Photo-shots in the interior: main types (24 photos)

To date, many kinds of window decor have been invented, one of which are photo-blinds. Photo-blinds in the interior create a mood for the room. As part of the textile, they add comfort, harmony and completeness of the style of the room. All the curtains differ in color, texture, size and appearance.

Curtains with black and white print
Curtains with photoprint flowers

Method of drawing an image

Despite the abundance of curtains on the market, it is sometimes difficult to find the right print or pattern for a particular interior. And if you find it, you can apply it yourself by ordering UV printing. This seal is an environmentally friendly image with the help of special ink. They are so harmless that with any kind of cleaning treatment the paint is not deformed and remains the same saturation and contrast. Such photo-blinds for a children's room with a print of animation characters will become a beautiful detail of the room.

Photoprint tree on curtains
Baby curtains with photoprint

In addition, technology allows you to print images with a 3D effect. Photo-prints with a print of 3D images differ in the depth of the picture, due to this picturesque landscapes, panoramic views or animated characters look more natural and natural.

Curtains with a photoprint in the nursery
Purple curtains with a photoprint

One of the misconceptions is that 3D photo-shades can not be erased. However, this is not so. The application technology is designed so that in the future, curtains can easily be subjected to not only repeated washing, but also dry cleaners. The color saturation and initial dimensions are not deformed, despite the thermal treatment, so their original appearance persists for a long time.

Photoprint in the form of newspapers on curtains
Curtains with photoprint city

Innovative application technologies allow satisfying the demands of each client, since it is possible to apply absolutely any image. This will revive the situation of the room and create a unique design.

Curtains with a photoprint in the interior of the living room
Photoprint on curtains

Types of photoshoot

The world of curtains is diverse, and the types of photoshorts prove it.

Roman PhotoShorts

Their mechanism is represented by an electric drive and folds of the material itself, which is collected above the window. In this case, it is better to choose a repeating element in order to avoid distortion of the figures due to the constant raising and lowering of the curtains.

Photo Lights

Also known as Japanese photo-blinds. All are known blinds, but with the application of a photo image. They repeat the mount on the ceiling, where the rail cornice is installed. The deformation of the figure is completely excluded, since there are rigid inserts on the sides of the canvas. Thanks to them, you can pick up material from thin tissue or even paper. It should be noted that the element applied to the canvas will be visible only in the closed state of the blinds.

Photoprint picture on the curtains

Curtains with photo printing

The classic curtain model can easily be transformed by applying an image. The main function of the curtains at the same time is preserved, only now protect from sunlight or the dark time of the day will be a curtain with a picture of a landscape of wildlife.

Roller photo shakers

Known as photo blinds, they are made of special lightproof fabric. The main effect is achieved due to several layers of material from polyester fibers. As in the version with blinds, a colorful picture of the applied image can be seen only in the open state, in a folded version, roller photo-shades represent a neat bundle above the window. The most suitable place for them is the kitchen, as their location near the window is quite compact, and the fibers, of which the material consists, are resistant to fire.

Curtains with leaf print

Photoshoots for the room are also different material from which they are made. Practically all roller photo-blinds are made of curtain fabric. For other types of photoshorts, gabardine, satin and blackout are also suitable.

Roman photo shoots: modern choice

Roman photoshorts are a unique finishing chord in the interior. They give the luxurious interior even more chic and prestige. In addition, such a wide photo-blinds reliably hide the flaws in the finish. Roman photoshorts - one of the most practical and wear-resistant options, the light from the sun does not burn the canvas and the colors remain saturated and bright, like after painting.

Curtains with a photoprint of London

This option makes it possible to play with fabrics, because Roman photoshorts can be made of both transparent and lacy material, and dense opaque. They do not differ in the care of others, if necessary they can be washed at a temperature
of 30 degrees and pat in the mode of "silk".

Curtains with poppies

Wide photo-screens will be the best option in the case of a large, solid image. On such a canvas, the high-resolution image will be clearly and clearly visible up to individual details. The applied images can be combined with another kind of phototextile indoors. These can be tablecloths, pillows, bedspreads and paintings.

Curtains with a photoprint in the Art Nouveau style

Wide photo-blinds in the room will be an excellent option for lovers of lambrequins. The decor of the photo-shade can be made of the same fabric as the main material, and its geometric shape will complement the style of the applied image. The parameters of the curtains are selected individually and are up to 2.5 meters in width and up to 3 meters in height.

Print on curtains
Curtains with a photographic print of the landscape

Photo-blinds for the kitchen: a beautiful and safe choice

Stylish photo-shades for the kitchen will become that part of the interior that will always attract attention against the background of monotonous saucepans. Photo-blinds for the kitchen (namely Roman or photo-blinds) are also a safe choice, since they fit tightly to the window space, unlike the classical version. Also this means that they will less contact with other objects and, as a result, less pollution.

In case of prolonged use, the photo-blinds for the kitchen can easily be washed or handed over to dry-cleaners and get the same quality material and a rich drawing applied as on the day of purchase.

You can choose such a lightweight material that during the day, the photo blinds for the kitchen were closed and let light in, or, conversely, make them solely of dense material and close only for the night.

Turquoise curtains with print
Curtains with a picture

Tips for choosing

At first glance, picking stylish photo-blinds is a very simple matter, as it's enough just to choose what you like. However, it should be borne in mind that the curtains should harmoniously fit into the interior. That's why before starting the selection of curtains should deal with some important points.

Roller blinds with print

Identify with the room

In order to proceed with the selection, you need to know exactly in which room the photo blinds will be fixed. Do not hang the same roller blinds in the bedroom, kitchen or nursery. Wide photo-shades can look harmoniously in the bedroom or living room, at the same time be a losing option in the nursery. For each room, wide photo-blinds should be selected individually.

Consider the dimensions of the window decor and the room

Do not forget about the height of the ceilings, the width and depth of the window, as well as the size of the room. If the height of the ceilings is small, a vertical ornament or an ascending pattern visually stretches the walls of the room. If the room is small in width it is necessary to select curtains exclusively with a horizontally directed image or ornament.

Gray photographic print on curtains

Understand color

Color plays a major role in the perception of window textiles. Warm and cold colors create the appropriate atmosphere, they must be combined with the color of walls, furniture, floor and ceiling. A simple solution is to choose curtains lighter or darker than the color of the walls or furniture. Do not forget that colors such as purple, blue and blue visually make the room cold, and red, orange and yellow color warms the room.

Curtains with photoprint in the bedroom

Select an image

The design of photo-blinds should correspond to the main purpose of the room. For a children's room, for example, characters of animated series, lovely animals or heroes of fairy tales will do. Photo-blinds for the bedroom will look great with landscapes, sunrises or sunsets, while photo-blinds for the living room will be better with the cities, and for the kitchen - with floral arrangements. The choice of the image depends on the taste preferences, however, it is worth remembering the general plan of the whole room. Rolling photo-blinds make it possible to see the image only in the closed state.

Photoprint"восход" на шторах

From the properly selected photoshort in the form, color, material and the depicted image depends on the visual representation of the entire interior of the room. Photo blinds for the bedroom or for the hall not only determine the mood of the room, but also the character of the person who made the choice.

3D curtains

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