Doorbell: types, structural features, recommendations (23 photos)

Modern technologies have affected the actual all facets of life, transforming and transforming even ordinary doorbells. Smart doorbell is not just a pleasant soundtrack, but also a whole range of additional functions that help to solve many goals.

New features: varieties and features

A doorbell is a highly specialized device that signals the arrival of guests to the owners of the house. In general, in the modern market, you can find such varieties of these devices:

  • Mechanical;
  • Electric;
  • Electronic.

For the front door in a private house or apartment, in fact, any of the above types. The choice of this or that device will be based solely on the requirements that potential buyers put forward to the product. Consider the listed varieties in more detail.

White doorbell

Door bell for bronze

Doorbells of mechanical type

A mechanical doorbell in an apartment is the oldest type of warning device. Initially, these were simple bells on a string, which, if necessary, were brought into motion.

More advanced mechanisms are represented by miniature gates that triggered a cam mechanism. Now such a doorbell can not be found anywhere, except in the form of an old decoration in an outlandish exterior.

Door bell with camera

Decorative doorbell

Electric doorbell

An electric doorbell is a combined device. The principle of the device is built on a combination of mechanical and electrical elements.


Electric pulses are used to transfer the translational motion to a special hammer. The latter with its blows on the resonator produces a sound, which signals about the visit of the guests to the inhabitants of the house.

Electric doorbell

Electronic calls for doors

The electronic door-bell device is the latest achievement of technology. Moreover, the adaptations are only beginning to develop, and are improving with each passing day.

The devices do not have any movable parts. Principle of operation: the generator of sound purity reproduces the sound. In this case, the sound is not primitive, but quite melodic.

There are several subspecies of electronic devices. Wired door calls require the connection to the electrical wiring of the apartment. A wireless doorbell usually works on batteries. Sometimes manufacturers resort to using a miniature battery.

The last peep of fashion - a door bell with a camera or motion sensors. The device responds to the presence of a person. You do not even need to press the button. As soon as a person enters a certain zone, the sensor is triggered and a signal is heard.

Curtain doorbell

Country-style doorbell

Door bell

Wired settings with sound shapers

A music bell with two or more melodies works by means of a special speaker. Manufacturers often resort to the use of integrated circuits, which feed to the speaker a variety of vibrations. This causes the appearance of melodic trills.

The button is the trigger that starts the mechanism. The required voltage is no more than 12 V. This makes it possible to simplify the wiring layout, use thinner wires, and also to operate the device for a very long time.

For an intelligent musical bell, the following advantages are typical:

  • Wide musical possibilities;
  • Adjust the volume;
  • The owner of the apartments sets the duration of the sound signal;
  • There is no high voltage in the button.

Advantages and disadvantages of different devices

Electromechanical devices are simple and uncomplicated. This they many and bribe. They are simple in terms of installation. The simplicity of construction and the primitivism of the mechanism guarantee the durability of the device, which is also an undoubted advantage.

Among the shortcomings can be distinguished monotony and "annoying" sound signal. If you want, you can not change the signal type. Connect devices only with electricity, which is also not always convenient.

Wrought iron doorbell

Door bell in the form of a lion

Door bell in loft style

A wireless doorbell with your own hands can also be easily installed. No need to drill the walls, damage the decorative finish, spoil the exterior with "extra" wires. Modern devices are equipped with an airtight casing, which allows you to protect delicate mechanisms from water ingress. Wireless calls are connected anywhere, even if the electricity is completely out.

Disadvantages also exist. The electronic system may not withstand sharp temperature fluctuations and fail. Wireless doorbells do not work if there are concrete or metal barriers between the two blocks. The further blocks are located from each other, the worse the device works.

Designing fads

The white plastic case is a classic look, which is increasingly ignored by manufacturers. Many potential buyers try to purchase such a device that will look stylish, creative, decorate the exterior, emphasize this or that interior composition.

Different in form and color can be the body itself, and buttons, and other auxiliary elements. And materials for decor can be very diverse. Especially popular are all kinds of imitations: stone, suede, leather, wood textures.

Many calls can work on the principle of voice recorder. A whole memory block is allocated for the records. If desired, you can record a greeting for those who come to the house. Devices with a video camera, powered by batteries, broadcast the image in fairly good quality. Also, some models complement the remote control mechanism used for country houses and cottages.

Doorbell metal

Door bell in a marine style

A door bell with an inscription

Video devices

Calls with a video camera are used as an ideal option for price and performance characteristics for home use. The simplest built-in devices of this type allow only to identify the visitor and inform the inhabitants of the house of his arrival.

Such elementary systems for video surveillance retain their "original" function, transmitting the signal at the right time. Devices with a monitor of solid dimensions allow for comfortable viewing of the surrounding environment.

Progressive devices record the necessary information in the video and photo mode. Also, the owner of the house, if desired, can conduct video conversations with the visitor. If the apartment owners are absent, the call can also work in "reverse mode". Simply put, the device performs the function of a telephone "answering machine", if necessary, broadcasting a message from the inhabitants of the house.

The remaining characteristics depend on the modification of the device. It can be equipped with a miniature screen or a solid display, broadcast music, video, audio messages. If the device is built into the wall, it can be both completely invisible and very solid in size.

Doorbell wired

Door bell in retro style

Door bell for silver

Mounting Features

Before you connect the doorbell, you need to carefully study its design. Depending on whether the wired device or wireless, preparatory measures will be determined.

Installing Wireless Models

Connecting a door bell wireless type does not take much time and effort. In the canvas on which the device will be placed, twist a few screws. On the outside of the door leaf, a button is installed, the bell itself is located on the inside. Sometimes two-sided adhesive tape can be used for fixing.

Beforehand, batteries are placed in the device. Sometimes, the device does not even need to be fastened anywhere. The call is placed on the shelf near the door, for example, where it will not disturb anyone.

Door bell glowing

Smart doorbell

Doorbell with video recording

Installing wired models

The wired models have two power outlets, to which wires from the switchboard should be connected, as well as two wires for the input of the button itself. Initially, you must select the position for the device. It is best to place it above or to the side of the front door.

At the point where the bell will be assembled, the wall will be shrouded, and then the power halyon will be laid. If the wall can not be damaged for some reason, the wires are laid superficially, attaching the elements with staples.

Door bell in oriental style

A doorbell in the form of a hare

Door bell for gold

The hole is made in the hole of the door or in the wall, near the entrance to the apartment. A button is pierced before the button. It is better if the button is attached to a wooden panel or die. Then lay the cable in the wall, as well as to the switchboard.

Terminals are required to connect the bell leads to the supplied power wires and to the power parts of the button itself. All manipulations are carried out only with the voltage disconnected from the mains.


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