Wall-hump – an ideal option for optimizing living space (24 photos)

This kind of cabinet furniture, like the walls, appeared in the last century, and today they are still very popular. The roller coaster walls, having high functionality, provide more opportunities for designers when decorating the interior of the premises.

What is the "wall" in the classical sense?

"Walls" can be sold in the form of already fully formed sets, and individual modules, the required set of which and the number of the customer determines directly at the time of purchase. Sections can have different depth and length. They can have glass showcases designed for dishes, modules with a bar, TV stands, open or closed storage of books, drawers for storage of laundry. They also often include cabinets. The walls may differ in configuration, in size, in the material from which they are made.

White wall-slide

Wall-hut of white color

The main advantage of "walls" is their spaciousness: they can find a place for almost any items.

Among the shortcomings can be called:

  • Expensive;
  • complexity of assembly;
  • limited versions of product compositions;
  • insufficiently effective use of the useful volume available at the wall, which, as a rule, occupies the whole space from the floor to the ceiling;
  • bulkiness;
  • the need to know exactly when to buy all the dimensions of the room and take into account its configuration (even with a minor error, serious problems may arise with the placement of elements that make up the wall, especially for owners of a small apartment).

Black and white wall-slide

Sliding wall in a classic style

What is the difference between wall-hills and ordinary walls?

The main distinguishing feature of all slides is that they are multilevel structures. Slot modules can be located at different heights. Differences are also observed in the layout of both open niches and fully or partially closed facades, which eventually creates a certain composition that has individual geometry and design. Whereas classical walls do not have such ease and hardly fit into a room of small dimensions (for example, in a nursery).

Sliding wall with décor


Sliding wall made of wood

Modern wall slides are available in such a wide range that you can find suitable options for this furniture for the living room and for other living spaces. For example, a wall-slide with a cabinet can look good in the hall and in the children's room.

Many models of roller-coaster walls take place (sometimes in the form of a curbstone, sometimes in the form of a shelf) for the placement of TV, video equipment, audio systems.

Sliding wall in the house

Glossy wall-slide

What are the types of slides?

Manufacturers of furniture are currently producing such varieties:

  • straight and angled wall-slides;
  • mini-hills;
  • modular wall-slides.

In stores, you can buy or ready-made options, or make an order for their production, taking into account the dimensions that the customer needs. At the same time, the customer can independently determine the type of finishing of the slide, for example, if desired, a glossy wall-slide or a wall-hump under a nut, or in the color of an oak-tree can be made.

Sliding wall in the living room

Wall-hills in high-tech style

On sale there are many types of ready-made modules that have gloss, and matte, and with glass in the doors, and with mirror inserts. There are large walls, and small walls, and with a chest of drawers, and even a table, which makes it possible to assemble exactly the layout that suits the buyer in size and arranges it from the economic point of view. However, if you choose from the available sets, the acquired slide may not be beautiful enough, be smaller than you would like, or have an off-the-shelf design or gloss. Often, for example, a purchased finished wall-slide for a TV functionally and aesthetically satisfies the customer completely, but it has some modules of not quite suitable dimensions, because of what they have to be placed far from the basic composition.

Wall-slide in the interior

Laminated wall-slide

A wall-slide with a cabinet, made according to client's sketches, will cost, of course, more expensive than assembled from ready-made modules, but its design can be unique. Such furniture will always ideally fit into the space of the room, have the required layout of shelves or hanging sections. The choice of this option is especially reasonable if you need a wall-slide in the living room in a modern style, and a room of unusual size, or a general interior design assumes that the furniture should have a gloss, and only matt surface modules are available for sale.

Choosing a wall type "slide" you need to think in advance how the pendant modules (if any) will be mounted. Do you need hanging elements or do you want to have a wireframe system from stand-alone modules. If some cabinets and shelves are fixed on the wall, you need to take into account their weight together with what will be on them (or in them) to be, and choose the appropriate way to secure them securely.

Sliding wall from solid wood

Sliding wall made of MDF

Mini Slides

This option is suitable for small-sized apartments, for example, studio type and one-room. Mini-walls are characterized
by minimalism in the complete set:

  • a few open shelves or even one;
  • TV table;
  • A small cabinet, mounted on the floor or hinged type.

Especially appropriate mini-walled slides in the living room in the event that this room has a small area, since they, as a rule, their small size give a special laconicism and completeness of the interior design of the living room.

The main disadvantage of mini-dresses is their large compactness, so that they can not accommodate a large number of things.

A wall-slide in the style of minimalism


Slides of this type are preferably located in large rooms and especially with a square configuration. In small apartments, such a wall will look too massive and from this inappropriate, since the corner section will "absorb" the space immediately from two sides, visually reducing the already small dimensions of the room.

Owners of spacious living rooms, choosing even such an option of furniture, as a corner wall-slide with a cabinet, easily solve the problem of filling an empty corner. You can also purchase such slides for a medium-sized hall, if this is not the only room in the apartment.

A wall-slide with a computer table

Corner wall-slide

Wall-slide wenge


For this type of furniture, a straight slide is a classic. They are most often preferred, choosing such an arrangement of rooms, in which you can achieve maximum harmony with the overall style of decorating the room. The straight wall-slide in a hall of the big or average size well approaches, well will look and in spacious drawing rooms well. It will occupy an empty space and decorate a large room without the clutter effect.

Wall-slide in the Art Nouveau style

Slope wall with shelves


This, already mentioned type of slides, is the most practical kind of such furniture. And all this because modules (shelves, cabinets, etc.) can be swapped and get the most optimal and convenient option. If you have a modular wall-slide with a wardrobe in the living room, you can later modify the furniture configuration and "refresh" the interior of the room.

A wall-slide in a strip

A wall-slide in the style of Provence

Styles of walls

Considering the different types of modern roller-coaster walls, it is necessary to note the importance of their choice, taking into account the availability of this type of furniture and a certain style that reflects the different directions of design art.

Sliding wall with cupboard

Sliding wall with glass doors

Based on your taste preferences, you can now choose slides that match the following styles described below.

  • Modern - today it is the most popular style. The wall-slide in the Art Nouveau style is characterized by simplicity, straightness of outlines, absence of facade bends and rounded shelves. Facades often combine gloss and wood surface, which looks not only stylish, but also modern. At the same gloss is obtained by using either glass or varnish coating.
  • High tech. Such slides are characterized by minimalism in the demonstration of closed elements. They are extremely compact, can only include, for example, hinged open shelves and sections. In the design, chrome parts are often present.
  • Classic. This style is characterized by the presence of a socle near the lower modules and the eaves of the upper structures, decorative locks, paneled facades. There are often showcases with glass rates.
  • Provence. It's almost classic, but with the presence of worn elements, as well as with the use of floral design, made in the style known as "decoupage." A characteristic feature of the style is the presence of "lion's" legs or a classical socle at the lower pedestals. The material used is a tree or its imitations.
  • East style. Such a hill is distinguished by an abundance of decor, the surface of the products is often decorated with relief elements, gold ornaments, bright colorful patterns.

On the market today there is a wide selection of sluice walls for both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Particular attention is paid to modular Italian, and also Swedish roller coaster walls, in which mirrors and air structures with a minimum of partitions are often used to visually increase the space, but the wall with the cabinet that was created according to your individual sketch is guaranteed not to be found in any other apartment.


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