Victorian style in the interior (20 photos): history and features

Modern people tend to experiment and the interior of the house is no exception. The luxury of ancient palaces, respectability of family castles, gives rise to the desire to display a part of each of them in his home. In the middle of the 19th century the Victorian style originated in the interior of the houses, indulging the desires to combine elements of exotics and classics, Gothic and Rococo. Leaving roots during the reign of Queen Victoria, he is now associated with the stability and aesthetic taste of the noble Englishmen of that era.

Large living room with fireplace in Victorian style

A bit of history

The beginning of the Victorian style was laid by the British bourgeoisie, which is actively enriched by the rapid development of the country's industry. Opened the opportunity to travel allowed to get acquainted with different cultures, art, traditions of other peoples. Fancy interior items, the British with pleasure to introduce into their homes. Over time, these acquisitions have become a sign of solidity and respectability of their owners. As a result, the design with characteristic eclecticism gave birth to a new style - Victorian.

Bright Victorian living room

Gradually, the houses of the Victorian era began to be considered historical buildings, and their interiors - exemplary. The lushness of the forms and the richness of the finishes, which became the hallmark of the style, did not compete with coziness, but favorably emphasized the reliability and quality of the elements used.

Cream white living room with fireplace in Victorian style
Large beige white living room in Victorian style

Distinctive features

The stylized Victorian design of the house has a number of distinctive features. The basis is deconstructionism. It allows you to decorate each individual room with an emphasis on a particular style direction. So, for example, the bedroom decoration can contain elements of rococo, kitchens - classics, and the cabinet - Gothic. An important role is given to demonstrations of the owner's wealth: the use of valuable wood species, antique accessories, expensive textiles.

Brown-white living room in Victorian style

The Victorian style in the interior is distinguished by some characteristic features:

  • good lighting provided by high windows, all sorts of sconces or lamps, imitating candles or candlesticks;
  • the combination of straight lines with arched ones;
  • presence of ceiling moldings;
  • decor of cornices with ornate patterns;
  • brass trim on the doors;
  • arched or gothic windows;
  • antique floor, wall clocks;
  • paintings or sketches in spectacular frames;
  • heavy furniture;
  • the presence of shelves, racks, a rich library;
  • heavy curtains, combined with a light lace tulle.

The design of the house with the Victorian style is recognizable, but not monotonous. For the most part, it is typical for spacious rooms, because it involves the use of a large number of furniture.

Cozy dining room in Victorian style
Spectacular living room in Victorian style

Color Palette

Despite the abundance of delights, the interior of the Victorian era is permeated with harmony and a sense of proportion. A significant role in this is played by the color spectrum of all its constituent elements. The predominant tree in the interior of the room is predominantly light brown or dark reddish brown. Hence the colors of the decor harmonizing with them:

  • pale pink, lavender for light furnishings;
  • red - brown, almond, lilac, cowberry for furniture made of oak or mahogany.
Kitchen with island in Victorian style

Do not exclude shades of blue, pale blue, gray - blue, characteristic for the decoration of the bedroom and reminiscent of the foggy weather in England. A special refinement to the expensive interior gives the gilding, often found in the inlaid furniture of the living room. The color palette of the kitchen or dining room can range from light sand colors to deep emerald green colors.

The design of the Victorian style is not characterized by brilliance, for this reason, deep shades of color are often involved. Avoid the gloom allows elegant décor and play on the contrasts.

Small bedroom in Victorian style
White Victorian Living Room

Wall decoration

The wall decoration of Queen Victoria allows the use of only fabric and wood. Heraldic signs, realistically depicted flowers, birds, vertical stripes of various widths dominated as pictures. Over time, textiles on the walls were replaced by wallpaper with complex patterns and imitation of bas-reliefs. The first wallpapers were partially painted by hand with golden curls or birds of paradise. Modern design with Victorian style allows hand painting of plastered walls, imitating a three-dimensional drawing.

Wall and window decoration in Victorian style

Immutable companions of the English style are wooden panels, occupying sometimes a third, and even half the height of the wall. In the living room, the panels are decorated with elegant ornaments, whereas in the bedroom and study, carvings with straight lines.

The Victorian interior has no "empty" walls. The empty walled areas of the bedroom are filled with paintings, mirrors with a vintage frame, hours under the antiquity. For the office or the living room is characteristic the placement of bookshelves or shelves, abundantly filled with valuable books. With the task of wall decoration of the kitchen, Moroccan tiles perfectly handle, contrasting with the restrained luxury of the prevailing wood.

Wallpaper with a pattern in the living room in the Victorian style
Beige walls in the living room in Victorian style

Floor decoration

The classic accent in the overall Victorian house design brings flooring. The basis is a parquet of natural wood, covered with oriental carpets.

The combination of parquet and carpet on the floor in the dining room

The British's pragmatic division of premises into ceremonial and private rooms was reflected in the materials used for their decoration. So, in rooms for reception of visitors the floor covering from a tree of a nut, mahogany prevailed, showing prosperity of owners. For a bedroom on the floor, a coniferous tree was most often used, the cost of which is much lower. Special attention deserves a pattern of parquet, which is a complex mosaic composition, adding to the overall interior of the room of refinement.

The floors of the kitchen were covered with more practical material - tiles. But, despite this, the tiled floor of the house with the Victorian style was not inferior in beauty to the oriental carpet decoration: the tiles were generously decorated with original patterns and ornaments.

Today, a worthy rival parquet is a high-quality laminate, which harmoniously fits into the overall design of the house with a Victorian interior.

Parquet in the living room in a Victorian style
Tile on the floor in the bathroom in Victorian style

Furniture as echoes of traditions

Like all elements of the interior in the era of the reign of Queen Victoria, furniture was characterized by restrained luxury. More often made of dark wood and decorated with intricate carvings, the furniture was large in size. Each room in the house is associated with a certain furniture set:

  • a living room intended for friendly meetings, certainly contains a table with chairs arranged, soft sofas;
  • inlaid cupboard and buffet - indisputable companions of the kitchen;
  • a high bed under a canopy or a carved headboard, a massive chest of drawers, a couch with an oval back - invariable attributes of the bedroom.
Beautiful furniture in the living room in a Victorian style

Furniture in Victorian style keeps echoes of English traditions. So, for example, located in the bedroom and living room fireplace is not only an element of decor, but also the only source of heat in cold weather, dominating in foggy England. Massiveness of furniture is explained by reliable protection against cold and drafts. For the same reason, the backs of chairs and chairs are quite high and upholstered in dense materials: brocade, velvet, plush.

The design of the house in the Victorian style, worthy of royal persons, it is quite possible to reproduce now. Arrangement of the living room or bedroom will not cause much trouble. More attention will be needed to implement the kitchen.

Dining room with beautiful Victorian furniture

Since the planned style should not fade in the abundance of modern technology, all of it should be built in or hidden in the cabinets behind the wooden trim. Artificial materials replaced natural: marble, wood, glass. Also unimaginable is the design of the kitchen without a candelabra, giving the room a special sensuality. Artificial aging of furniture with patination is the best way to bring a similarity to the chosen style of design. A bright accent of the kitchen will be located in the center of the dining table, complemented by chairs with high carved backs.

Victorian design excludes simplicity. To implement it in the first place will require a spacious apartment or a country house. Do not forget about the decor, which plays an important role in the formation of style. Collections of porcelain figurines on the living room table, crystal dishes in the kitchen, glass trinkets in the bedroom will be an appropriate addition to the luxurious interior.

Deep pastel colors in the living room in Victorian style
Ample lighting in the living room in the Victorian style

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