Crafts for March 8: with a sincere love for beautiful women (57 pics)

Crafts on March 8 are permeated with tender feelings for your beloved mothers and grandmothers, most often are flower compositions from different bases. The holiday of spring is associated with gentle mimosa, snowdrops, tulips. Enjoy expensive women with original hand-made bouquets, which are created with their own hands from improvised materials!

Crafts for March 8 application

Crafts for March 8 Butterfly Crafts for March 8 Butterflies

Crafts for March 8 grandma

Ideas of original handicrafts for women's holiday

An original hand-made article for my mother on March 8 is easy to make on the basis of all kinds of materials. Of particular interest are the following compositions:

  • Crafts from the paper by March 8. Elementary flowers-mimosa of colored paper or spectacular compositions in quilling technique will be an excellent offering on the Spring Festival. Each child will be happy to create with his own hands a beautiful hand-made paper from his beloved mother.
  • Crafts from sweets for March 8. Such a present will not leave indifferent any sweet tooth, while for the creative process it takes only half an hour. Most often a bouquet of chocolates is given to a girlfriend or a bride, a schoolgirl or a school principal.
  • Crafts from napkins. The work is very easy, even young children can do. Of colored napkins make chic roses, songs will please others not for two weeks, but the whole year.
  • Crafts from the fabric on March 8. From felt it is easy to create a volumetric floral composition or to make a panel with a luxurious applique.
  • Crafts from pasta. Based on a cardboard sheet and colored pasta, you can make an elegant greeting card on March 8. Macaroni can decorate a gift box, flower vases or a bottle of sparkling wine on a festive table.
  • Crafts from beads for the holiday on March 8. If you have skills in working with beads, you can make a three-dimensional flower for your mother for a woman's party. This material is actual in manufacturing frames of exclusive design, decor of souvenir dishes, candlesticks.
  • Products made of polymer clay. With this material, both children and adults like to work. From polymer clay create unique floral compositions on March 8, figurines of animals and interesting designs.

If you do not know how to make an unusual hand-made gift for women on March 8 with your own hands, take advantage of interesting ideas from "crazy pens."

Crafts for March 8, flowers from beads

Crafts for March 8, eight of the beads

Crafts for March 8 of Beads

Crafts for March 8 bouquet


Crafts for March 8 from colored paper

Elegant vase from toothpicks and threads

Necessary materials for the original crafts by March 8 with their own hands:

  • a sheet of corrugated cardboard;
  • toothpicks;
  • woolen thread;
  • elements of decor: beads, buttons, rhinestones;
  • pin or spoke;
  • glue PVA, scissors.

Crafts for March 8 basket

Crafts for March 8 basket white

Crafts on March 8 basket heart

Stages of implementation:

  1. Prepare the base in the form of a heart of corrugated cardboard. Along the perimeter of the substrate, make holes at the same distance with a pin or knitting needle, drip with glue and stick in the toothpicks.
  2. Then take the thread and perform zigzag lines, passing them through a string of toothpicks on the principle of weaving baskets. Between the rows you can use beads or other decorative elements strung on a string.
  3. The last upper row of weaving should be made of thread with beads. Decorative elements can also decorate the lower perimeter.

A vase of toothpicks and woolen threads can be made in the form of a circle or square, a butterfly or a flower, or even as a figure 8.

Crafts for March 8 flower

Crafts for March 8 flowers

Crafts for March 8 flowering tree

Crafts for March 8 from cotton wool and stones

Beautiful crafts on March 8 from cotton wool

Necessary materials for the original crafts for the mother's holiday:

  • cotton wool + cotton wool;
  • skewers or sticks;
  • corrugated paper;
  • thread;
  • scissors, glue, gouache, brush.

Stages of doing crafts for mom on March 8:

  1. At the tip of the stick, apply glue and fix the layer of cotton wool, which should be further colored in yellow.
  2. Wrap the cotton wool around the yellow center of the future flower, fix it with a thread.
  3. Strip a corrugated paper green decorate the wand. Cut out the leaf, attach it to the stalk, also using corrugated paper.

To make such an original composition is not at all difficult even for preschool children, and mothers will always be happy with nice gifts made by themselves.

Crafts on March 8 from cotton wool

Crafts on March 8 from the wrappers

Crafts for March 8 of felt

Crafts for March 8 flowers from corrugated paper

Crafts on March 8 of corrugated paper

Crafts for March 8 of napkins

If you want to please the lovely women with original gifts to the Spring Festival, make a beautiful bouquet with your own hands from napkins.

Necessary materials:

  • paper napkins - red and white;
  • corrugated paper;
  • colored cardboard;
  • scissors, stapler, glue.

Stages of implementation:

  1. Paper napkin folded twice in half, the resulting square in the center of a stapler.
  2. Cut out the shape of the circle from the workpiece, make small cuts along the diameter, then fan the product - you will get a magnificent inflorescence.
  3. Prepare many similar blanks-flowers from white and red napkins + green corrugated paper.
  4. From the colored cardboard, cut out the base form for the bouquet, decorate it with corrugated paper-wrapper, make a beautiful bow.

Glue flowers and leaves on the form-substrate, as a result, you will get an imitation bouquet in the form of a luxurious composition of roses.

Crafts for March 8 balls of napkins

Crafts for March 8 of napkins and newspapers

Crafts for March 8 of napkins

Crafts on March 8, origami of paper

Crafts for March 8, origami

Snowdrops made of plastic spoons for the spring holiday

Necessary materials:

  • disposable spoons;
  • Cocktail tubules;
  • plasticine;
  • corrugated paper;
  • scissors;
  • decor.

Stages of implementation:

  1. With spoons, cut the knobs and prepare the petals. For each flower you need to cook 5 pcs of spoon-petals, of which with the help of plasticine we collect inflorescence bud.
  2. From the cocktail tube we will make a stalk, slightly shortening the angled end of the stick, and connect it with the flower on the clay.
  3. We wrap the stalk with green corrugated paper, including the plasticine base of the flower, attach long leaves of a narrow shape.

Spring composition of snowdrops can be collected on the basis of a wicker basket and a miniature vase.

Crafts for March 8 from spoons

Crafts for March 8 snowdrops from plastic spoons

Crafts for March 8 snowdrops

Volumetric postcard-handmade on March 8

Required materials for 3D postcards:

  • a sheet of white cardboard;
  • a set of colored paper;
  • scissors, PVA glue;
  • Design punch;
  • set for scrapbooking;
  • decorative elements.

Crafts for March 8 are beautiful

Crafts for March 8 from cereals

Crafts for March 8 unusual in the technique of quilling

Crafts for March 8 unusual quilling

Crafts for March 8, volume

Crafts for March 8 from wallpaper

Crafts for March 8 of dandelions

Craftwork for March 8 mimosa

Crafts for March 8 postcard quilling

Stages of performing 3D crafts from color paper on March 8:

  1. Fold the cardboard sheet in half, in the center of the closed perimeter, scissor 2 incisions 5 cm deep. The distance between the notches is also equal to 5 cm.
  2. Straighten the cardboard, bend the selected part - it turned out a kind of ladder. This element will be the basis of the composition.
  3. On colored paper, mark out the contours of the basket and carefully cut out the figure. Using glue, fix the basket on the ladder.
  4. Now you need to prepare florets and butterflies from colored paper. To speed up the process, make a stencil out of cardboard, with which you can cut out many identical figures of different colors.
  5. Using a decorative punch, make a decoration on a paper strip 2-3 cm wide, which must be glued to the open upper perimeter of the greeting card. A similar decor is also performed on the inner surface of the postcard.
  6. Decorate the basket with colored butterflies and flowers, glue them also around the composition.

On the outer surface of the 3D cardboard and colored paper cards, make an application of the number 8 and fix on it the pastes, sequins and glitter with glue.

Crafts for the March 8 pot

Crafts for March 8 picture

Crafts for March 8 paintings of thread

Crafts for March 8 of cardboard

Sweet crafts for the spring holiday

To create a craft-presentation on March 8 from sweets will need sweets, the wrapper is collected with one tail.

Necessary materials:

  • candies in bright foil packaging;
  • strong wire;
  • wrapping;
  • corrugated paper, paper tape;
  • stapler, scissors, scotch tape.

Stages of implementation:

  1. To the tail of the wrapper of each candy we attach a piece of wire.
  2. From wrapping paper we make strips of 10x15 cm, wrap each candy-flower, fix it with a stapler near the wire.
  3. To each sweet flower we tie a thin strip of green paper tape. We make curls, twisting the ribbon with scissors.

Now we collect the flowers-candies in the composition so that the green ribbons beautifully curled on the top. In this case, the wire part needs to be tightened with a thread for better fixing of the craft. A strip of corrugated paper decorate the wire base, leaving only packaged sweet flowers in sight. Corrugated paper is bandaged with a beautiful ribbon and fixed on a double-sided adhesive tape.

From above, you need to decorate with an elegant bow or flower from the ribbon, fixing it with an adhesive tape. Such a luxurious hand-made by hand on March 8 will be appreciated by the beautiful sweet tooth-aesthetes.

Crafts for March 8th Ring

Crafts for March 8 from sweets

Crafts for March 8, sweet

Crafts for March 8 from the test

Crafts for March 8 from tapes

Fashionable crafts: the topiary on March 8

The trendy version of the craft-presentation for the women's holiday - the topiary - is made of any materials. Sweet-toddler will be delighted with the candy topiary, the woman-coffeemane will come to taste the coffee exposition, and a flower lover can be presented to a plant lover.

Crafts for March 8 postcard volume

Crafts for March 8 postcard

Crafts for March 8 pillow

Crafts for March 8 are simple

Craftwork for the March 8 frame

Crafts for March 8 painting

Crafts for March 8 from Atlas

Crafts for March 8 of cloth

Crafts for March 8 tulips origami

Crafts for March 8 tulips

Crafts for March 8 vase

The main principle of the topiary is that the classical form of the product is always round and keeps on a long leg. As a basis, use a foam ball on which decor is attached, or independently form it from crumpled paper and scotch tape. In the work of advanced masters there are compositions of all shapes and sizes. The trunk is made of skewers, Chinese sticks, cocktail tubes, a tree branch, a metal rod or dense wire. The composition is placed on a vase, cup or other stand, fixed with gypsum.

Crafts on March 8 are impressive with a variety of forms and concepts, but in all compositions sincere feelings of gratitude and love for the beautiful half of humanity are reflected.


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