The floor in the interior – a new depth (25 photos)

The floor has a high mechanical strength and resistance to chemical, aggressive external environment, which allows it to be used in many rooms. The duration of the operation depends on the correct carrying out of the preparatory work, compliance with the installation requirements and the quality of the mixture.

Filling floor
Filling floor

White floor in the living room

Classification of self-leveling floors

To obtain a quality floor covering, two layers of self-leveling floors are usually used:

  • The main one, which smoothes out all the irregularities and is performed with a thickness of up to 8 cm;
  • Finish, which determines the appearance of the floor covering in the room.
Filling floor

In some cases linoleum, parquet boards or similar floor coverings are placed on the base layer instead of the finish coat.

When choosing a floor covering, you should pay attention to the composition of the incoming components.

According to this criterion, mineral mixtures are used, which are used for the most part for the base layer, and polymeric ones, which ensure the creation of the top layer.

Filling floor
Filling floor

In turn, polymer coatings are:

  • polyurethane, which, depending on the structure, are divided into thin-layered and highly-filled;
  • methyl methacrylate, the most resistant to overloads and aggressive external environment;
  • Epoxy, which have a fragility and increased moisture resistance.
Filling floor

Filling floor

Advantages of self-leveling floor

Due to the performance characteristics and installation features, the following advantages of the filling floor are distinguished:

  • high aesthetic values, which are manifested in a wide variety of design solutions, for example, the use of 3-D images;
  • Mechanical strength, which allows the floor to remain whole even after exposure to heavy loads;
  • durability, providing up to 15 years of comfortable operation;
  • high moisture resistance, allowing the use of the floor in the bathroom;
  • resistance to ultraviolet, as a result of which the flooring in the apartment does not burn out from exposure to sunlight;
  • ecological compatibility, allowing the use of self-leveling floors in the room where children or people are prone to allergies;
  • no odor emissions, despite the influence of external factors, for example, heating from an electric heater;
  • compliance with fire regulations, as all types of liquid floors are fire-resistant and do not emit harmful substances during combustion;
  • fast installation, largely depending on the type of mixtures used;
  • Possibility to supplement any design of premises, for example, using decorative liquid floors;
  • seamless, resulting in the floor in the apartment does not let the spilled water down.
Filling floor

Disadvantages of self-leveling floors

Choosing flooring for the apartment, it is necessary to take into account possible disadvantages of this floor covering, which will have to face. For example, the cost of flooring, which is especially high when using imported floor mixes. Also, floor can only be filled with a certain humidity, which is difficult to control.

Filling floor

When repairing it is necessary to make a complex dismantling of the old coating for good adhesion to the substrate. Scratches may occur as a result of improper filling or operation; glossy flooring becomes slippery after washing, which is especially dangerous for the elderly;

Filling floor

In addition, the filling floor with a pattern may get bored or cause difficulties when changing design.

Filling floor

Pour the bulk floor alone is difficult, because the solution quickly freezes and loses its properties, so work should be done commandingly.

Filling floor

Basic rules of preliminary training

The base for the floor is a concrete slab, cement screed, ceramic tiles. The floor in a private house is often made of wooden floorboards and the main advantage of filler coatings is the ability to fill without dismantling in case of good condition and high strength of the old floor. In order to prevent the flow of the filling floor through the cracks, all the holes between the boards should be carefully puttied.

Filling floor

For good adhesion, it is important to carefully remove all traces of oil, glue and other contaminants on the substrate. If possible, all irregularities on the surface must be eliminated.

Filling floor

To improve the adhesion of the polymer to the substrate,
the surface must be primed. Depending on the porosity and absorption rate of the primer, it may be necessary to repeat the priming process.

Filling floor

Tools used for filling

To perform the fill, you will need the following set of tools:

  • Low-speed drill or perforator for mixing the solution. It is necessary to take into account that the power of the tool is sufficient, and it does not fail because of overload or overheating. Do fill in the room should be continuous, so the time to cool the drill will be extremely small.
  • Mixer nozzle. It is important to determine in advance the drill or perforator will be used to mix the solution, since they have a different cartridge. As a result, the mixing nozzle from the drill is not suitable for the perforator and vice versa.
  • Buckets. The volume of buckets must be at least 20 liters. Do not use dirty buckets, as the pouring will come with impregnations, which as a result will worsen the performance.
  • Putty knife. The mixture though is called self-leveling, but under the battery and in hard-to-reach places it is better to pre-level it to get a better floor covering.
  • Needle aeration rollers. The presence of air bubbles significantly reduces the mechanical strength of the filling floor and, as a result, its durability. Therefore, air should be disposed of by carefully rolling the surface with a roller. For greater convenience, you should choose a roller with a telescopic handle.
  • Mokrostupy. Special shoes with spikes, which allows you to walk on the still not frozen floor for its uniform distribution throughout the surface and perform other operations.
  • Laser level. The most important for a large area of ​​the room or if you plan to fill the floors 3D.

Features of floor coverings in rooms with high humidity

To rooms with high humidity can be attributed to the bathroom and toilet. The floor in the bathroom should withstand a constant high humidity, frequent water on the surface, including hot water, it should be easy to clean, but at the same time remain non-slippery; Do not allow microbes to multiply rapidly, which is especially important for the floor in the toilet.

The choice of a floor for a wet room is the most complicated. For example, it is forbidden to use thin-layer polyurethane floors due to their tendency to delamination with prolonged exposure to moisture.

Filling floor

The floor in the toilet, made of methyl methacrylate polymer, will have a color restriction. In order to depict a design or create an exclusive colored filling floor, an epoxy base for the polymer should be used.

Filling floor
Filling floor

Features of the self-leveling floor in the kitchen

The main factors that distinguish the floor in the kitchen from flooring in other rooms are:

  • the presence of high humidity near the sink;
  • a drop of fat and oil near the stove;
  • the existence of the risk of spilling corrosive substances, for example, acetic essences, which can damage the floor in the kitchen;
  • increased requirements for hygiene.
Filling floor

If desired, you can make a white floor in the kitchen, but different spots will be visible on it. Therefore, for the convenience of cleaning in the kitchen, it is recommended to choose a colored filler floor. To create a creative design in the kitchen, a marble floor can be used.

Gloss is often slippery, so it is preferable to choose a slightly rough floor in the kitchen to prevent injury from falling.

Filling floor
Filling floor

Features of the self-leveling floor on the balcony

The floor in the balcony is most exposed to external factors. So, for example, a black filler floor in sunny weather can heat up to a high temperature, which is impossible in a living room. For this reason, it is important for the floor covering on the balcony to match the linear temperature expansions of the base and the finish coat.

Filling floor
Filling floor

Regardless of which filling floor is chosen, compliance with the manufacturer's requirements, the choice of quality materials and tools will make it comfortable to use the floor covering without flaws for several decades.

Filling floor
Filling floor

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