Laminate on the ceiling – original decor by own hands (22 pics)

Laying a laminate on the ceiling is a complicated and expensive process in terms of time and effort. But you can accomplish this material yourself without the help of construction teams. Let's try to learn the technique of creating a laminated ceiling with your own hands.

Laminate on the ceiling on the balcony
Laminate on the ceiling of a private house

Advantages and disadvantages

The use of flooring in the design of the ceiling has many advantages. And although the strength and resistance to deformation inherent in the laminate, in this matter is not so important, so the original design of the ceiling has many advantages that distinguish it from traditional versions with plaster, paint or stretch structures.

  • Laminated ceiling is able to serve its owners for more than a dozen years. Due to the absence of mechanical impact, the boards retain their excellent appearance for a long time.
  • Laminate dies are easy to wash. To remove stains, you need to have at hand only water and a piece of soft tissue.
  • The widest range of materials makes it possible to create a unique pattern and complex surface texture that can surprise even the designer who has seen the species.
  • If you use extra sound-absorbing materials when laying a laminate on the ceiling, scandals and noisy parties of neighbors will cease to be the cause of insomnia and bad mood for you.
  • Laminate is a democratic price, and if you buy it during the seasonal and holiday actions, you can significantly reduce the cost of repairs.
Wooden ceiling in the bedroom

Laminate on the ceiling of the house

Of course, it is difficult to give a complete assessment of the use of a laminate for ceiling design without knowing the shortcomings of this material.

  • Laminate does not tolerate high humidity, so this material can not be used in the bathrooms and kitchen work area.
  • If you are flooded by your favorite neighbors, the ceiling cover will have to be dismantled. To avoid such trouble, it is necessary to organize a reliable waterproofing.
  • Laminate is one of the non-natural materials, and when it is made, glue is used. When the boards are heated, vapors of chemical substances are released. Experts recommend using a room for living only two weeks after the end of the repair.
Laminated board on the ceiling
Laminate"дуб" на потолке

Criteria for choosing a laminate

If after reading the first section of the article you decided to lay the laminate on the ceiling, the initial stage of the project implementation will be the choice of the material. To date, there are no models suitable for laying at the top of the room.

When buying material, do not pay attention to such indicators as strength and resistance to mechanical stress. Choose the lightest and thinest boards, which will not burden the design in particular and the interior as a whole.

The length of the plates should be chosen depending on the size of the room. Laminate on the ceiling must be laid with a minimum number of joints. Remember that too wide products make it difficult to install the ceiling panel, because putting such dies is very difficult.

Laminate on the ceiling in the style of ethno
Laminate on the ceiling in the living room

First, determine the degree of ease and convenience of laying, and already from these options choose models with the desired pattern and texture.

All the material you buy only in one store. Each package should contain the same serial number.

Experts recommend buying a non-measured number of boards, and 15% more than necessary. In the process of finishing, you can accidentally deform the plates and they will have to be replaced.

Laminate on the ceiling in the kitchen
Laminate on the ceiling in the apartment

Methods of finishing the ceiling with a laminate

Laminate on the ceiling is easy to fix. At the moment there are two technologies for laying the material, you just have to learn the subtleties of each technique and determine the most convenient way for you.

Regardless of the choice, preparatory work must be carried out in both cases. A couple of days before the project, bring the laminate into the room where the installation will be done, and lay out all the boards on the floor. This will help the plates to "acclimatize" and take the desired form.

Laminate on the ceiling in the Art Nouveau style
Striped laminate on the ceiling
Different laminate on the ceiling

We glue the laminate

I must say that the laminate on the ceiling should have a perfectly flat surface and a minimum number of joints. Since gluing boards to the ceiling implies its preliminary a
lignment, due to the complexity of the process, it is advisable to use this technique only in cases where a decrease in height is unacceptable.

Aligning the surface is a very time-consuming and time-consuming process. The ceiling must be covered with sheet material, several times putty, and only then covered with a primer. In the process, a two-component glue is used, which, until completely dry, releases harmful substances into the environment. Having decided on this work, prepare to carefully follow the instructions for using the glue.

Laminate on the ceiling in the country residence

Step-by-step instructions for gluing the laminate to the ceiling:

  1. The selected area of ​​the surface is treated with adhesive.
  2. To increase the strength of the structure, treat the grooves with a sealant.
  3. Begin to trim the ceiling from the far left corner of the room.
  4. After gluing one board, treat the surface with glue, and without applying the second board to the ceiling, connect the locks and press the plate.
  5. In the process of gluing, use special supports that will hold the structure until the composition dries.
Laminate on the ceiling chalet

How to fix a laminate on the ceiling in a small room?

If you make out a small part of the ceiling in this way or stick a small surface, you can fasten the locks on the floor. Then you just need to apply glue to the ceiling and attach a laminate to it.

Now you know how to make a ceiling from a laminate with the help of glue and props. I must say that the process is very laborious, because for the strength of the construction and the absence of pronounced seams, it is necessary to punch the dies against each other. Such manipulations can deform the web, and some elements will begin to become unstuck. Experts recommend to hammer in a groove small nails. This will help avoid the displacement of the boards and the appearance of irregularities.

Laminate on the ceiling in the bedroom
Laminate on the ceiling in the studio apartment

Mounting the laminate under the frame

This technology is used much more often, and it is not accidental. Laminate on the ceiling fits in a matter of hours, and the preliminary preparation of the surface technique does not require. Installation is simplified by the absence of wet and dirty processes.

This option is convenient because under the laminate you can hide all the necessary wires for lighting, which greatly enhances the aesthetic appeal of the ceiling. Hide all unnecessary under the ceiling, you can install a variety of fixtures, including soffits.

To date, there are two options for installing a laminate on the ceiling. During the laying, metal profiles or wooden beams can be used. Of course, ecology fans argue in favor of natural materials, but experts argue that the metal structure is a guarantee of strength and durability.

Laminate on the ceiling in the bathroom
Laminate on the ceiling in the bathroom interior
Laminate"вишня" на потолке в интерьере

Step-by-step installation instruction

  1. Determine the level and beat it on the walls. It is this stage that can become decisive in the issue of the aesthetic appeal of the future ceiling.
  2. Use the laser level to determine the level. Install it to the center of the ceiling and determine the installation points for the side skirting.
  3. When making a ceiling covering with a laminate, install the frame elements across the room. The first boards must be laid perpendicular to the wall on which the window is located. A metal or wooden structure is connected to the ceiling using screws with dowels. Observe the step between the elements - it should not exceed 50 centimeters.
  4. Begin laying from the far corner of the room, nailing the boards with small, barely noticeable nails.
  5. To avoid curvature of the construction, observe one rule: between the wall and the laminate board there should be an indentation of 1 cm in length.
  6. Docking elements is carried out as usual, that is, first the lock is locked, and then the laminate leans against the surface and nails are hammered.
  7. After stacking all the dies, install the ceiling skirting boards.

As you can see, the process of laying a laminate on the ceiling can be done independently. This design of the bedroom, living room or children's room will not only be a stylish interior decoration, but its main decor. In addition, the ceiling trimmed with laminate absorbs noise, and neither you nor your neighbors will no longer wake up from extraneous noise. Now you have learned how to pack this material, and you can do it yourself. Good luck in repair!

Laminate on the ceiling in Japanese style
Laminate on the ceiling of a country house

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