Decor of pipes in the interior: original ideas (50 photos)

If you have a heating and gas pipe in your kitchen or in any other room, which does not fit into the design of the space, then you can easily decorate it with improvised means. Today, there are many ways to disguise the heating pipe without violating the heating process. In order to perform the decoration of pipes, you will need to show creative thinking. In the process of decoration it is useful to read the following recommendations:

  • It is not recommended to hide irreversible communications in the house or apartment. The fact is that threaded connections can fail, leak. In order to restore their efficiency, it is necessary to have unhindered access to them.
  • Stoyaki and podvodki take a direct part in heating space. If you use decorative boxes, then the room can become a little colder.
  • Decorative casings and boxes during use should be easily dismantled. It is better to use grids that have large cells.
Decorating tubes with bamboo in the kitchen
Decorative pipes in the bathroom interior

Decorating with bamboo tubes

Heating pipes decoration

Decor pipes in black color

Popular ways of decorating pipes

The decoration of heating pipes is based on the use of two popular methods. The first method involves decorating the structure with the use of various decorative means. The second method assumes that the pipe must be hidden from the person's eyes. Consider the most popular ways to decorate today:

  • Staining. This option is the most simple and therefore popular. To implement it, you will need to select the color of the pipe, remove the old paint and apply a new coating to the surface. What color to choose? For heating pipes, alkyd paints are excellent. In this case, you do not need priming for coloring. It will be enough to remove dust and dirt from the surfaces.
  • Use of decorative coatings. The pipe can be wrapped in a jute or hemp rope. This option is disadvantageous: the riser is insulated. Also for decoration you can use the trunk of bamboo. Only it should be split along and glued parallel to the vertical pipe.
  • Use of rings on the floor and ceiling. Such rings will not make it difficult to carry out repairs.
  • Gypsum cardboard box for camouflage. Gypsum plasterboard should be sheathed skeleton, made of galvanized profile. In the future it can be painted or wallpapered.
  • Installation of false wall. This method is combined with the warming of the wall. On the base wall will need to collect the crate. Between its profiles, the heater is fixed. After the construction must be sheathed with plasterboard or any other material.
  • Use of cornices or curtains. This option is simple and safe. Cornice should be installed in the full width of the wall, located near the window. The drape of the wall is performed using tight curtains from one corner to the other.
Decorating the pipes with a wooden box
Masking the pipe with a plasterboard box
Decorating pipes with paint

Decor and design of pipes

Decorating tubes with a flashlight

Gas pipe decoration

Decor pipes with plasterboard

Interesting design solutions for the decoration of pipes

If you decide on your own to perform the decoration of pipes, you will first need to familiarize yourself with a wide range of design solutions. Staining is the most popular method. You can not just paint the plumbing element in the desired color, but also draw absolutely any drawing on it. Very effective will look tree branches. Such a decor is in the power of any person. Art education is optional.

Decor pipes in the style of the loft
Masking pipes in the interior of the kitchen

Decor of pipes in industrial style

Decor of pipes in the interior

Decor of pipes in the box

Decorating pipes with paint

Decorating pipes in the kitchen

Depending on the style of the room, the decor of the gas or heating pipe, painted in bronze, golden or silver, looks spectacular. When choosing a color, pay attention to the color of the wallpaper, door, window sills.

If you are looking for the least expensive way, then try using decorations for decorating purposes. Decorating pipes can be done with a variety of decorative elements. Excellent for this purpose, suitable materials such as tapes, buttons, fringe, laces, fabric, fur, beads and much more.

Copper pipes in the bathroom decor

Decor of pipes loft

Decor pipe light bulbs

Decor furniture pipes

Pipe panel decoration

Try to decorate the pipe using a variety of toys in the form of animals, insects, made by yourself or purchased in the store. The pipe itself can be painted under the color of the tree trunk.

The original form of pipes in the bathroom

Decorating pipes with plastic panels

Decoration of pipes with tiles

Decor of the holder for towels

Decoration pipe ceiling

Decorating the pipe with a drawing

Decorating the pipe with silver paint

The heating pipe can be decorated with stained glass. At first glance, this method may seem incredible. For decoration, glass or transparent plastic is used. This method of decoration can be easily combined with a variety of lighting techniques. In addition, such a spectacular composition can perform a night light function in the room.

Masking heating pipes under the floor

Decoration in decoupage technique

Refined and original looks decoration, made in the technique of decoupage. This technique for fabric or furniture involves cutting out a variety of images. Pictures of cloth, paper or leather are applied to the surface of the pipe. Such design will help to give the design of the room a bright and non-standard accent.

Heating pipes under skirting boards

Decor pipes with a mixer

Steel pipe decoration

Built-in wall pipes

Decorating pipes with textiles

Before decorating, the batteries are processed. They are cleaned and processed with sandpaper. Then the battery is covered with enamel paint. It is necessary to measure the length and width of the pipe. After that, you can start cutting out various images.

Decorating pipes with metal profile

Decorating the Tube with a Cloth

Decor pipes in the toilet

Decor pipes in the bathroom

Decorating the pipes of the heated towel rail

It is better to glue the fragments using the PVA glue. If the image is securely fixed, then it can be covered with varnish. A drawing can be of a wide variety of subjects. The main thing is that it fits well in the design of the room. By the way, you can attract children to decorate the pipe. The decor turns out bright, original and cozy.

Decorating pipes with shells

Decor of tuba in the kitchen and bathroom

If you need to hide and zadekorirovat communications in the kitchen, it's easy to do with a furniture set. So the horizontal risers can be easily hidden behind the kitchen cupboard.

Steel Pipe Decor

A vertical pipe can easily be veiled by an outdoor pencil case. With a small budget, you can safely use furniture that mimics the present. False designs can easily hide unsightly communications that do not fit into the overall design of the room.

Disguise the gas pipe can be using parts of the furniture set. This method is the most optimal. You will not only hide the pipes, but also if necessary you will have easy access to the column, fittings and the counter.

Pipes in the bathroom wall
Pipe Decor
Pipe in the tone of the wall

To decorate any heating pipe in the bathroom is also possible easily and quickly enough. This ca
n be done using the above methods or any other methods. It is recommended to check the information on the material of the pipe: stainless steel, plastic, etc. before starting work. Most modern materials do not need coloring. If the pipe is made of black metal, then it must be cleaned from the old material before painting.

Masking pipes in the bathroom

There are many ways of decorating a pipe. Having weighed the pros and cons, you will be able to find the best option for yourself. When choosing it, it is important that the overall stylistic idea in the room is preserved.

Decor pipe with a rope in the bathroom

Any unsightly pipe can be made an original decorative element in the room. While doing decorating, do not forget that the heating or gas pipe must, first of all, fulfill its main functional task. If you show creativity, the result will exceed all your expectations.

Masking of water pipes under the plinth

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