Narrow curtains: features of use in the interior (22 photos)

The main function of curtains is to keep the room from prying eyes and protect it from sunlight penetration. In addition, curtains on windows are able not only to transform the interior, but also to adjust the design features of the room. Such products are an integral part of the interior of any style, and they are represented by a variety of varieties. Among them - and narrow curtains on the windows.

Narrow curtains made of bamboo

Narrow curtains with a bando

Features of the use of narrow curtains in the interior

It's not difficult to make a standard window opening, because in the world of design there are a lot of stylish and original ideas, but choosing curtains on a narrow window is quite a difficult task, which is often only possible for professional designers.

There are various design techniques for designing narrow windows. For such designs, the following curtain options are excellent:

  • fabric curtains;
  • different types of roller shutters;
  • Roman curtains.

Often, designers for narrow windows choose Roman blinds, while, according to experts, should prefer bright single-color products or prints in the form of a shallow horizontal contrast strip. Small floral drawings are inappropriate for narrow curtains, such a print makes them look like a roll wallpaper.

Narrow turquoise curtains

Narrow black and white curtains

High narrow windows have two significant drawbacks - they visually narrow the space of the room and reduce the amount of light penetrating inside the apartment or house. Proceeding from this feature of narrow and high window designs, curtains in the interior should solve this problem: visually expand the room, make it more spacious and light.

When designing narrow windows, designers recommend observing such rules and recommendations:

  • Expand the area of ​​the room with the right cornice. To do this, it is sufficient to hang curtains on the cornice, the length of which exceeds the width of the window structure by at least 50 cm. The curtains should be selected in accordance with the width of the cornice.
  • In rooms with narrow windows and high ceilings, you can use curtains with a horizontal ornament. The horizontal pattern will visually expand the room, but such a technique will not be appropriate for rooms with low ceilings.
  • A narrow and low-lying window is best decorated with a lambrequin. This method allows you to hide the free space above the window, and the ceilings will seem higher. Another good idea for such windows is the location of the cornice under the ceiling and the use of long narrow curtains reaching to the floor.
  • Spacious rooms with tall and narrow windows often look very uncomfortable, in such a room a person can feel even uncomfortable. To improve the situation and transform the interior, you can choose curtains on the windows in bright colors with large prints. It can be flowers or geometric shapes. The width of the curtain must strictly correspond to the size of the window opening, otherwise the folds will hide the picture, and the original design idea will be lost.
  • Very often in the interior of a modern room the central place is given to the window. It can have an unusual shape, a beautiful glass with stained glass or a pattern, unusual painting or carving. In no case should you hide it behind the curtains, on the contrary, you should focus on this detail of the interior. Relevant will be light translucent curtains on the windows. If such windows are installed in the bedroom to protect the room from sunlight, you can use roller blinds. During the day, such curtains can be raised by opening beautiful windows, and if necessary, create a semi-dark atmosphere in the room - lower it.

Curtains on narrow windows can be made of various materials. It would be appropriate to use curtains made of cotton, linen, silk, wool and polyester. Looks great asymmetry, multilayered, ribbons.


Narrow curtains in classic style

Narrow curtains in floral pattern

Narrow blue curtains

Interior styles

Narrow windows can be decorated in different styles. The most advantageous options for such window openings will be the following styles:

  • Classic - choose long curtains of rectangular shape, reaching to the floor. While decorating, you can use lambrequins, but here you should not get too involved in decor.
  • Australian style. This style is characterized by the use of narrow curtains with a large number of folds, reminiscent of an accordion.
  • Roman curtains. This is a lifting version of the curtains, which are attached to the Velcro to the lifting mechanism. Successful options for narrow windows in the living room will be other lifting models of the curtains - French, London, Chinese, roll, pleated.

Narrow brown curtains

Narrow short curtains

Narrow curtains in the kitchen

Despite the variety of styles, the most common is the classical design. Narrow curtains of classical style are two cloth stripes located on both sides of the window. As a decoration on top of the window opening can be located lambrequin. Classic curtains are the most versatile elements of the interior. They can be used in such rooms:

  • kitchen;
  • living room;
  • bedroom;
  • working classrooms.

The style of the cafe is another actual design variant for narrow curtains. Such products are straight, dense strips with lambrequin from above. Preferred fabrics are bright colors.

Narrow curtains on the stairs

Narrow curtains pleated

Narrow striped curtains

Design of living room and bedroom

In the bedroom and the livin
g room, narrow curtains, connected together by a ribbon, will look beautiful and harmonious. When using such a model of curtains on the windows, two narrow curtains are suspended at the level of the window sill. This option would be appropriate only for spacious rooms with high ceilings. With the help of such an unusual design, the interior of the room will become more elegant and attractive.

Quite common are narrow versions of curtains on the eyelets. Lovers are plastic rings, on which cloths are attached. These curtains and curtains are attached to the cornice. The best material for curtains on the eyelets is a light tulle, net, organza, silk.

Narrow curtains with print

Narrow curtains in the style of Provence

Narrow straight curtains

Narrow curtains for kitchen

In the kitchen you can use so popular today's Roman blinds. At the same time for this zone of the house located in the northern part, it is desirable to choose products from light materials that pass light well. If your kitchen goes to the south, kitchen curtains on narrow windows can be chosen in any color scheme, given the general style of the room.

It is not necessary for the kitchen to choose long curtains, they can reach the sill. Often mistresses for this room use two sets of Roman curtains - separately for the warm and cold season.

Narrow Roman curtains

Narrow roller blinds

Narrow curtains from tulle

For winter, light semi-transparent curtains will fit, which will be good for letting daylight into the room. For the summer period, preference should be given to dense materials that can protect the landlady from the grueling heat.

Roller blinds are another good option for the kitchen. They are represented by the following types:

  • bamboo;
  • wooden;
  • fabric.

Choosing narrow roller blinds in the kitchen, you should consider in which particular zone they will be located on the windows. If you need curtains for the dining area, you can choose fabrics. When decorating a window in the area where the cooking process will take place, it is advisable to use bamboo and wooden rolling machines.

Narrow curtains - an interesting and fairly common version of products for window decor. They are widely used in interior design of premises with narrow windows.

Narrow curtains with a pattern

Narrow Japanese Curtains

Narrow green curtains


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