Tire ceiling in the interior – the original way to visually increase the space (21 photos)

The ceiling tire - a new generation of cornice - is used in the decoration of windows as an adaptation for the hidden fixation of the curtain. The design is installed on any surface, including suspended ceilings and stretch fabrics. Curtains attached to the bus system, beautifully draped, provide weightlessness of the composition. This simple technique contributes to a visual increase in the area of ​​the room and is actively used in the design of modern interiors.

Ceiling tire for curtains with bando
Ceiling rail with wooden panel

Types of construction

Ceiling tires for curtains vary:

  • by material of manufacture - plastic, aluminum, with wooden filler;
  • by appointment - for light curtains or curtains with impressive weight;
  • in the shape of the body - the cornice-tire ceiling in the form of a straight line or with a rounded end;
  • on completion - the availability of special accessories;
  • by the control method - mechanical adjustment, using the remote control.

A separate category of roof rails are models with a blend - a decorative strip.

Ceiling rail for bay window

Ceiling tire for curtains in the interior of the living room
Ceiling light for curtains in living room

Several types of cornices are produced:

  • single-row roof tire. It is allocated in compact sizes, it is used for fastening of window textile with insignificant weight. Suitable for single-layer drapes from organza or light curtains;
  • double-row roof rail. The design provides for the fixation of two layers of textiles, for example, it can be tulle and curtain;
  • trunk three-row tire - a rail plate designed for the design of complex compositions of curtains, in which, in addition to a transparent and dense layer, there is also a lambrequin.
Ceiling curtain rod for curtains

Ceiling tire on plasterboard construction

The tire profile can be controlled mechanically or electrically. In the first case, the position of the curtains is adjusted using the cord built into the cornice. For more comfortable use, the design is equipped with electronic devices and controlled by the remote control.

Device Features

The ceiling bus is a plastic or aluminum base with slots for hanging-sliders in the form of hooks or clips on rollers. The package also includes:

  • end caps for the profile;
  • curved sidewalls, if provided for in the design project of the eaves system;
  • plastic stoppers for fixation and stop limiters of runners;
  • connecting elements, if the length of the profile is insufficient and it is required to use more than one sheet;
  • doyayter - a special lath, which is installed in the middle of the eaves. The device provides tight closing of the curtains, which hang in one row. In this case, one curtain is wound up behind the other and there is no gap between them;
  • fasteners in the form of screws and dowels.

For the decor of the tire system, elegantly designed blends made of plastic or wood are often used. Sometimes the baguette is made of the same fabric as the curtains.

Ceiling mount for curtains

Metal curtain rod for curtains
Ceiling mounting for curtains

Advantages and disadvantages

Ceiling tires are popular in the design of any room, but especially relevant in the arrangement of rooms with a small square and low ceilings. The design looks compact, does not eat up space, unlike analogues, it makes it possible to visually increase the area of ​​the room. In addition, the following competitive advantages of the tire for curtains are distinguished:

  • is made of high quality materials;
  • It is available in various modifications, it is easy to choose a ceiling tire for any curtain accessories;
  • the system has simple functionality, it is convenient to operate both mechanically and electrically;
  • the strength of the tire profile provides for the comfortable use of single-, two- and three-row fixing curtains, ensures easy movement of the rollers along special tracks;
  • plastic construction withstands long-term operation, does not deform even under heavy loads;
  • Installation of tires on the ceiling is done without much effort. If necessary, the design is installed on gypsum boards, and on rack and tension ceilings;
  • The cost of adaptation varies in a democratic range.

The disadvantages include possible breakdowns when the device is used incorrectly. It is necessary to choose the appropriate model of the tire cornice depending on the complexity of the curtain set.

Ceiling tire on stretch ceiling
Plastic Ceiling Tire for Curtains

Features of mounting the roof rail

Work begins with the preparation of the design. If the length of the profile is greater than the selected area of ​​the space above the window, the tire is cut off, adjusting to the dimensions of the area to be decorated. If it is necessary to increase the length of the cornice, then use the connecting parts and assemble the structure of several profiles.

Plastic tires have mounting holes. The cloth is applied to the ceiling, marking is done. Next, drill the required number of holes for fasteners and install dowels. Fix the cornice-tire with ceiling locking screws. At the end of the installation, runners are inserted into the gutters and end caps are installed.


When fixing the tire cornice to tension ceilings or hanging cloths, the method of mounting on the embedded beam is used. Another way to install - the introduction of a system of tires in a niche between a wall and a false ceiling.

Semicircular overhead rail
Prefabricated ceiling rail
Ceiling Tire for Curtains

Cornice-tire ceiling: operation features

The cornice is placed at a distance of 10-15 cm from the wall, this is necessary for the comfortable operation of the window system.

It is recommended to strengthen the tire fastening if the profile is long enough and heavy curtains are to be suspended. Wide models of products are fixed to the ceiling especially carefully, since several rows of textiles are fastened to them at once.

Curtains on the roof rail
Hidden ceiling tire for curtains

For an even and beautiful drapery it is necessary to fasten the curtains to the rings at the same distance with a step of 10 cm.

In order for the tire system and curtains to last longer, it is recommended to use a mechanism with a cord or to equip the structure with an electric drive.

Ceiling light for curtains in the bedroom

How and where to choose?

If you plan to decorate the interior with curtains on the tire profile, use the services of specialized companies. Internet showcases suppliers of cornices offer a wide range of products: here professionals will help you choose the best design option among the current models. If you are interested in exclusive baguettes, then if you want, you can order products of author's work.

Ceiling rail made of steel for curtains
Ceiling rail for tulle

Variability of models of tire cornices allows to equip the interior with various curtain compositions. The design is capable of withstanding impressive gravity, the main thing is to choose the appropriate product model. Equally important is the installation quality of the device. You can attach the profile to the ceiling yourself, but it's better to entrust the job of installing the tire cornice to professionals.

Ceiling mounting

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