Round bed in the interior of the bedroom (50 photos): interesting models and materials

A round bed is a challenge to stereotypes, a refutation of the usual norms, beauty and eccentricity. Are you dreamy and think differently? Do you want your bedroom to impress and attract interest? Everyone who sees a round bed in the interior of the bedroom, will never be able to forget it. How to choose a bed, how to equip and harmoniously fit it into the interior? Did you want a round bed at home? So, you are standing on the threshold of a responsible decision - which bed to choose and whether to give preference to the roundness of the sleeping bed forms in general?

Round golden-white bed in the bedroom
Black round bed with a high headboard
Modern white-gray round bed in the bedroom

Advantages of a round bed

Exciting forms of weightless bed, like a soaring in the center of the room - is this not the dream of any hosts? Royal design of a bedroom with a round bed will decorate any house. Besides beauty, it has many advantages:

  • The round bed has more beds than the ordinary one. It is suitable even for a very tall person.
  • If the bed is wide enough in diameter, then it can easily accommodate several people.
  • A round sleeper creates an additional comfort, produces a sense of security, such a nest, where peace and quiet reign. The circle is not in vain a symbol of harmony.
  • To be placed during a dream can be in any direction, especially if you are inclined to move around the sleeping place unconsciously.
  • A round bed is designed to become the center of attention, especially interesting for studio apartments, where zoning is much freer than in the usual layouts.

There is an opinion that a sleeper on a round bed will show an increased interest in travel and with great pleasure return to his home. Probably, the symbolism of the wheel and the yurts of the nomads work on the subconscious.

Round dark purple leather bed in the bedroom
Round white leather bed in the bedroom

Round white leather bed in the bedroom
Round gray bed with a high headboard
Blue-green round bed in the bedroom
Beige brown round bed in the bedroom

Round brown bed with a high headboard
Black and white round bed in retro style
Beige and golden round bed in the bedroom
White round bed with shelves in the bedroom

Disadvantages of round beds

But there are some features for round beds, which will have to reckon with. If they frighten you and make you think - give up a round bed in favor of the more traditional of its kind.

  • Round bed is more expensive than regular rectangular, their high cost is determined by a special design.
  • Mattresses for round beds should be ordered specially, rarely on sale you can find a round mattress, especially suitable for your bed.
  • It is difficult to choose bedding for the size of your bed. Most likely, you will have to sew it to order. But it can prove to be more profitable in a financial sense than buying a ready-made one.
  • A round bed does not fit a small bedroom at all, there will be no room at all, since the round beds are of impressive size, in a small room with a round bed it will be cramped.
  • If the bed is not wide enough in diameter, then it becomes very uncomfortable to sleep there together.
Round white leather bed with a high headboard
Forged Round Bed
Round white bed with rectangular mattress
Black glossy round bed
Black leather round bed with white mattress
Red and white spectacular round bed in the bedroom
White modern round bed
Black and white textile for a round bed
Unusual beige pink round bed

Types of round beds

The assortment of round beds is immense. There is no end to the design idea, as it is impossible to come up with two identical round beds. A variety of them pleases the adherents of this style of furniture, as it is very simple to be original and find such a round bed that fully corresponds to your fantasies and taste.

  • Leather or leather substitute
  • Metal, for example, forged
  • Wood
  • With or without backrest and armrests
  • In size, small for rest and large for sleeping, among large - single and double
  • Solid and transformers - folding, sliding and composite, which release additional space in the room, saving it, being in the assembled state. With or without drawers. If you live in a one-room apartment, where the only room performs different functions: a bedroom, a hall, a hall, a living room, and sometimes a dining room, then such a bed will make it possible to quickly and easily adjust furniture to the situation. For example, a sofa bed with dummy puffs, which is a round bed in a combined form and comfortable upholstered furniture in a spread out form, between the elements of which you can even put a festive table. And boxes for bed linen cancel the need to have additional cabinets, where unused bedding is stored.
  • On legs or a single puff
  • With a round mattress or more familiar rectangular in the middle
  • The most different colors and colors, monochrome and patterned
  • Corner bed with superstructures. This kind of round bed is installed in the corner of the room, and the space above the headboard, which is located in the corner, is occupied by shelves and shelves. This will also save space and give pleasant moments associated with the possibility of decorating the room with various interior decorations in the form of caskets and figurines. You can even equip a small corner table above the headboard, where the lamp can be placed
Black round bed with shelf

Any kind of round bed is very original and presentable. Once choosing your "own" bed, which you dreamed of, you will provide yourself with joy and comfort for many years, since a round bed, besides comfort, delivers a special visual aesthetic pleasure.

Cozy oval bed in the bedroom
Round bed with an unusual headboard
Round white bed in Art Nouveau style
Round black bed with storage space
Round black bed with decorative rivets
Dark gray round bed and curbstone
Gray soft round bed
Round white bed and pillows

How to choose a round bed

Designers do not get tired of offering more and more models of round beds of different shapes, colors and a set of additional functions and accessories, but how to choose the one that you need?

  1. Pay attention to the size of the room where you are going to make the bed. If it is small, choose the folding options. In the absence of a deficit of square meters, boldly choose a large bed.
  2. Purpose of the room. For what functions is the room where the round bed will be installed? Will it be a bedroom or a living room? A smart bed in the bedroom is an important element of apartment design. Separate delicacy can be a small round sofa, designed not so much for sleeping, but also for relaxing with friends, or reading a book on cold rainy evenings, hiding behind a cozy blanket.
  3. Beds for a children's room can be a special work of art. Buying or ordering making a round bed for a child, the child's resting place can be shaped like a fairy-tale character, a bright fruit, an animal, a celestial object (Sun, Moon, cloud), a ship or a stylized royal castle.
Violet-white round bed

Stylize a round bed in a new way, even easier than ordinary furniture. It is enough to order a new cover on it. The presence of the sides makes the bed more comfortable - it will not fall off the pillows during sleep. Also, the danger disappears from the edge of the bed. Another nice "gadget" is a table moving around the contour of the bed. It can be placed anywhere, to conveniently put there a cup of coffee or put your phone. For young people, you can use hanging beds. Hanging and swinging on chains or ropes a miracle will create a feeling of being on the waves or feeling the flight.

Gray-white round bed in the bedroom with fireplace
Beige round bed in classic style
Gray round bed and pouffes
Red round bed with lilac pillows
Bordeaux-white round bed in a bedroom with a fabric décor
Black and white round bed with a high headboard
Black and white stylish round bed
Inflatable Round Bed

Linen for a round bed

Depending on the design of your home, the color scheme of bed linen can be a variety of shades, with drawings or monophonic, with geometric prints or realistic nature photos. Colors can be chosen "tone in tone" with the bed, and you can make contrasting underwear. It all depends on your taste and preferences.

Some specialized bedding stores offer buyers a round linen for a round bed. An excellent option may be underwear on elastic bands. You can use the usual bed, designed for a large double bed. If you lower the corners of rectangular sheets over the circular line of the bed itself, it will look original and refresh the style of the room.

Gray Round Bed

Speaking about the materials of bed linen, it is advisable to buy a bed of satin lovers of the modern bedroom. Atlas can be found in a wide variety of colors, stretch satin can easily be used for sewing sheets on an elastic band. If you like naturalness more, choose flax or chintz. Pay attention to the stability of the color of the fabric, so that it does not lose its appearance at the first wash.

Particular attention should be paid to the cover. It is an effective element of the decor of a round-shaped bed. If you have chosen a bed and the design of a room in the style of a classic, rococo or baroque, then it would be appropriate to cover a velvet veil with fringed or crystal beads. Oriental motifs in the interior can be transferred, providing the bed with a variety of many pillows. Also pads will add romanticism and coziness. For a minimalist style, a veil stretched with rubber bands is suitable, which will avoid unnecessary fad and fold styles.

White round bed with canopy in the bedroom
Red round bed in the bedroom
Cream-colored round bed
Black and red round bed
Black and white minimalist round bed

For which bedrooms is a round bed

The interior of the bedroom with a round bed crosses out all the standards that have developed in the minds of the layman, easily and gracefully transferring it to the world of new impressions and feelings. If your bedroom is decorated in an unusual style, then the round bed will perfectly fit into it. But do not neglect the already mentioned rule: organically looks round bed in a spacious bedroom. In a bedroom with massive cabinet furniture, a large impressive round bed with a canopy, especially if the window is decorated with heavy opaque curtains, will evoke an atmosphere of fundamental reliability, power and permanence. "My house is my fortress", it is this expression that describes the feelings that arise in the walls of such a bedroom.

Black round bed with rectangular mattress

Do not use a round bed in small cramped bedrooms. Round or oval beds will make it even closer.

If your bedroom was created specifically to restore the psycho-emotional background and overall health, then an excellent solution would be to install in it a bed without corners. In such a bedroom, a simple stay will restore the strength of the body. Well, if the roundness of the forms will be repeated in other items of furniture and interior.

Excellent find - bedroom with a podium. For them, a round bed fits perfectly. Especially if the shape of the podium repeats the shape of the bed itself or roughly resembles it. And if the whole of your bedroom is of a round shape, then there's no other bed to think about. A round bed in the interior is your ideal choice.

Black round bed with corner cabinet
Round beige-white bed with drawer
Light brown round bed in the attic bedroom
Round bed with silver curbstones

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