Choosing door closer on the door

Comfort in the house depends on dozens of small things. And one of them - whether the entrance, interior doors and doors on the cabinet furniture are closed noiselessly. If they clap loudly, then sooner or later this moment will start to irritate, so you should not save on door closers.

Choose a door closer

Choose door closer to the door should be considered carefully, and if there is any doubt, it is better to seek help from a specialist. When picking a door closer, take into account two important points: the weight of the door and its dimensions. It is logical to assume that on the iron door and the door of the kitchen cabinet you need to install different closers.

White door closer on the door

The instructions for any door device list all its characteristics, including doors with what maximum mass it can open, so the more you have the door, the more powerful the door closer. If the fabric is too heavy, then you can install two door closer. This option is suitable for heavy doors made of metal and covered with wood or plastic.

The width of the door is also very important. If it is 1.6 meters or more, the door closer can not cope with the task and fail. In this case, you need to look for special devices to close such wide doors.

Black door closer on the door Black door closer on the door

Another important characteristic of the door closer is its closing speed. It may be too slow or too fast. In figures, speed is not measured, but determined visually. Closers for the entrance doors to the entrance are chosen with a high rate of slamming, and in the apartment you can install "slow closers".

When choosing a door closer, note whether it has an opening brake function. In this case, the device does not allow the door to open completely, and when it is violently jerked, it does not allow it to knock against the wall. To fasten these door closers is necessary on the door in buildings where a large flow of people daily passes: polyclinics, large office buildings and shopping centers.

Door closer to the door with a lock

Another useful function of door closers for metal doors is the closing delay. The mechanism secures the door for several seconds, so that large bags or cumbersome furniture can be brought into the room. Modern closers can have one of these functions or combine several.

Types of closers

All existing door closers are classified according to different parameters. According to the installation method, there are several types of door closers:

  • floor;
  • invoices;
  • hidden;
  • frame.

Overheads are the simplest and most common type of door closer. Their fastening takes place directly on the door frame itself. Even if the door is installed, and you need to put a door closer on it, it will not cause any problems. The installation of the door closer to the door of the overhead type does not take much time. Floor and frame mounted before the installation of the door itself. The first are mounted to the floor, and the second - to the door frame.

Brown door closer

The most difficult thing is to install concealed closers. For them, you need to prepare a cavity in the wall or the door frame. To do this, you need a router, with which not every master novice can cope.

Closers differ in the type of traction device. They are:

  • standard;
  • with the lock of the open position;
  • with sliding traction.

The door closer to the plastic door can be standard. The door closer is attached to the door, and the draft, which will return the door leaf to its place - to the frame. If you do not like what this mechanism looks like, consider a mechanism with sliding traction. Door closers for glass doors usually have just such a system. They are very laconic and stylish look on the doors of the windows.

Closer to the metal door

Door closer from metal to the door

Even closers differ in the range of operating temperatures. There are heat-resistant door closers, which operate at temperatures from -35 to +70 degrees. The door closer with this operating range is universal. It can be integrated in the door panel both inside and outside. For the northern regions frost-resistant door closers were invented, working at a temperature of -45 degrees. Closers of many companies experience in the Far North, and they work properly in critical conditions.

The main indicator of a good door closer is the possibility of adjusting the movement of the door. In other words, it is possible to regulate what kind of effort it takes to open one or another door.

The mechanisms that are so regulated are of seven classes. EN1 door closers are suitable for wooden doors installed in rooms, and EN7 door closers are controlled by the operation of heavy metal doors. Some door closers are regulated by these characteristics. For example, there are devices marked EN 4-6 or 1-3.

Overhead door closer on the door

How long does the door closer serve?

Each door closer has its lifespan and is determined not by the time interval, but by the number of work cycles that the device must perform. It is believed that a quality door closer should open and return the door back about half a million times. During this period, the quality mechanism should work flawlessly, and only after overcoming this mark, the door closer chosen by you can start to work worse. In order for the mechanism to have no malfunctions, all of its movable elements must be in a special oil tank.

Floor door closer to the door

Closer to the plastic door

To close the door worked well, you need to try to handle it carefully. If you can follow the internal closers, then the safety of devices standing on the street is difficult to provide. The door closers standing in the street must be made of a durable material that is not corroded and must be closed with a valve during installation, which will protect it from vandals.

Furniture door closers

These closers have the same principle of operation as those that are placed on the interior doors. Most often they are used for furniture in the kitchen. The order of cabinets for a room or kitchen with closers significantly affects the cost of all furniture, but it will be more pleasant to use cabinets.

Frame door closer

Door closer to the door with a regulator

Imagine how many times during the evening during cooking you open kitchen cabinets with utensils, spices, cereals and many others, and how many times this cabinet will crash with a roar, so you can put a mechanical door closer on each door to not bother your household. These mechanisms can be installed on any two-leaf and compartment doors. You can always find a mechanism for a particular door model.

Door closer with sliding door

Door closer installation

It is better to close the door with a latch or any other set by professional professionals. If you can not call them, try to do it yourself. Each device is accompanied by a similar installation instruction.

Hidden door closer to the door

Door closer installation

First you need to decide where exactly the door closer will stand. Then a template is glued to the door or door frame. And already on it the places of fastening are marked. They need to be drilled. You need to work carefully. The drill is unlikely to damage the metal, and the plastic door can go cracked. When the holes are drilled, you must first screw the lever, and then the door closer. When the design is installed, adjust it. The most important thing is that the lever is perpendicular to the door leaf.

Mortise door closer

Using door closers makes our life a bit more comfortable and quiet. Smart mechanisms do not slam the doors, but close them smoothly and, if necessary, can keep it open for a few seconds. They are of different types, differ in the type of attachment, the type of traction device and other characteristics. On the purchase of door closers it is not worth saving, the better the mechanism, the longer it will work.


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