Bedroom Wenge: luxury of dark wood (25 photos)

Wenge furniture is preferred by wealthy and purposeful people with taste. The dark color of furniture makes it possible to create a cozy and warm atmosphere in the room. The color of wenge is similar to dark chocolate and emphasizes consistency and stability. Oak wenge - a very expensive breed of wood, which is not used by all manufacturers. However, modern technology makes it possible to get the right shade on almost any material. Wenge in the interior can be used to decorate any room.

Black Wenge bedroom

The Wenge Bedroom

Interior features of bedrooms in wenge color

A feature of wood wenge is a lighter core than the main massif. The difference in color and unusual texture makes this breed very beautiful. The cost of furniture from a natural massif is high, so many manufacturers offer bedroom wenge colors from other materials.

Wenge in the interior gives the room cosiness, sophistication and warmth, so this furniture is popular among connoisseurs of strict beauty and classical furnishings. The bedroom with wenge furniture is perfectly matched with soft carpets with high pile, light walls and bright decorative elements of the interior.

When using such furniture it is important to choose the right lighting. This will help highlight certain elements of the interior, as well as give the furniture an exquisite and majestic appearance.

Children's wenge

Bedroom Wenge in the interior of the house

The Wenge bedroom is popular among people with an average level of prosperity who want to have modern but exquisite furniture, so manufacturers offer furniture that imitates not only the texture and color, but also the high quality of furniture made from tropical wood. In this case, the chipboard is used, which is covered with veneer from bleached oak, beech, walnut or other natural wood. This allows you to give the necessary structure. After that, high-quality dyes are used to impart the appropriate color.

Bedroom wenge and bleached oak

Two-storeyed wenge bed


Bedroom suite Wenge

From materials of color wenge it is done not only furniture for a bedroom. The original solution will be a combination of such furniture, wenge doors, cornice, stand for a floor lamp and a window frame of the same color. The rest of the elements in the room are best made light to create a bright contrast. An example, a cabinet or a cabinet with milk-oak color inserts will make the interior more light and airy.

Wenge dresser in the bedroom

Wenge bed

Why use Wenge for bedroom decoration?

The design of the Wenge bedroom is an original solution that allows to create a cozy and warm atmosphere in the room. Most often, the design in the bedroom is done in light neutral shades to create an easy and relaxing atmosphere. However, the interior of the bedroom in wenge color is a good solution for placing any size. In this case, it is recommended to use a light surface finish to visually expand the space, and to give the bedroom a stylish and finished look, you can use bright pillows, bedspreads, pouffes and other decorative elements.

Bedroom Wenge in the interior of the apartment

Bedroom wenge lacquered

Those who prefer a neutral setting, you can use the bedroom wenge with cream-colored surfaces. Do not forget about the correct lighting, especially when using dark furniture. It should not only be central, but also zoned. Excellent looking floor lamps and sconces near the bed in the same color as the main furniture indoors. It is not recommended to use dark massive curtains, which additionally weight the space.

Bedroom Wenge in laconic design

Bedroom Wenge laminated

Dark furniture makes the bedroom warm and romantic, if in its design, combine wenge with white and other light colors. Dark colors allow you to correct many of the shortcomings of the interior, and give it an exquisite classic look.

Wenge furniture for bedroom

Bedroom Wenge from solid wood

Advantages of Wenge furniture for bedrooms

Housing and modular bedroom furniture in wenge color is created for those who follow the latest fashion trends, likes contrasting stylish solutions. The main advantages of such furniture include:

  • Presentable appearance. Stylish modular or cabinet furniture in wenge color has a presentable appearance and perfectly highlights any interior solutions.
  • Practicality. Dark furniture, stains, stains and fingerprints are not visible, so the cabinet or closet in the bedroom does not have to be cleaned daily, and on the night tables you can safely put a cup or a plate.
  • Harmoniousness. The bed, cabinet and wardrobe wenge perfectly match with almost any shade.
  • Use of contrasts. You can order furniture with inserts in the color of milky oak, bleached oak or bright color combinations, so the use of such furniture allows you to easily design both contrasting and monochrome interiors.

To make the interior in the bedroom more cozy, it is recommended to additionally use bright textiles, puffs of unusual shape and color, as well as other decorative elements.

Bedroom Wenge in the style of minimalism

Color combinations and unusual ideas

Wenge sets are increasingly used for bedrooms in classic and modern style. The color palette of wenge begins dark brown and ends with the color of black coffee.

Bedroom Wenge in Art Nouveau style

Bedroom wenge with white color

When buying beds and a wardrobe, it is not recommended to combine wenge with other types of wood. Otherwise, a luxurious and respectable appearance is lost. Exceptions are the inserts of the color oak, oak, white oak and other light wood species. Such headsets look chic and elegant, especially in combination with light walls.

Bedroom shades of wenge

Wenge in the bedroom

Modular furniture is well combined with glass elements, shelves and massive metal fittings. Curbstones, beds and a cabinet must be massive, and in order not to overload the interior, it must have elements of white color.

The bedroom wenge of chocolate shade

Veneered Wenge furniture in the bedroom

Those who like wallpaper saturated colors or plaster, should try to make sure that the interior is not too dark and gloomy. You can add light accessories, curtains of calm color, as well as accessories in the style of the room.

Dressing table wenge

However, cabinet or modular bedroom furniture should not occupy the entire space of the room. In a small room it is better not to put massive pedestals and cabinets, but to do with a closet, a bed and small bedside tables. Overload the room with decorative elements also should not be. Such furniture is more suitable for fans of practical minimalism.

Bedroom Wenge with corner cupboard

Wenge and oak milky - the perfect combination of colors for furniture in the bedroom. Light color inserts allow you to dilute the dark interior and give it lightness. For spacious bedrooms you can choose furniture without inserts. In this case, you can use more dark elements in the interior, providing the bedroom with warmth and coziness.

Bedroom Wenge with inserts

The bedroom with Wenge furnishings gives a feeling of warmth, comfort and comfort. Using inexpensive substitutes for natural wood provides affordable cost of finished structures, and a wide range of models and color combinations will allow you to choose the optimal bedroom set for a room of any size.


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