Ceiling with LED lighting: modern lighting options (56 pics)

A ceiling with a central chandelier for lighting a room can be rightly considered an outdated and irrelevant solution for a modern interior. An actual interior trend is the use of LED lighting sources, in combination with suspended or tension multi-level ceilings. For these purposes, separate bright LEDs or LED strips are used.

Decorative LED Ceiling Light
LED ceiling lighting in the house

Ceiling with LED backlight arched

Ceiling with LED lighting and beams

The ceiling with LED backlight is classic

Ceiling with LED backlight decorative

Ceiling with LED illumination

The ceiling with LED backlighting looks impressive and original. The possibilities of LED lighting allow the use of dimmers and color controllers to change the brightness and color of the backlight. This functional feature allows you to adapt lighting for different needs: add brightness if you want to read a book in the living room or, conversely, darken the room for easy viewing of the TV.

LED illumination of the two-level ceiling

LED ceiling light

The ceiling with LED backlight is two-level

Ceiling with LED illuminated gypsum plasterboard

Ceiling with LED backlight GKL


Ceiling with LED light blue

Ceiling with LED lighting in the living room

The use of LEDs for ceiling lighting has a number of nuances and features that should be recognized when designing and designing a design. LEDs and LED strips in different ways are combined with hanging or tension ceilings, suitable for bright and effective solutions that transform the interior.

LED ceiling light from plasterboard
LED backlight glossy ceiling

Ceiling with LED lighting in the interior

Ceiling with LED backlight combined

Ceiling with LED lighting in the corridor

Ceiling with LED backlight oval

A ceiling with LED lighting in the kitchen

Ceiling with LED lighting in the apartment

LED ceiling

Suspended ceilings with LED lighting

Suspended ceiling with LED lighting is a popular solution in the modern design of apartments and houses. Suspended structures are made of gypsum board, mounted on a frame made of metal profile. The advantage of this solution is a relatively low price and the ability to create geometric volumetric designs of various levels of complexity. When installing a two-tier ceiling, the following options for creating a three-dimensional surface can be used:

  • A two-level ceiling with a protruding bead-box along the contour of the room is best suited for rooms of elongated, rectangular shape, without protruding parts and bolt-on balconies;
  • A two-level ceiling with an exposed rectangular, circular or oval box in the center - suitable for rooms with a square shape;
  • Two-level ceilings with a tier of arbitrary shape (wave, circle) dividing the room into several parts - an excellent solution for the need for zoning space.

In all the cases described above, perimeter lighting is used, mounted on a specially prepared edge of the lower tier of the ceiling. Such a solution will allow to emphasize the shape of the second level, will give the construction a visible volume and lightness. In this case, the backlight is used as a decorative element, plays an auxilia
ry role in lighting the room, and therefore requires the installation of additional lamps or a central chandelier.

Blue ceiling light
LED ceiling lighting in high-tech style
LED Ceiling Light

Ceiling with led lighting

The ceiling with LED lighting in the minimalist style

Ceiling with LED backlit starry sky

Ceiling with LED backlighting orange

A variant of using an LED strip mounted in special aluminum profiles, built into the surface of plasterboard, is possible.

For decoration, light-scattering screens are used that provide a soft glow of the LEDs and a uniform spread of light. This option is suitable both for the manufacture of two-level, and conventional flat suspended ceilings. The profile design allows to produce rectangular luminous elements for edging or a figured arrangement on the ceiling surface. When using these elements, LED strips can act as the main lighting, the main thing is to choose the power of LEDs correctly.

LED ceiling lighting in the kitchen
LED ceiling lighting in the apartment

The ceiling with LED backlighting of the original

Ceiling with LED lighting around the perimeter

Ceiling with LED lighting in the hallway

A ceiling with LED lighting in the style of a chalet

Ceiling with LED backlighting blue

Ceiling with LED backlighting hidden

Ceiling with LED lighting in the dining room

Advantages and features of LED strips

The use of LED tape to illuminate the ceiling can be an interesting decorative solution, since this device has a number of important functional features:

  • A wide range of options for power and shades of light;
  • The ability to adjust brightness with a dimmer;
  • Adjust the color spectrum with the RGB-controller.

As a backlight used to highlight and emphasize the volume of the ceiling, you can use a regular tape without additional options. But if you need to create a decorative design that can fill rooms with light of different shades or with the function of adjusting the brightness of lighting, then it is worth choosing ribbons with the option of connecting additional controllers and other equipment.

LED-ceiling lighting in the apartment
LED ceiling lighting

Ceiling with LED lighting in studio apartment

Ceiling with LED lights

Ceiling with dotted LED backlight

Stretch ceilings with LED backlight

Stretch ceilings are a real find for the designer, because PVC film allows you to make surfaces of any complexity, multi-level, with geometric or asymmetrical objects of arbitrary shape, create sharp or smoothed corners, use combinations of different colors and textures. Stretch ceilings with LED backlighting are very popular in the development of decorative and modern interior.

LED Ceiling Light
LED ceiling light in a minimalist style

Ceiling with LED lighting in the bathroom

Ceiling with LED backlight built-in

Ceiling with LED backlighting yellow

When choosing color solutions, if two radically different shades are chosen, the dark color should be used for finishing the lower tier, and the light color for the upper tier. This will create a sense of lightness, visually make the ceiling higher.

Hotel LEDs placed below the ceiling surface can be used for various decorative effects, one of which is the ceiling in the style of the starry sky. There are several options for this design solution:

  • LEDs are installed under the surface of the ceiling, made of a dark or black opaque glossy film. Further, the ceiling surface under the LED is pierced so as to create integral edges, and a special cut crystal is inserted into the resulting hole. Light refracts in the crystal and casts glare on the glossy film;
  • Under a translucent stretch ceiling with photoprinting, illustrating a space plot or part of the starry sky, LEDs of different brightness are mounted. When turned on, uneven illumination of individual sections of the film with a pattern is made, and due to the translucent surface, glare visually imitates the glow of the stars. Add an additional charm of this design can use the brightness and flicker control of the LEDs, so that the background looks alive and realistic.

The above design solutions are quite affordable, despite the spectacular appearance of the finished structures. The ceiling "starry sky" perfectly fits into the interior of any room, especially relevant in the nursery or bedroom. Such designs are made in two levels, with the backlight mounted under the upper level, enclosed in a box that runs along the contour. In the box can be installed the usual lights of the main room lighting.

LED lighting of the original ceiling
LED ceiling lighting around the perimeter

Stretch ceiling with LED backlight

Two-level suspended ceilings, as well as suspended ceilings, can be equipped with a backlight that emphasizes the contour of the first level, similar to hanging designs for design and technological solutions. If a single-level ceiling is selected from a translucent film, the contour highlighting can be installed directly under the surface, 5 centimeters from the wall, as it will be necessary to decorate the joint between the ceiling and the wall with a plinth. This version of the backlight looks quite original, creates a feeling of floating in the ceiling ceiling, visually increasing the height of the room.

Ceiling skirting board with LED backlight

The contoured illumination is well combined with frosted PVC films, does not create unnecessary glare, distracting attention, and evenly distributes light over the surface of the ceiling. In addition, if the backlight is installed in the box with a niche, the matte film can play the role of a mirror, reflecting the unpleasant moments of the location of the LED strip.

LED ceiling lighting in the hallway

The original solution can be a stretch ceiling with LED lighting in the form of ribbons running under the surface of the film in arbitrary directions. Direct intersecting, crossing or parallel lines create a futuristic appearance and give the surface an original look. When installing, it is necessary to distribute the tape evenly, otherwise there will be excessively lighted or darkened areas of the surface, which can negatively affect the aesthetics and comfort of the room. This variant of illumination is well combined with interior wall lighting, floor and table lamps.

LED ceiling lighting in the bedroom

Stretched or suspended ceiling from gypsum board with LED backlighting - it's always an original solution and a fresh look at the interior device. A lot of options and possibilities of using LED tape or individual LEDs will allow you to choose something interesting for any layout and any style.

LED ceiling lighting in studio apartment

When choosing, you must understand in advance what you expect from the backlight, whether it will perform only decorative functions or play the role of auxiliary lighting. This will allow you to select the appropriate lighting equipment and make a level ceiling from 2-3 levels convenient, and harmoniously supplementing the situation of the room. It should also be remembered that all works, from design to installation, should be trusted by experienced professionals, which will ensure the reliability and durability of the manufactured ceiling.

Zoning Room LED Ceiling Light

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