Furniture in country style in the interior (50 photos)

Country style does not have a certain nationality. But given that, in English, "country" means "rural", one can assume that he is from England, nevertheless. Nevertheless, many countries are associated with the Wild West, which connects it with America. Some generally believe that the direction was invented by Scandinavian designers. But the bottom line is that even today this style has a lot of fans around the world, and this is the main thing.

Gray wrought-iron couch in country style

In our time, speaking of country, we mean the averaged image of the country style. With its simple, because the villagers are new-fashioned expensive pieces of furniture simply can not afford, but environmentally friendly and very close to nature furniture. In each country, the style has its own nationality and colorful feature. Nevertheless, the basic concept of the country remains unchanged.

Whether it is furniture from a Russian hut, an American ranch, a Swiss chalet or an English cottage, it can be safely called - country. Most often, the rural style is used to decorate kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms. Very rarely used to decorate a dormitory, even less often, it is almost never used in the decoration of children's rooms.

Chair and desktop in country style

If you prefer country, before you begin furnishing the room with furniture, make sure that it meets the basic and unchanging requirements of the style, namely simplicity, convenience and practicality.

Country furniture should have the following features:

  • Massiveness, rough appearance.
  • Rough and unpolished surface.
  • Clear correct lines, classical forms.
  • Imitation of antiquity or really antique furniture.
  • Furniture made by hand or artificially creating such an impression.
Kitchen furniture in country style

More often for interiors of a country style wooden or wicker furniture accessories are taken. In this style, if desired, you can design the whole house. With a direct selection of furniture in advance determine the style of the country, which country you prefer. After all, furniture of different countries, like the general trends, will differ significantly, having in fact their own characteristic features.

Note to the hostesses! Rough rough surroundings will look more advantageous in large or at least unrestricted premises. Small rooms require more flowing lines and gentle shapes.

Wooden Kitchen Furniture in Country Style

Color scheme of furniture in country style

  • The predominance of light calm pastel tones.
  • Bold accents and bright shades are inadmissible.
  • Glossy surfaces in this style are absolute taboos.
  • Ideal colors for furniture are brown and white, as well as their derivatives (beige, chocolate, ivory, etc.).
  • Very topical for the country is a gentle blue and light green color.
  • The dark colors of the furniture will give the room moroseness and even unfriendliness, and in combination with the dark walls will make the situation gloomy, which will clearly contradict the basic theory of rural style.
  • The dark walls are well combined with light or cream furniture. Golden furniture accessories will make the room more elegant, but not pretentious, and also optically enlarge the room.
Wooden furniture in the dining room in country style
Sofas, tables and bookshelves in country style

Kitchen furniture in country style

In the kitchen room furniture items with straight lines and shapes with the simplest decor will become appropriate, and it is better at all without it.

In a stylized village style kitchen, you can often find such furniture accessories:

  • A massive dining table made of uncomplicated wood, for which it will be convenient to assemble the whole family.
  • Simple forms of the most ordinary wooden chairs, stools or benches.
  • Antique buffets, restored or renovated by caring owners, if necessary. After all, antique furniture is valued much more than artificially aged. Every rarity thing has its own history, once it was used by our ancestors. They had their own lives, and we had our own, and the furniture that they used then, and now we, will remain forever a kind of common ground.
  • Kitchen sofas simple and laid-back.
  • Hinged cases or shelves, too, must be made in a common rustic style. If there is no furniture in the attic, you can use things with an old-fashioned imitation.
  • With an honor, old chests or baskets for storing kitchen utensils will complement and even completely complete the old image of antiques.
Kitchen set, dining table and chairs in country style

Known is the fact that the country does not accept modern household appliances exhibited for the show. This will make the process of operating irreplaceable kitchen appliances very difficult. Fans of this style should think in advance how beautiful it is to disguise the necessary electrical appliances. First of all, for the purpose of their convenient operation, so that their daily use does not cause the owners inconvenience.

Kitchen furniture in country style

Kitchen furniture in rural style loves all sorts of old dishes, ceramic plates, cups and pots. It is these little things that will add to the interior an additional sense of comfort and coziness. Such accessories look good both on shelves and on walls. Wicker baskets for all sorts of delicacies, tin cans for tea and of course flowers - all these accessories will be indispensable helpers in creating an interior in the style of country. It is possible to create a variety of floral compositions, both from artificial and from living plants. A mandatory attribute to such floristic performances are stylish vases or pots.

Furniture in the kitchen-dining room in the style of the country
Kitchen with a bar in the style of the country
Brown kitchen furniture with island in country style
Kitchen-dining room in country style
Kitchen interior in country style
Functional kitchen in country style
Cupboard in the style of country
Furniture in the dining room in country style
Kitchen with island in country style
Corner white-brown set in country style
Kitchen with peninsula in country style
White and brown country style dining room furniture
Wooden furniture for kitchen in country style
Country cupboard cabinet
Country house furniture
Creamy dining room furniture in country style

Living room decor in country style

At the moment, a very common phenomenon is the combination of a living room, a dining room, a hall and even a kitchen room. In this case, all the unified space should be made in the same style. And since country prefers exclusively natural materials, it is worth forgetting about stretch ceilings, linoleum and plastic panels. It is inappropriate to look in this style of glass, glossy and chrome surfaces. But the use of art forging, especially imitating old metal or bronze, will have to come in handy. For the living room usually choose wooden furniture from pine, oak or cherry.

White and beige furniture in the living room in the country style

In such a unitary room, furniture items "with a touch of antiquity" would be appropriate:

  • Cabinets without polishing.
  • Upholstered furniture, covered with a coarse cloth of natural shades (beige, bluish, tender green, yellowish brown).
  • Shelves for books suspended from the ceiling.
  • Chests.
Sofa in country style

Finish the interior will help decorative accessories, preferably made by own hands or in the style of handmade. For example, homemade pillows or blankets, embroidered napkins, tablecloths, coverlets from rags, covers for stools from coarse fiber. In the interior, the desk lamp with an unusual, slightly eccentric lampshade, candlesticks and figurines made of wood, bronze or ceramics will also fit perfectly.

An important point to be taken into account in the interior of the living room is the presence of a fireplace, it is desirable that the fire be real, but if there are no options, an artificial one is also suitable. But the owners of private houses can afford the true luxury in the form of a real Russian oven, where you can prepare food. If desired, constructing it yourself. Well and if is not present, having addressed for the help to professionals.

Furniture in the living room with a fireplace in the style of the country

The country style is both simple and complex. The main difficulty is to fit household appliances into the rural interior, which is clearly out of the general stylistic direction. But where is the modern man without a home theater, simulator or computer. All these devices and devices create its immediate comfort and variety in everyday life. The real connoisseurs of their business, namely designers, are able to skillfully "hide" unwanted components in the interior, but the right ones, on the contrary, to highlight and even emphasize.

Furniture in the living room in the style of the country
Wicker furniture in country style
Cozy sofa for French country style
Sofa with floral print in country style
Cozy living-dining room in country style
Yellow and blue furniture in the living room in the style of country

Yellow and blue furniture in the living room in the style of country
Wooden furniture in country style
Different types of home furniture in country style
Wooden and leather furniture in country style
Light armchair in country style
Accessories for living room in country style
Beige and gray living room furniture in country style
Wicker chair in country style
Beige and black furniture in the living room with a fireplace in the style of the country

Rustic style bedroom

If you decided to design a bedroom in a country style, know, on the basis of it, you can honestly be called an exemplary example of coziness.

The room in this case provides for:

  • Large wooden bed, always with a headboard.
  • Bedside tables of wood of different breeds.
  • Cabinet of rough unprocessed wood.
  • Dressing table.
Bedroom furniture in country style

When choosing textiles for bedroom furniture, use that color palette that is already available in the interior. Suitable green, terracotta, golden-purple, textiles in a flower and small cell also does not hurt.

Cloth for furniture upholstery should be only of high-quality materials, resistant to physical stress and pollution. The ideal variant is a sewing of covers on pieces of furniture which then can be given in a dry-cleaner or постирать. All these nuances provide a country style, because its essence is comfort, simplicity and simultaneous functionalism.

Bed in the style of country in the bedroom

If you want to create an atmosphere where the rural motive prevails, fresh air and naturalness can be not only in your own house, but even in an apartment in the center of a metropolis, the main thing is to observe its basic principles.

Furniture made of wood for bedroom in country style
Light cream in the bedroom in the country style
Stylish bathroom accessories in country style
Brown chest of drawers and beautiful accessories in the bathroom in country style
White furniture in the bathroom in the country style
Emerald curbstone under the sink in the bathroom
Light furniture in the bathroom in the country style

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