Guide: decorating the apartment by March 8

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International Women's Day, on the right can be called a holiday of spring and life. This is the time when the weather starts to please with its warmth, and the counters of flower shops are filled with different pleasant aromas. This day is a good reason to get rid of winter gray and fill the apartment with colors and spring freshness.

Apartment decoration by March 8

A guide for women

In the people there is the expression "who, if not I". Most likely, by the decoration of the apartment by March 8 you will have to deal with yourself. But, if you look at it from the other side, this is an excellent occasion to do at home what you have long dreamed of, hiding behind this holiday.

Step 1: Strategy

Decoration of the apartment for the holiday can be combined with a general cleaning after the winter. Wash the windows, wipe the farthest and hard-to-reach corners of the apartment, and finally remove all the Christmas decoration. You will immediately feel how your house is filled with freshness and spring.

Step 2: Acting

If you decide to have a girl's party, or a hanging out with friends, then think about decorating the table and garlands. The apartment itself is easy enough to decorate. Make garlands of paper flowers, photos, hang balloons and put candles, but do not forget about serving the table. Every detail is important here. Think about not only in what dishes you will serve dishes, but also what napkins and decorations will be on the table.

For decorating the table, choose 2 or 3 primary colors. The third color is better to use as an additional element. It should be less than other colors. Having decided with a palette pick up a tablecloth, utensils, napkins. It is desirable that the decorations of the table (figurines, candles, bouquets) are not knocked out of the basic color scheme.

If, the decoration of the apartment by March 8 is for you the opportunity to fill your home with a sense of spring, then first of all change the elements of the overall decor of the room. Hang bright curtains, change decorative pillows. All things must be either bright, tuning to positive thoughts, or gentle, associated with femininity.

Step 3: Do not forget about the most important

Of course, the main element of this holiday is flowers. Be sure to put a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the vase. Let it become the center of your apartment as a sign of a new advancing life.

Men's Guide

Initially, the holiday on March 8 had a political coloring. Fortunately, today women do not go to barricades and do not fight for equality and against discrimination. Today's women are the embodiment of peace, love and beauty. Therefore, to please your beloved is a matter of honor.

Step 1: Determine the possibilities

Decorating an apartment is not an easy task for a man. First, think about what efforts you are willing to make for this holiday, but do not build an over-the-sky plans. Decide what kind of decor you will be able to. In most cases, all the necessary decorations can be bought in stores or ordered at holiday agencies.

Step 2: Decorating

When choosing an ornaments, remember that all women are greedy for cute things, flowers, ribbons, bows. Different figures, cards with puppies and kittens will be very appropriate. In the decor of these things should be enough, then the heart of your lady just melts.

Add a little humor to the holiday. To do this, post on the flat posters with funny inscriptions. Remember that this is a women's day and the goal is to please your lady. Therefore, the image and inscriptions should please her, and not offend.

Poster for March 8

Step 3: The Nail of the Program

Of course, the most important decoration of the holiday are flowers. You can not hang garlands and balls, but flowers in the decoration of the apartment must be present. Do not be stingy for your woman to a luxurious bouquet, which will please her more than one day. And then, she will start cooking for you even more delicious.


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