like to sleep in the morning longer - do not have to get up early to have time to boil the kettle.

The heating element is a closed spiral made of stainless plastic, which is separately treated with a bactericidal agent. Thus, even if you leave the water in the kettle for a long time, the risk that there will be microbes will be minimized.

The case is made of durable plastic, The color solution is represented by four shades: white, rich black, bright red and blue. There are plenty to choose from!

When removed from the stand, the kettle switches off immediately. The lid is securely locked for the duration of the heating. In addition, it is impossible to turn on the kettle if there is not enough water in it. This prevents the probability of burning the kettle and, as a consequence, a fire.

The model is equipped with indicator of water level, but the lack of indication of inclusion can bring some inconvenience. In general, the model is very reliable and is recommended for purchase by a large number of users.

Models up to 6 000 rubles

If simple boiling water is not enough and you want to buy a model with a wider functionality, prepare to fork out. Especially for you we picked up three best models costing up to 6000 rubles.

They are distinguished by additional options, high reliability indicators and, of course, a lot of positive feedback.

Bosch TWK 86

Best Electric Kettles: Our Rating

As in the previous section of the rating, we could not do without a teapot from the Bosch trademark. Its price is much higher than its predecessor - nearly four thousand rubles. But the parameters are significantly different for the better.

With a volume of one and a half liters, 2400 watts. The heating element is standard enough - a closed spiral made of stainless steel. It would seem that the previous model of the Bosch TWK 86 is not very different. but it's all about the extra features.

Double walls made of metal and plastic provide faster heating. In addition, they make the operation of the device much quieter, while eliminating the heating of the outside of the kettle.

Four temperature modes from 70 to 100 degrees allow to choose the optimum temperature for water. This is especially true for tea lovers, who often need to brew with strict adherence to recipes.

Forgetful persons come in handy heat-keeping option - who of us did not forget about the included teapot? The model retains the preset temperature to half an hour. However, it is difficult to forget about this teapot - you can set a sound signal that will remind you that it's time to drink tea or coffee.

Stainless steel filter ensures the purity of water, and the lid lock prevents accidental burns. Equipped with a model and indicators of water level and inclusion.

It is not surprising that this electric kettle remains one of the most popular in 2018, and has more than 300 positive reviews. Of the shortcomings, there are basically two: a few noisy work and an unpleasant squeak when turning on and off.

Xiaomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth

If you can not do without a smartphone and prefer to use modern technologies in all aspects of life, you can not do without Xiaomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth. At a cost of 4278 it seems like a real miracle of modern technology.

However, to begin with, let us consider the standard characteristics.

One and a half liters of water, which are placed in this kettle, quickly heat up due to the power in the 1800 watts.

Best Electric Kettles: Our Rating

Closed stainless steel spiral works stably, without interruptions.

Burnout prevents the safety system - without the necessary amount of water, it simply does not start heating.

Housing material, providing a quiet work, double - metal and white plastic.

The model looks quite standard, so for those who do not know its features, it may seem boring.

Turning the kettle on and off, the temperature support function, you can adjust with ... your smartphone.

Do not go to the kitchen to boil water.

Thanks to the option Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, using a special application Smart Home, which is suitable for all telephone operating systems, you can comfortably operate the kettle while in another room.

Among the shortcomings, we can note a non-standard plug for Russia. However, this problem can easily be solved with a conventional adapter.

Another nice feature of the kettle is soft touch buttons, pleasant to the touch. Even manual tuning turns into a high-tech process. In addition, he works absolutely noiselessly, which makes this model popular among lovers of quality and unusual technology.

De'Longhi KBOV 2001

In contrast to the previous high-tech model with many options, the kettle from De'Longhi looks like a guest from the past. The retro-style metal case subtly resembles the elegant tea pots of the early twentieth century.

Best Electric Kettles: Our Rating

The case is pleasant to the touch, smooth. Five color options help you choose a model that fits perfectly into the interior of your kitchen.

The cost of such a retro-device is 4,278 rubles. This is not surprising. The teapot differs not only in a nice looking design, but also in high quality and reliability.

With capacity in 1.7 liters it heats up in five minutes thanks to the power in 2000 watts. At the same time, the volume of the kettle does not prevent it from looking neat and does not take up much space in the kitchen.

The heating element is made of stainless steel, made in the form of an open spiral, reliably functions, preventing the formation of scale. If the water is more rigid, the filter from the stainless steel will protect the precipitation from entering the cup.

There are also modern options -water level indicator and power-on indication. The kettle does not turn on without water, and when it is turned on it locks the lid, preventing accidental burns.

According to reviews, despite the lack of additional functionality, the model is worth its money for reliability and original appearance.

We hope that our 2018 rating will help you find a high-quality and reliable kettle for your needs, without causing a devastating budget damage.


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