Interior in the style of fusion (19 photos): beautiful examples

Eclectic or fusion style in the interior is a combination of different cultures and orientations. His popularity of such a design of premises acquired in the far 90-ies. But here it is important not to go that side, when the exquisite interior turns into an insipid collection of objects from any styles, times, etc.

Living room with fireplace in fusion style

Who fits the interior in the style of fusion:

  1. To collectors. Any antique thing of this design will "find" its place. So it will be an ideal option for those who love to collect antique items and is a passionate admirer of auctions.
  2. Experimenters. Due to successful improvisations, you can combine style elements to eventually get your own unique style.
  3. To travelers. Souvenirs and unusual items from various countries, if competently "fit" them into the interior, perfectly combined with both ancient and modern furniture.
  4. A family of several people who belong to different generations. Design in the style of fusion allows you to choose the most optimal combination of different stylistic solutions, even within the same room - any member of the family will easily arrange a cozy corner for himself.
Bright decor creates from the ordinary room a colorful interior in the style of fusion
Combined bright kitchen and living room in fusion style

Fundamentals of fusion design

The main components in this case:

  1. Colour;
  2. texture;
  3. materials (tile, wood, etc.)
Living room in calm colors in fusion style

Calm colors give way to rich, bright and impertinent shades that perfectly complement each other. Most often, the fusion style in the interior is colors such as:

  • golden;
  • crimson;
  • green;
  • turquoise.

Quite appropriate and creative compositions, as well as warmer scales or bold oppositions. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you can get a jerky and, as a consequence, completely repulsive interior.

Bright interior with a staircase in the style of fusion
Studio apartment in fusion style


The design of the bedroom in the style of fusion requires a special approach. Designers are advised to use for this purely white color and complement it with several contrasting shades.

Important: fusion in the interior of the bedroom allows you to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, which is very important for any rest room.

There is also a fireplace here. And it does not matter whether it's electric or it works on wood. As its frame, for example, a tile of light tones is suitable.

Contrasting bedroom in fusion style

Another good option for an eclectic bedroom is the presence of white only in bed linens and decoration of walls, floor and ceiling in bright contrasting colors. The main thing - a bedroom in the style of fusion, or rather its color palette, should not be too aggressive. Add to this design can be any avant-garde thing: a picture, a rug in the form of a skin of some animal, a patterned tile on the ceiling, etc.

Bright bedroom in fusion style

Living room

The living room is, perhaps, the most successful premise in the house, which can be decorated in the style of fusion, thus emphasizing the uniqueness of its apartment. In this case, different in terms of surface level: protruding and not always flat planes on the ceiling, tiles on the walls and on the floor of the living room, which helps not only to give the room a special look, but also to hide from prying eyes any shortcomings of the room.

No less popular is the design of the walls in the living room of different in form and properties of finishing materials: for example, one wall is made of ashlar stone, on the other there is a facing tile, decorative panels or wallpaper.

If conditions and finances permit, it is possible to place unique exotic plants in the living room. This will give a special flavor to the fusion-style room.

Spacious living room in fusion style
Large living room in beige-violet tones in fusion style


Kitchen in the style of fusion is a design with the presence of contrasting colors in the design of walls, floors and ceilings. Mandatory condition - the use of dishes made of ceramics, plastic or glass, as well as pots with room vegetables and flowers on the windowsills. To complement the interior of the kitchen in the style of fusion, you can install an original bar with lighting, which will make the atmosphere in the room warm and magical.

Kitchen with a large island in the style of fusion
Small kitchen in studio apartment in fusion style


Again, all the same style elements, as in the design of other parts of the apartment in the style of fusion: the presence of white, the contrast of colors and the decoration of walls from various materials: tile, wood or stone. But, at the same time, the design of the office (in contrast to the same living room) should be more ascetic so as not to distract the owner from work. Only all the most necessary. Some objects
of antiquity in the interior are also acceptable, but multilevel surfaces (as a rule, the office is equipped from a small room) will be superfluous.


The ideal solution for the fusion style is the complete refusal to use multi-chandelier chandeliers in the premises, whether it is a living room, bedroom or kitchen. Instead, it is better to choose a spotlight, which will create a unique design in the room with the effect of a small show, where there is room for mysterious and pathos notes. In addition, you can place several original lamps directly on the floor.

Large chandelier and spot lighting in the living room in the style of fusion

The fusion style also allows:

  • creating a bold and original decor with the help of a whole ensemble of unlike lamps;
  • lighting of furniture, the use of table lamps, lamps and sconces;
  • use of contrasting lighting devices, through which you can get both minor and major notes in the overall interior of the house.
Small chandelier and spot lighting in an apartment in the style of fusion

Important details and advice from professionals

One of the main components of this direction - the presence of a large area in the apartment and a combination of white planes with daylight. If we talk in more detail about the materials, then, in addition to natural materials, we should also pay attention to:

  • "Peasant" version of the design of the living room, bedroom, etc. - a composition of log walls and classical furniture.
  • Gold or silver design elements (for example, tiles for the ceiling). They will be very beneficial to look at the background of spruce balusters.
  • An original fireplace in combination with a spectacular drapery of the walls, which will give the room a little cozy charm.
Children's room with elements of fusion style

By the way, drapery is the main tool in the style of fusion. Thanks to carpets, curtains, muslin curtains and pillows, you can turn your own home into a real "work of art", even with small financial costs.

Large living room with rich decor in fusion style

A few more useful recommendations for connoisseurs of fusion style

To create a harmonious and unique interior in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, several important rules must be observed:

  • One of the most gross errors in this case is the clutter of space. All elements of design should emphasize and shade each other (tiles on the walls, suitable for color to the upholstery of furniture, etc.). Do not get carried away and the desire to shock visitors.
  • A complete and stylish "picture" can be created not so much with the help of creative imagination and reckless courage, as with a good taste.
  • In addition, chaotic design of premises is absolutely not permissible.
Combined living and dining room in fusion style

Fusion - not at all expensive style of interior. Having stopped on it the choice, it is necessary to think over carefully not only mixing of every possible directions, but also the working out of the texture of ceilings, and also the leveling of the floor surface. According to eminent designers, this style is characterized by the presence of large, bright windows, arched openings and rounded forms of the ceiling box.

Design in the style of fusion allows you to realize any, even the most daring ideas, as well as show your own imagination.

A narrow fusion-style living room with a glossy ceiling
Bedroom in calm colors in fusion style

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