Curtains with flowers: 10 simple rules of use in the interior (23 photos)

Flower print is a fairly common decor for the house, so curtains with flowers are successfully used in many styles and interior solutions.

A few decades ago, flowers on curtains and curtains could be made by weaving colored threads. Modern technology makes it possible to print on the fabric, which allows you to expand the range of curtains with flowers to an incredible size.

Curtains with flowers in the interior of the house
Curtains with flowers in an environmentally friendly interior

Styles that use curtains with floral ornaments

Many people believe that the floral curtains easily fit into any interior. No need to waste time on choice, to dig into catalogs and to look photos on the Internet. This opinion is erroneous. Flower curtains are very difficult to choose for an existing design, or for a room that has to be repaired. Therefore, it is very important to determine the style of the interior of the room. It is she who will tell you which flower ornament will become an integral part of the design.

Curtains with violet flowers
Curtains with blue flowers

Country styles: country and provence

Flower blinds always bring a touch of romance and tenderness, which is the hallmark of such styles as country and provence. In these interiors only the use of a variety of natural ornaments in any shape and any sizes is welcome.

To create a warm light environment, decorate the window with curtains of pastel tones with a fine floral print. This solution looks very nice in the living room and bedroom, where peace, comfort and sunshine should reign. Make a few pillows in the tone of the curtains, and your interior will look very harmonious and interconnected.

Curtains with flowers in the living room

Country style is also representative of the village direction, which means that floral prints in such an interior are what the doctor prescribed. To decorate the window you can use simple curtains, which can also be decorated with colors in the tone of curtains. This will only strengthen the general feeling of closeness to nature, add a touch of lightness and refinement.

Curtains made of cotton with flowers
Curtains with chrysanthemums

Elegant Victorian style

Classic English style also suggests the presence of similar drawings on the drapery of windows. For an effective continuation of the general line, it is better to give preference to curtains with large roses. The English are very fond of the queen of flowers and use her image everywhere. If you do not like roses, use a cloth with a pattern of other plants, but the print should be shallow. The best solution for Victorian style designers consider neutral colors that do not overload the overall picture of the interior.

Floral Blinds in Country Style

Curtains with red flowers in the interior of the living room

Choose fabric for curtains

The size and shades of the floral print must strictly correspond not only to the chosen style, but also to the functional nature of the room.

Living room

The living room uses fabrics that emphasize the decoration of walls and surrounding furniture. Determine the central element of the interior and on the basis of this choose the coloring of the curtains. According to the rules of decoration, it must differ sharply from the shades of the main decor. If the room is already saturated with flowers, the window drapery can be executed in a neutral range.

Linen curtains with flowers
Curtains with poppies in the interior


A bedroom is a room in which people retire from prying eyes, which means that in the interior of the room every detail should emphasize this feature of the room.

According to the decorating rules, curtains with flowers should be executed in a single stylistic solution with a bed cover and pillows. No matter what ornament will be stuffed on curtains - large or small - the main thing is to create an atmosphere of relaxation and appeasement. In the bedroom there should not be many colors, so the drapery for the windows is chosen in accordance with one of the already existing in the interior tones.

Flower curtains in the interior of Art Nouveau
Curtains with pastel colors


For the kitchen, short curtains with a bright, large, floral ornament are perfect. The color of the fabric depends on the area of ​​the room. In a small room it is better to use light colors, for a large room there are no special rules.

Curtains with floral print

Recommendations for the selection of curtains

Drapery for windows is selected not only based on the above tips. There are other features that you should pay attention to:

  • Curtains with flowers in the interior is a harmonious combination of splendor and simplicity. If the window is decorated in the form of numerous folds in combination with a large floral ornament, it is advantageous to write such beauty only in a specially created modest design. And vice versa, for lush and luxurious interiors it is worth choosing low-key models.
  • If on the opposite wall you have a colorful panel, curtains of the same style can heavily weight the interior. To create a harmonious style, it is better to use sand, cream or pistachio shades.
  • Dense linen curtains with a floral print - an excellent solution for bedrooms, in which the atmosphere of privacy and peace should reign.
  • The flower on the drapery of the windows is chosen taking into account the decoration of the walls.
  • Designers recommend combining floral curtains with wallpaper in stripes.
  • Organza is the best solution for windows located on the north side.
Curtains with a floral print in the style of Provence
Vegetable print on curtains
Gray curtains with flowers

What should be the drawing?

No less important criterion when choosing curtains for the house is a drawing. So, for example, a small ornament is perfect for rooms with a small free space. A small print can visually expand the room.

Silk curtains with flowers
Blue curtains with floral pattern

Large flowers are the ideal solution for spacious dining rooms and living rooms. Such curtains favorably emphasize high ceilings and unusually wide windows.

Curtains with a floral pattern in the bedroom
Tulle with embroidered flowers

Do you prefer the Japanese style? The mystery of the East can be conveyed using curtains with an image of an Oriental cherry. This tree blossoms at the beginning of the year, therefore in your house there will always be a spring mood, a spirit of romanticism and a desire for something ideal and pure. To enhance the effect, use organza. Sakura flowers should not be stuffed, but neatly embroidered with colored threads.

Flower pattern on the curtains

To date, there are a huge number of variations on the theme "floral print in the design of windows." In such a variety it is important to choose those curtains that most favorably and harmoniously fit into the interior of the room. Adhering to the above rules, you can always choose the perfect option for your home.

Japanese Curtains with Flowers

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