Romantic evening at home (50 pics): decorating ideas yourself

In order to arrange a small romantic evening at home, you do not need any special occasions and grandiose preparations. Reason - just a desire to please your loved one, and preparations do not take too much time, even if everything is done by oneself. Why not arrange such evenings more often, thereby making your relationship more interesting and happy.

Lovely decor for a romantic dinner

Romantic decor of bed linen

Romantic decor of the gazebo

Romantic bed decor

Romantic decor in a marine style

And if there is a significant occasion or a personal anniversary - the first meeting, the first kiss, etc. - it's absolutely necessary to arrange a romantic evening, which includes a delicious dinner. You can, of course, for the occasion and go to a restaurant, but it is much more interesting and more correct to arrange a quiet evening with your hands in an intimate atmosphere, where you will be alone.

Romantic table decoration

Romantic table decor in the cinema - an unusual solution
Bedroom decoration for a romantic evening

Romantic photo frame

Romantic decor of flowers

Helpful Tips

What you need to know in order to properly plan a romantic evening at home, what to prepare dinner and how not to miss anything. Let's talk about some of the nuances:

  • First, we plan a time so that you and your lover get a free evening. It is not necessary to appoint a romantic dinner with candles on the evening of heavy Monday. In this case, the evening can be spoiled by a bad mood and fatigue. It is ideal to arrange such a romantic evening at home on Friday or Saturday - in this case the next day you do not need to work, which will allow you to relax and relax properly.
  • Think about a topic that will take place throughout the evening. Under this theme, the menu and ideas for the design of the table are selected. For example, you can arrange a Japanese evening with sushi or Italian with pizza and lasagna. The options are the sea. The most elegant evening, of course, in the French style. French cuisine gives an aesthetic and tasteful pleasure, besides many products of the French table are aphrodisiacs, which can not be better suited to a romantic dinner.
  • Think about the place where the table will stand. It is better not to get settled in the bedroom, otherwise there is a possibility that it will not come to dinner before dinner. Good ideas - to stay in the living room, and if you can size the apartment and its layout, then on a warm summer evening you can arrange an evening on the terrace, or even on the roof of your house.
  • Think carefully about the ideas for decorating the table and dishes. The more beautiful and attractive it is to decorate, the more successful it will be for you and your loved one to have a romantic evening.
  • Do not clutter the table space with a huge number of bottles, glasses, dishes, candles, bouquets and other decor. It is important that nothing prevents you from seeing each other and communicate.
  • As for the menu, do not include in it excessively heavy and fatty dishes. The best ideas: to stop on dietary meat or fish, which you better cook with your own hands, vegetables, fruits. And coffee with sweets. In this case, you will still be able to dance and other pleasant entertainment after the dinner ends.
  • Think about what you will drink from alcohol for dinner. It is undesirable to stop the choice of strong alcohol. In this case, especially on Friday evening, you can just fall asleep after dinner, and the effect will be spoiled. It is better to drink a delicious wine or champagne. You can also make beautiful simple cocktails and decorate them with fruits and berries.
  • Think about your appearance. It's important to look your best. Before a direct dinner, take a bath, make up, dress up.
  • Think carefully about lighting ideas. The light should be muffled so that the eyes relax and do not strain. This way you will completely relax. The ideal option is, of course, to decorate the table with candles. Scientists have proved that if one looks at a burning candle, this alone heals the sight and calms the nerves.
  • It is necessary to arrange beautiful music. It is not necessary to use heavy fate melodies at the romantic evening. To tune in to the appropriate mode, you need beautiful, harmonious music that will not distract you from each other.
Candles will create a romantic atmosphere and relax
Dandelions create lightness
Romantic outdoor picnic
Pillow with the image of the heart will lift the mood
Serving the table for a romantic evening


Consider what scenarios you can arrange
a romantic homecoming.

Romantic decor in pink color

Romantic decoration with roses


Romantic decor in the garden



  • The table is always set in the living room.
  • The menu for dinner is traditional, hearty, but sophisticated. Do not handle new recipes, cook time-tested delicious dishes. Only experiments with sauces and table decoration are allowed.
  • Table setting in the Romanic style. The room is poorly lit, create an intimate semi-darkness. This can be achieved by turning off the top lighting and lighted candles.
  • Necessarily a small bouquet of flowers as a decoration of the table.
  • Music is beautiful, classic is preferable.
Classic romantic dinner

Romantic table decor with flowers

Romantic wood décor


This option is suitable for companions life of football fans. Everyone knows the dislike of women for male hobbies, including football. That surprise your loved one, dividing at least one evening of his hobby. He will appreciate.

Romantic decor of sweets

Romantic Bedroom Decor

Romantic Living Room Decor


  • You will definitely need a TV, so you will have to be placed wherever it is in your home, and where the biggest screen is. Most likely, it will be a living room. But if the bedroom has a huge plasma, then it will be nice to organize dinner there.
  • It will be necessary to design the design of the table in the football style. Nothing too expensive and special for this will not be needed. At home, green napkins simulating a football field and, possibly, some symbolism of his favorite football team will fit. All this can be ordered on the Internet or done by yourself.
  • In the menu, include a variety of snacks. Just do not make heavy fatty sandwiches. You can make canapés, light salads, buy snacks. Good ideas: cutting cheese and sausages. And if a loved one is a fan of some Italian club, then it's better to not find a dish for him on this evening. Be sure to include the menu fruit, with their help you can perfectly decorate the "football" table.
  • As a drink, it will fit perfectly into such an evening, of course, a cold beer from sweaty glasses.
  • Think over your outfit. You can dress in the style of the black leader - the girls from the support group. And in this case it is still not known - where the attention of the beloved will be directed to the TV screen or to you.
A pair of candles will also suit a football dinner

Romantic eco-style decor

Romantic decoration with a garland

Romantic Patio Decor

Romantic decor of candles


This version of the romantic evening imitates an ordinary outing on the nature with a basket of food. But if the window is winter or autumn, then a picnic can be arranged and not leaving the apartment.

Romantic decor on the beach

Romantic decor for the holiday

Romantic decor in the style of Provence


  • If you have a glassed-in veranda or a heated balcony, this is the perfect place to have a romantic evening.
  • The table is laid without any special delicacies - after all, in nature we do not observe the rules of serving and romantic decor. As the main dish is ideal for meat, cooked by own hands on the grill. It will simulate a shish kebab.
  • Prepare yourself a basket of fruit, napkins, sangria.
  • As a suitable background, you can organize a recording with birds singing or forest noise. Thus, closing your eyes, you can fully feel yourself in nature, being at home.
Cakes to a romantic picnic

Romantic country style decor

Romantic red decor


Include the products of aphrodisiacs in dinner for a loved one - and the success of the evening will be provided.

Romantic table decoration

Romantic decor with candles

Romantic terrace decor

Such products include:

  • Various spices. Do not use too ther
    monuclear and sharp, like hot pepper. It is better to stop on basil, coriander and other "soft" spices.
  • Bananas and strawberries. Very tasty, if you make strawberries in white chocolate with your own hands.
  • Oysters and mussels.
  • Nuts, especially almonds and walnuts. They can be included in salads or confectionery.
  • Asparagus and celery. You can find interesting ideas with salads with these vegetables.
  • Anise.
  • Coconut. Cocktails with this tropical fruit, prepared with their own hands, will be very welcome.
  • Avocado.
  • Honey.
  • Dates and vanilla. Suitable as a decoration of dishes.

As you can see, all these products are natural, natural origin. They can be eaten in large numbers and do not get better. Therefore, safely include the ideas of dishes with them in the menu of your table. This is both useful and tasty, and as an aphrodisiac for a loved one they are irreplaceable.

Sweet cake for a romantic evening
You can cut out bright hearts from paper and arrange them on a table
Romantic evening in the tropics can be done on vacation
Candlestick can be used to create muted lighting
Table decoration with hearts and candles
Romantic dinner with flowers and candles
Decoration of the interior for a romantic evening with pebbles and candles
Candles perfectly decorate the bedroom
Candles with flowers give the interior a romantic aura

Romantic Decor Fabric

Romantic bathroom decor

Romantic gift decor


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