Mosaic in the interior of the bathroom (20 photos): beautiful designs

The design of the bathroom with mosaic tiles is a chic and exquisite option. Correctly matched, the mosaic tile for the bathroom is able to give nobility to this room, even in a small panel hruschevke. Therefore, it is not surprising that now many apartment owners and homeowners choose this type of decor in finishing their bathrooms. However, I must say that the process of laying out the mosaic is quite laborious and, therefore, such work will be much more expensive than standard tiles. But the result, of course, will be much more interesting. For the opportunity to admire such beauty, you can pay once, but then for many years with pleasure to go into your bathroom. In the article we will consider what nuances there are in designing a bathroom with tiles mosaic.

Golden mosaic in the bathroom

Just note that this design is one of the oldest. Even at the excavations of ancient baths, the scientists found out that the Roman patricians preferred such a design of places where they performed their bath procedures. The floor and walls of the famous antique baths are also mosaic. Then the mosaic was only one type - ceramic and sometimes glazed with natural mineral glaze. But now we can afford modern materials that last longer, are not afraid of mold and water, can be painted in various bright colors. This allows you to implement any design.

Advantages of mosaic

What are the benefits of using mosaic tiles in your bathroom we will get:

  • The mosaic in the bathroom is much more elegant and looks more stylish than the usual tile.
  • Mosaic small details are much easier to lay out and arrange hard-to-reach corners and joints, including the floor. While a tile needs to be carefully adjusted, any centimeter can become fatal and ruin the whole design. If you use a mosaic, the errors in the calculations will not be so noticeable.
  • When using a mosaic, the material is consumed more economically. There are practically no remains and debris left. After all, the mosaic will not have to be cut. There will always be exactly the part that is suitable for a given angle, joint. From the tile, sometimes there are enough spoiled, cut-off pieces, which will have to be thrown out. But they paid money for them.
  • With the help of the mosaic you can put whole pictures in the bathroom, complex compositions, panels, pass gradients, other nuances in the form of a different color. A floor mosaic will decorate the bathroom floor. In the case of tiles, this is impossible because of its size.
Mosaic for decorating the wall behind the mirror in the bathroom
Partial design of the bathroom with cream mosaic

Blue and multicolored mosaic in the bathroom
Bathroom fully decorated with mosaic


  • Such a design will cost more than tiling.
  • There may be a difficulty in finding a master with his hands. Such a small and laborious work, especially a panel or a combination of a mosaic-tree, requires a certain skill. A beginner finisher is unlikely to satisfy your requests. With an intricate and expensive mosaic, only an experienced master can cope.
Horizontal strip of mosaic in the bathroom

Beige mosaic in the design of the bathroom

Simple mosaic tiles

Because of the complexity of laying out the mosaic cloth, the developers came up with ways to cope with the laying out of the mosaic in the bathroom, even independently. Consider what kind of ways.

This is a wall or floor mosaic based on - paper or mesh. The pieces of material here have already been applied to a special flexible base. It remains only to apply glue and paste the workpiece on the wall of the bathroom. This gives the trim simplification: the work is faster, and its result will only slightly differ from the "real" mosaic, which is applied in separate pieces.

A big plus is that you can find both a monophonic variety of material, and various panels and even paintings, already selected by color and shades. You just have to put them on the walls like puzzles. There is also a design where a tree and a mosaic are combined, it also looks very nice.

Green mosaic in the bathroom

Most often these flexible blanks are made of special ceramics and glass. In the glass version, there is an advantage in choosing different sizes of mosaic particles. Glass mosaic is applied to the mesh, and ceramic mosaic is applied to special paper. Installation in any form will be different, but not very difficult.

What are the nuances worth bearing in mind if you dared to put the bathroom mosaic yourself:

  • If there is not much experience in finishing, it is better to choose a mosaic on a flexible basis. This will greatly simplify the process, and even not too skillful master will be satisfied with the result.
  • Be sure to align the surface before starting the mosaic tiling: remove all irregularities, holes, bumps, if a tree gets out somewhere, etc. The mosaic does not look at all on uneven surfaces.
Blue mosaic in the bathroom
Beautiful emerald tiles in the shower in the bathroom

Mosaic for the floor

Mosaic can not only trim the walls of the bathroom. If you continue the design on the floor, then this can achieve a more harmonious picture, rather than if you finish the floor and walls with different materials. The most luxurious looks bathrooms, in which the walls, ceiling and floor - all decorated with a similar shade of mosai
c. The most expensive bathrooms are decorated in this style, for example, under a tree. Even in a small bathroom, the mosaic panel will look chic. With this material, even the tables and pedestals in the bathroom are finished. Features of facing the bathroom floor:

  • For the floor you need a stronger and thick tile for the bathroom mosaic. If the wall tiles can be glass, then for the floor - better durable ceramics, which is guaranteed to withstand the weight of furniture and people.
  • The mosaic floor design will be more expensive than the decoration of the walls, because thicker and more massive elements will be more expensive in themselves, like a tree for finishing works. This applies to a small area.
  • Sometimes, in order to decorate the floor in the bathroom, use a marine round pebble, which is treated in a special way, for example, under a tree. This bath is especially good and logically looks in the coastal houses and cottages, decorated in a relaxing style.
  • If desired, the design of the floor in the bathroom can be made at least monotonous, though with an ornament, even put on it a beautiful panel, if space allows. Therefore, there is sufficient scope for the manifestation of their creative abilities. You can make a unique composition by turning your bathroom into a work of art.
Combining tiles and mosaics on the floor in the bathroom
Black mosaic on the floor in the bathroom
White-gray mosaic on the floor in the shower room
Beautiful drawing with mosaic on the floor in the bathroom


  • Ceramics are not afraid of mechanical damage, it is moisture resistant. Most often, and choose it. Ceramic mosaic for the floor keeps well the heat in a cool time and cools down in the heat.
  • Glass mosaic in the interior of the bathroom is not afraid of high temperatures and water. But if the glass has to be in contact with an acidic medium for some time, it will begin to break down.
  • Stone type of material (for example, in the form of pebbles) is not afraid of water, very durable and looks great in the bathroom, even in a small one. But this trim is inherent in the highest price. Yes, and it is not sold in every store of building materials. To have a decent choice of shapes and colors, you will most likely have to order this kind of material on the Internet.
  • Wall mosaic from smalt also enjoys well-deserved popularity. Smalta - a piece of durable opaque glass. It can be of different colors and shapes, for example, you can choose a color under the tree. From smalt make different paintings and panels, including to order. For example, you can order from the artists their portrait in full growth and admire this panel, taking a bath.
  • There is even a metal mosaic. It is excellent for the bathroom, its special treatment makes the material resistant to rust and corrosion.

Professional finishers recommend for walls to choose ceramics or glass, and if you want to make a floor, then choose a stone or granite. Some masters even recommend doing a design from a mosaic, combined with ordinary tiles. This wall construction looks unusual, but stylish and interesting - for example, you can make a composition for a tree. This gives an individual design to the bathroom and reduces the cost of the project.

Black and white mosaic in the bathroom
Round mosaic in the bathroom
Golden-white mosaic in the bathroom

How to care

Suppose you made a mosaic panel in your bathroom and enjoyed the result. But now you need to find out how to take care of this beauty so that it will be as happy as possible for the eye:

  • For such design is very important good ventilation. Think over this question. If you do not provide sufficient air access to the room, then due to high humidity, you will soon be able to see an annoying mold or fungus at the joints and seams, which in no way will decorate the design of the bathroom.
  • Handle occasional seams with special fungicides - solutions that prevent the formation and spread of mold and fungus. They also work well and wood.

In general, you do not have to constantly carry out some complicated care for mosaic tiles. It is strong enough and serves a long time. If the antique mosaic was preserved in a completely functional condition, then in our bathroom it certainly will serve as much as it will be necessary. Therefore, boldly decorate your bathroom with beautiful shiny pieces of stone or ceramics and enjoy a wonderful daily result.

Purple mosaic in the bathroom
Blue and white mosaic in a light bathroom
Beautiful mosaic pattern in the bathroom

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