What kind of tablecloth for the kitchen is better to choose?

5 Tips for Choosing a Tablecloth on a Kitchen Table

There is nothing better than textiles, in order to quickly and easily transform the kitchen. And, you can choose both ready-made options, and just a fabric, in order to sew "clothes" for the room with your own hands.

Today we'll talk about how to choose a tablecloth on the kitchen table. It would seem - there is nothing complicated in this, but it turns out that many make mistakes, hurrying with the purchase. Especially it concerns orders through the Internet, when there is no possibility to "feel" the goods.

What mistakes must be avoided before purchase

The first thing we will say in this article is possible mistakes. But then we'll talk about what should be oriented, choosing this element of decor.

What kind of tablecloth for the kitchen is better to choose?

1. Be sure to consider that the coloring of the tablecloth should be in harmony with something. If you buy a single tablecloth and its color will not be duplicated anywhere else, then it will not look good. If you already buy it, then be sure to take any cushions for chairs in tone, towels or even some kind of textile gizmos.

2. Take the tablecloth solely in form. If you have a round table, then you need a round tablecloth. If the square is square. Because, the rectangle, stretched on a square plane, will not look the way it should. And even more so, on the oval surface. Dangling sharp corners - it's not so interesting, it's rather sloppy.

3. Do not buy a cloth for daily use without impregnation, relying on the accuracy of household members and special holders for the plates. If you are counting on it, then in 99 out of 100% you will get a bitter disappointment and the prospect of daily washing. And what does the table look like while the tablecloth "splashes" in the stylalka? That's right, naked. Therefore, or take for these purposes any water-repellent tablecloth, for example, from PVC, Teflon, or buy immediately 2-3 fabric (and to them and duplicating elements). Agree, this is all vanity, therefore, it is better to take a tablecloth specially designed for every day of operation.

4. Choosing a tablecloth for the holidays - pay attention to the composition of the material. Synthetics here do not fit, because, on holidays, the table is often decorated with candles and one smallest spark that gets on the table can cause a fire. Do not be tempted by the fact that it's easy to erase synthetics - safety is paramount. If a small spark appears on the linen cloth, it will also die out, without leaving a trace on the tablecloth. And there can be no question of an unexpected fire.

Here, in general, and all that you need to remember. And now let's talk about which parameters to navigate at the moment of choice.

1. Decide on the purpose for which you need a tablecloth

What kind of tablecloth for the kitchen is better to choose?

As we already mentioned above, if you need a daily tablecloth for a table, it is better not to invent and take only with Teflon impregnation. The colors of such tablecloths are many, therefore, there should not be any problems. If you can not find exactly the tone that you need, then you can do it easier: buy a white and neutral teflon tablecloth, and already on top of it, put a couple of runners of the right color (these are such long, narrow cloths that lay across the table).

In this case, you and the design will come out beautiful and sit down to dinner you can calmly, without worrying that someone will dab the tablecloth sauce or something else.

If you are looking for a festive tablecloth, then in addition to fire safety, remember the material. Flax is an expensive option, but it is not always justified from a practical point of view, since smoothing it after washing is rather difficult. And, when it comes to tablecloths of huge sizes on the banquet table ... Oh, ironing in this case you will deliver a lot of "unforgettable" minutes (with minutes we poskromnichali, of course).

It is better to take ordinary, dense cotton cloth. It also ironed easily, and dries faster.

There are also silk tablecloths for the holiday. It's beautiful, expensive, unusual, but it's not very pleasant to touch this tablecloth with your bare hands. Yes, and the plates will be unstable to stick to such a surface and the probability of a "battle" is high. And this, not only that the losses, so even the guests what a discomfiture ...

So, if you are interested in our opinion, then, definitely, - only c / b. Fortunately, the choice of colors is simply huge. And, if you do not find what you need, you can always buy a cut of fabric and sew a tablecloth yourself (or give a seamstress).

2. Remove the dimensions from the table and from them,

What kind of tablecloth for the kitchen is better to choose?

How to choose the size of the tablecloth, so it looked perfect? You need to choose such that the edges of its overhang were at least no less than 20 centimeters. That is, if you have a square meter table per meter, then the tablecloth should be exactly 1.20 by 1.20. This is the most optimal length, but it can vary, by plus or minus a couple of centimeters. Not more! Otherwise it will either be too long, or too short.

But, this is the best size for the everyday option. If you choose a festive tablecloth, then it is already possible, and it is necessary, to take the overhang longer.

Remarkably look tablecloths "on the floor", is also very good with a overhang of 40-45 centimeters. Especially, textiles for the holiday can be with flounces, lace. And the longer the free part, the more elegant the table will look.

In general, how much your tablecloth should hang, depends on the table, or rather, on its height. Basically, it is standard, but there are also exceptional cases: for example, your family is a giant growth and the table you did not buy, but ordered according to individual sizes. And in this case, the hanging of 20 centimeters will look already scarce, then it's better to add those centimeters that you added to the standard height of the furniture.

Also, special attention deserves the moment of choosing the cloth for the tablecloth. Here you have to measure not only the overhang, but also centimeters for filing and shrinkage.

Usual cotton fabric will give about ten centimeters of shrinkage at the first wash, but linen and all fifteen. So, add this: overhang 20 cm + the bend 2-3 cm + shrinkage 10-15 cm, depending on the properties of the fabric.

3. Proceed from the general style of your kitchen

What kind of tablecloth for the kitchen is better to choose?

Basically, now on sale tablecloths that perfectly fit in the interiors of the type of "Provence". That is, it's all kinds of cells, stripes, peas, ryushechki ... It's very nice and cozy, no doubt. But, if your furniture is in the style of minimalism or hi-tech, then what stripes with ruches can there be?

This tablecloth will look extremely inappropriate and instead of adding chic, it will simply annoy.

What else I would like to say: our business was advised and warned, but you still know better what kind of tablecloth is better for your kitchen.

4. Pay attention to the drying speed of the material

What kind of tablecloth for the kitchen is better to choose?

Of course, there are no equal synthetics for this parameter. And, in principle, for daily use synthetic tablecloth is quite an acceptable option.

It is a pleasure to wash such a scooter. And the stains in it so do not eat up and it dries up in a matter of hours.

But for festive tablecloths this parameter is absolutely unimportant. Even if it dries for at least three days, the holidays do not happen every day.


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