Blue in modern or classic interior (29 photos)

The blue color in the interior of the room looks exquisitely, fresh and clean. The shades of blue are often associated with cold beauty, rigor and pacification. According to psychologists, blue-blue tones have a relaxing effect, relieve fatigue and mental stress.

Blue in the corridor

Doctors advise using a blue color in the interior to relieve aggression, to restore the peace of mind with the world and yourself. However, blue is a cold color, so its shades need to be used competently in the interior.

The impact of blue on the emotional background

Blue color is a symbol of rest, rest, creative energy. From the point of view of the philosophy of Feng Shui, the blue color bears a feminine origin and is characterized as the color of care, sensitivity, and harmony.

Associations caused by blue color - silence and peace, volume and space, freshness and airiness. This is more true for light blue, warm colors. Dark blue tones are associated with depth and anxiety: they are intriguing, exciting and even disheartening. Making out the room, remember this.

Blue sofa in white and blue room
Blue and white interior in the bedroom

Application of shades of blue in the interior

The use of a blue gamma in an interior often relies on associativity. This color resembles the sea, the sky, the night, the winter cold. Associative connection of blue shades with coolness dictates the choice of this range for rooms that are located on the south side. Especially this arrangement is suitable for an apartment located in a hot region.

Association of blue with peace and tranquility allows you to actively use it in the design of places for recreation. Dark shades of blue are often used in bedrooms, night institutions and rooms for meditation.

Blue color is just perfect for creating a thematic room design. The themes of the sea, the starry sky, winters are the most common among those who chose the blue color. For example, you can set a stretch ceiling, similar to the starry sky, or create false windows that mimic the blue sky. The solution is easier - paint the ceiling with a blue paint or cover with blue wallpaper with star images. Interior in the style of minimalism with themes of winter will provide a feeling of freshness and ease. The room itself will appear bright and clean. The options for using blue are mass.

Blue accents in the bright bedroom
Blue-beige bed-clothes

Features of using blue in interior design

Blue has many different shades: light and dark, warm and cold.

Use in the interior of a saturated blue color should be carefully. If you conceive this option, then consider the following features:

  • All the tones of blue like natural light, so it is acceptable to use it in rooms with southern windows. Shaded rooms in the blue range will look cold and gloomy.
  • Apply blue in the interior of the dosage, diluting it with other, combined with it shades.
  • The blue color of the walls is able to visually enlarge the room and remove objects, so it is popular in the design of small rooms.
  • It is better not to use the blue scale for the entire surface. So in a small corridor you can paint the ceiling in blue, it visually lifts the room. Another option is to make one wall blue, and the wall opposite - in a different color and install a mirror on it. Such a reception will help to make the room more spacious.
  • Preference is given to the lighter and warmer tones of blue: lavender, sky blue, turquoise. Bright saturated shades of blue are recommended to use in the form of accents: curtains, armchairs, pouffes, paintings, pillows.
Blue sofa in the living room in Art Nouveau style

Blue bathroom and accessories

The combination of blue with different tones

According to the designers, the monochrome blue interior will be unpleasant to the eye, so this color is recommended to be combined with shades of other colors. Experts advise first to find out what can be combined with a blue color in the interior, and then choose the finishing materials and decor. Only in this way will you create a design that will positively influence the mood of all tenants. What colors are in harmony with blue?

Navy classics: blue and white

The classic blue-white combination always looks good. Such a combination can be traced throughout the design of the room, in any prints and patterns: rhombuses and zigzags, a marine strip, gzhel, ceramics in white and blue murals, etc. Maritime themes have gained particular popularity. To the combination of blue and snow-white add gold, pink or coral accents, you will get a stylish, calm and romantic interior.

Blue and white interior of the living room

Blue and white in the interior of the house

The combination of gray and blue

The gray-blue interior is elegant and suitable for modern styles. This color is better to use as a background color. If you need to select a specific zone or place accents, then choose a different hue.

The combination of gray and blue in the interior of the living room
The blue-gray living room
Blue, gray and other colors in the interior of the dining room

Blue with orange and yellow is the perfect solution

Cold blue in the interior is recommended to combine with warm colors, for example, with yellow and orange. They perfectly complement the blue interior. In this case, the warmer tones of blue are better combined with warm shades of yellow or orange. And cold - with similar options. Such a combination will create an actual interior in the eclectic style today.

The symbiosis of warm tones of blue and yellow-orange is used in the creation of tropical, beach and Mediterranean interiors. In this case, you can use the classic blue color, but its shades are more suitable: soft blue, aquamarine and blue-green.

Blue sofa and yellow wall in the living room
Bright blue and yellow accents in the bedroom

Unbeatable combination: blue and beige

Sand and beige colors are perfect companions for blue shades. Cream and all shades of beige complete the blue color, making it warmer. This combination is very appropriate in the bathroom and the living room.

Deep blue tone in the interior of the living room perfectly matches the golden tint. This room looks solemn, magnificent, festive.

Blue and beige in the interior of the living room
Beige floor and blue pillows in the living room

Blue and red: friends or enemies?

Many consider the union of two strong colors unacceptable in the interior. As a matter of fact it is colors-antipodes. Red induces action, reduces space, and blue, on the contrary, is the color of tranquility, reflection and expansion of space. Why connect them in one space? It's simple: when creating such a tandem it is necessary to combine the qualities and properties of these colors. To blue and red coexist together, they add a white color, which, as a catalyst, balances their strength.

Blue and red in the dining room interior

Blue and red in the dining room interior
Blue walls and red curtains and accent on the carpet in the living room

Blue in combination with other colors

With blue, all the shades of brown are perfectly combined. The color of the sky and the sea is very in tune with the tones of natural wood: chestnut, cherry, dark nut, mahogany, dark oak - all these natural shades together with blue create a noble and elegant interior.

Blue, brown and other colors in the dining room

Aquamarine shade in daylight seems blue, and in the evening - green. It is combined with coral, pink, pistachio and mint. Turquoise performs well in a duet with brown, and with pink and orange creates an interesting tropical mix. These colors are often preferred by children, so this design is suitable for a room of a boy or a girl.

The combination of blue and pink in the interior

But the combination of blue and green should not be used side by side, especially on one wall. Together they will merge and turn into a strange spot. In the interior of one room, blue and green need to be kept apart from each other, only then you will get a fresh, cool and light interior.

Blue, blue and white in the bedroom

Calm blue in the bedroom

To decorate the bedroom, psychologists are advised to use calm tones, which make it possible to get rid of anxious thoughts. Blue is ideal for a bedroom, but you should use it carefully. Make a classic interior, combining rich blue walls, dark parquet or laminate with wooden light furniture.

Calm blue in the bedroom

For a bedroom as a partner to blue it is better to choose a white color. This harmonious combination can be used in the decoration of the ceiling and walls, in furniture and accessories, as well as in the decor. Any combination will look great: ornament, stripes, shapeless spots, geometry. White dilutes all the shades of blue: from sky-blue to indigo.

Aquamarine will create a serene atmosphere in the rest room and sleep. A full rest will provide smoky blue color of the bedroom walls. Romantic natures should look at the shades of cornflower or lavender, and lovers of luxury - to the color of sapphire.

Effectively and luxuriously looks blue-brown bedroom. Make a turquoise tone of the walls and ceiling, and finish the floor in a brown scale. Against this background, furniture from the wood of coffee shades will not be lost.

Calm blue, blue and white in the bedroom

Interior of the living room in blue tones

Blue in the interior of the living room was relevant in the era of Empire and Art Deco. How today to perform such an interior, in which the requirements of modernity and the unusualness of the designated styles would be taken into account?

It's not difficult to do this: just add one big blue object to the interior, for example, a sofa. Supplement it with pillows and other accessories of blue color, which will emphasize the sophistication and rigor of the classical style.

Blue and white spacious living room

If you want to create a living room in the country style, then use combinations of gentle cornflower blue and straw-yellow tones.

For the living room in the style of hi-tech, cold colors will suit: blue walls can be safely combined with metal, glass and light furniture.

Blue and white dark living room

Blue color in the kitchen

Blue color is advised to use in the interior of the kitchen of those who wish to get rid of extra pounds. It turns out that shades of blue reduce appetite and inhibit the digestive process. However, do not fill the entire area of ​​the kitchen with blue. For example, the walls can be painted in a rich blue, against the background of which will look great furniture items in brown tones. Against the background of blue walls, the white environment will also look good.

Blue glossy set in the kitchen
Blue and white kitchen with yellow chairs

Blue color in the children's room

In a blue room, it is easier for a child to concentrate during home games and games, and in the evening - to adjust to sleep. However, do not use a lot of blue in the nursery. In large numbers, he will make the room smaller and darker.

Blue is the ideal choice for thematic decoration of the children's room. Boys are very fond of marine style. To blue or blue with white, add pale yellow or sand tints, and the room will become warmer.

The blue color in the interior can be different, but it's never ordinary and boring. Boldly try the acceptable combinations and try on your apartment different styles. Do not be afraid of cardinal changes: the blue color in the interior with proper application will never fail you!

Blue color in the children's room for the boy
Blue, blue and white in the children's room

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