Rocking chair (19 photos): a cozy resting place for any

How many pleasant associations this idle object of an interior calls, how much positive emotions. And most importantly, how magically the rocking chair affects the human psyche, its emotional state. Sitting in such an armchair after a long day of work immediately immersed in the memories of childhood, the cradle of the mother. Thanks to this chair you can feel like a child without falling into childhood.

Wooden rocking chair in the interior

Rocking chair - a classic in its pure form. Convenient location of the body and rhythmic rocking provides for complete relaxation and tunes for pleasant thoughts.

In addition to the magical effect on the emotional health of a person, the rocking chair can become a fairly bright and original accent in the interior. It will look great, like in the bedroom, or the living room, and on the veranda or balcony. Perfectly complement any design, you just need to choose the right model.

Gray-brown rocking chair in the interior

Types of Swing Armchair

Below are the most common types of rocking chairs:

  • Openwork, manual weaving, the smell of natural wood, a unique atmosphere of comfort. This is a rocking chair made of vine, willow rods are one of the most common materials. It is in the armchairs of this model that the older generation prefers to sit. This rocking chair is a classic of its kind. However, such chairs are unstable to moisture.
  • Rocking chair made of rattan - flexible vine. Such a rocking chair is a classic of modern country dacha interior. Such material does not allow the use of fasteners on screws and nails, only glue contact and knitting. Therefore, the rocking chair made of rattan is very inferior to the classical version of the vine. However, the liana is stronger than the vine, and therefore it is better to keep the shape. A convenient option for use outside the house, on the veranda or balcony.
  • Now the so-called soft rocking chair has become fashionable. An excellent option for those whose work requires a lot of time to spend in a sitting position. For upholstery use a wide variety of materials. The man's natural desire for comfort moved this model of the chair to offices. Naturally, for office premises more massive models are used. Most of them choose new trends of fashion and bold design solutions, but some prefer to leave everything in the already familiar classical style. In the office style, as a rule, there are solid leather upholstery, or alternatively an eco-leather. Strong and stable models. To create modern armchairs use a wide variety of materials, from natural wood to hybrid versions with metal and plastic. The most common furniture is from Italy using arc supports. Less often, but still there, models with a round base. A new design solution in the design of rocking chairs - an additional footrest, providing additional comfort.
  • The designer seat of the hybrid is now at its peak of popularity, more stable, with soft upholstery and metal rods. An interesting and daring option to refresh the design of the house. The furniture of this model allows you to relax and relax as much as possible after a hard day. However, there is an increasing trend towards the implementation of hybrid rocking chairs in the classical style. The most common variant of upholstery in such seats is leather or eco-leather, less often fabric.
Beautiful rocking chair in the interior

Initially, the wicker rocking chair was made of beech wood. This was the mandatory and most common furniture in the houses of the intelligentsia, and of course in the workshops of the creative elite.
After the middle of the twentieth century, the design of rocking chairs began to undergo significant changes. Antonio Volpe was the first who suggested adding metal inserts to the already familiar rocking chair. And his bold design decision has taken root very quickly. And in our time, many people like these models.

Gray rocking chair in the living room
White rocking chair in the living room

Buying a rocking chair

To choose the ideal rocking chair for you, you first need to decide for what purposes it will be used and where to stand. To relax on the street, cottage or on the backyard usually choose metal or plastic, using different types of synthetics. Such models are sufficiently resistant to the vagaries of the weather and they do not need special care. If for outdoor recreation you still decide to choose a rocking chair made of wood in a classic style, it is important to remember that such models are afraid of moisture. Protect them from rain and damp. But for home use, they are great, great option to dilute the situation in the bedroom, living room or on the balcony. In any, the most beloved recreation zone.

The rocking chair can be divided into several groups according to usage. The armchairs of this model in the classical version, as a rule, are more a summer residence option. They have a relatively small weight, do not have complex shapes and are relatively inexpensive.

A stylish modern rocking chair in the living room

Wicker furniture should be protected from rain and should not be kept too often under the open sky. From direct sunlight, such products begin to shrink and crack, and from moisture swell and unstick. Metal or plastic rocking chairs are ideal for the street.

If the chair is designed for home use, then you can choose the most diverse options based on your preferences. Various models of legs and weaving. Any options for finishing from the most expensive, solid leather options to synthetics. The most popular kind of upholstery is eco leather.

Cozy rocking chair on the terrace

There is also a special kind of rocking chairs for office workers. They can be divided into two subspecies. The first is supervisory. Massive models with impressive finish: eco leather or leather. Wide and massive. Such chairs look representative and modern. The second kind is a chair for workers, office spaces. Designed for leisure employees in non-working areas.
There are also special rocking chairs for children. Typically, the design of these seats is more than a game. Various animals, horses or birds.

It often happens that the rocking chair begins to creak almost immediately after purcha
se. This is due to the fact that the protective lacquer coating is quickly erased from the surface of the chair. If the chair strongly creaks, or creaks only in certain places, this indicates the presence of marriage. The new chair can only squeak slightly because of the fresh lacquer coating. First of all, when choosing an armchair you need to make sure of the quality of the details, and most importantly the weaving. You should immediately carefully inspect the product. Unfortunately, it is very often difficult to see the gaps at the first inspection, but the life of the purchased product depends on it. Thoroughly inspect the product before buying.

Wicker rocking chair in the interior

Before buying a little to confine to an external examination. It is necessary to check whether it is easy to swing and how stable. Also, this model of the chair should not tip over when rocking and do not deviate to the sides. Therefore, before buying, sit in a chair and shake as it should, so only you can make sure there are no defects in the product. Inspect the upholstery if it's eco leather or leather, carefully inspect the product for scratches or clasps.

So, let's sum up, what should be a rocking chair, what to consider before buying a product:

  • In the classic wicker chair you need a golden mean. It should not be hard or too soft.
  • The chair should not fall when swinging, it should not deviate to the sides.
  • The chair should be fully comfortable, its main function is relaxation. So when sitting, the neck should not strain, hands should lie comfortably on armrests. The body should not be constrained.
  • Carefully check the appearance of the product. Examine the joints, make sure there are no breaks.
Fashionable rocking chair in the living room

To choose the most comfortable rocking chair for children, which for a long time will please you and your kids, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances:

  • For children who already know how to sit, choose an armchair in which you can adjust the position. Check out the weight for the chosen chair.
  • Choose the chair in which there are safety belts.
  • Choose a chair with a steel casing and a fairly wide base.
  • To make the chair as comfortable as possible for a child, you should put it in a chair before buying. Based on his reaction, it is already worth deciding whether this chair is suitable for you.

Important! You can not move a chaise longue while the child is in it. Before moving, take the child in his arms. Therefore, choose the mobility of a chaise longue, which is convenient for you.

Designer rocking chair in the living room

Material for rocking chairs

The most important thing in a rocking chair is the material from which it is made, from a natural wood massif or metal. All this should be considered when choosing a product. The kind of wood the chair is made of, affects its price. The most expensive are armchairs made of rare species of trees. The backs of such chairs, as a rule, are covered with natural leather, sometimes using an alternative option - eco leather, less often fabric.

In the versions of wicker chairs, in the classical version, the most common softwoods are used. Such as rattan or willow. The price of such a product is quite high, since weaving is done manually. Usually those who can afford such an acquisition for the home, choose the usual rattan. Such chairs look elegant enough and can withstand any weight.

Bright rocking chair in the living room

Metal, as a rule, only the frame of the product is made. For sitting prefer to choose natural material.

For armchairs made of wood, soft mattresses or pads are often selected. Thanks to them the design of the room becomes brighter, they help to place the necessary accents.

The most expensive items are considered to be products from exotic species of wood, such as flexible hevea.

Wooden rocking chair on the terrace

Care of the product

The most important rule is to use the chair only for the purpose. Then the product will still very long please you.

Chairs that are not designed for the garden, in no case should not be taken out of the house, they are not provided for direct sunlight, but there is no special protective coating on them. Even those furniture that is designed for outdoor use, in inclement weather, it is better to bring into the house or hide under the film. This will help not damage the product ahead of time and keep its appearance for a long time.

Violet rocking chair in the living room

Wenge furniture

The rocking chairs are designed to create coziness and bring peace to its owners. Therefore, their design is so diverse. After all, how many people, so many opinions. And although many are accustomed to consider rocking chairs appropriate only in retro-interior, they perfectly fit into the ultramodern.

Buying a rocking chair is not only a good addition to the interior of the house, but also taking care of your health. Doctors believe that rocking chairs have a beneficial effect on human health. Here are a few facts to prove:

  • During a slight rocking in the rocking chair, the brain activity increases, and a kind of hypnotic, soothing effect is created.
  • If you are annoyed and can not cope with anger in any way, dimensional shaking will help you restore the internal balance.
  • Returns the muscle to the muscles of the legs and back.
  • The heart rate returns to normal and the elasticity of the vessels improves.
  • In diseases of the musculoskeletal system, it is very useful to rest in a rocking chair.
Rocking chair made of wood in the living room

Designers recommend this year to add Wenge furniture to the interior of the house. Any tree in the house can make this shade, but in the classical version, according to experts, the best furniture will be the Wenge. This noble color has so many shades. However, this can only be called that solid wood furniture, where the structure of the wood is clearly visible. If you decide to make a wall wenge, then this option will be interesting to look at the balcony or veranda. For the rest of the r
ooms, this interior will be too gloomy, because the main feature in this style are dark deep colors, not relevant in other areas. Furniture made from wood was always a symbol of prosperity. However, in this interior it is necessary to be careful that your home does not turn out to be too gloomy. It should be remembered that this color is best used in a modern interior, the basis of which is the contrast.

Furniture made of solid wood with a pronounced structure creates a sense of peace. Wenge is not very suitable for the interior of a nursery. But it will look great in the living room, in the bedroom, and even in the bathroom if the interior is dominated by light colors nearby.

Blue modern rocking chair in the living room

Rocking chair and Provence style

The rocking chair looks great in almost any interior of the house. You just need to find the right model. For example, the classic rocking chair perfectly complements the interior of the house in the style of Provence.

With what does the chair of rocking chair also associate as not with comfort. And simplicity and comfort is practically a synonym for the French style of Provence, which means the province.

Soft modern rocking chair in the living room

Furniture in the style of Provence has a huge decorative significance. Stylish dressers, chairs with charming carvings. Furniture with a touch of time - this is the basis of the interior in this style. An old chest of drawers from a grandmother, a family tea service, a wicker rocking chair - a classic in the style of Provence. On such things the main accent in the interior is always made.

An aged armchair made of wood, decorated with weaving can become a bright accent in the interior of the room in such a romantic style. Various family heirlooms, a lot of fresh flowers and charming, lovely figurines are all Provence. They say that it takes generations to create such an interior. But why not try it? After all, Provence is a way of life.

Beautiful wicker rocking chair in the living room with fireplace
Black leather rocking chair in the living room with fireplace
Brown-blue rocking chair in the living room

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