Kitchens from the array: the advantages of choice (53 photos)

Classic kitchens from the array are characterized by presentability. They allow you to optimize the space and provide a cozy atmosphere. Choosing a similar set, you need to pay special attention to the facade. Its surface should be perfectly smooth and smooth without cracks and traces of lacquer stains.

Solid wood kitchen with breakfast bar
White kitchen from solid wood

Solid wood bar counter in the kitchen

White kitchen from solid wood

Solid wood with concrete

Kitchen from solid wood

Classical kitchen from solid wood

Kitchens from solid wood do not need complex maintenance. It will only be necessary to regularly wipe the furniture with special solutions and from time to time cover with a new layer of varnish.

Kitchen made of birch

Kitchen set from a birch file

Kitchen from boards

Solid oak kitchen

Kitchen from plywood


Kitchen from a file in style of the country

Combined kitchen from solid wood

Kitchen from a file in a loft style

Kitchen from a file in style minimalism

Wood refers to complex materials, so choose the kitchen from the array you need extremely carefully. This recommendation is universal for ready-made sets and for individual orders. The quality of the tree is the main criterion. Among other recommendations:

  • The facades of solid wood for the kitchen should not be wet, as this indicates insufficient drying. In the future, this can be the result of reduced size and deformation.
  • Smooth and smooth surface is a prerequisite. Any cracks, scrapes and potholes are signs of marriage. The same rule applies to edge sections.
  • Accuracy and thoroughness should be traced in every decorative detail. If the thread elements have roughness, then in the future this will inevitably lead to stratification and even more abrasions.
  • Holes for fastening in quality kitchen furniture have smooth and neat edges without cracks around them. This is an important point, as in the future the openings will increase. As a result, the fastenings will become loose, other cracks will appear.
  • The facades for the kitchen from the array should not contain knots, otherwise the parts will warp with time.

A close inspection will avoid possible troubles during operation.

Solid wood in a private house
Kitchen from solid wood in classic style
Wooden Kitchen Set

Kitchen from a file in an art nouveau style

Small kitchen from solid wood

Kitchen from solid walnut

Solid Provencal Kitchen

Kitchen from solid direct

Kitchen from solid carved

Types and characteristics

Ready-made or built-in kitchen can be made from different types of wood:

  • Pine;
  • oak;
  • ash
  • beech;
  • alder;
  • Birch;
  • cherry;
  • cherries;
  • nut.

Each breed has its own characteristics.

Kitchen from the array in the interior
Solid oak kitchen
Oak kitchen set

Solid wood in rustic style

Kitchen from solid gray

Chalet-style kitchen

Kitchen from the array in the style of the cheby chic

Solid wood kitchen cabinets

Kitchen from solid pine

Kitchens from solid oak

The made set of oak wood differs durability and reliability. This is a classic kitchen interior. Oak boards come in different shades: yellow, red-brown, with pink patches and greenish-gray. This makes such sets unique for any interior solution.

Solid oak kitchen

Kitchens from solid beech

This option can also be attributed to the classics. External indicators of beech kits are similar to oak type sets. The strength of the boards is the same. This allows:

  • Leave a natural shade or paint in any color you like;
  • A warm palette of wood tones helps to achieve a cozy kitchen atmosphere. Due to this quality the interior of the kitchen from the array turns out to be calm.
  • With the help of heat treatment, an even red color is achieved. In this way, smoky panels are obtained, which give the kit a respectable appearance.

Modern kitchens from the array are unpretentious. Recommendations for care for all sets of natural materials are universal. Humidity of air should not be above 60 degrees. It is allowed to use only special detergents without adding alcohol. After wet cleaning, all surfaces must be wiped dry.

Solid wood with wood texture
Kitchen from rough wood

Light kitchen from solid wood

Dark kitchen from solid wood

Corner kitchen from solid wood

Kitchens made from ash

Such kits have long become classics. For models from this material is characterized by attractiveness, elegance and spectacularity. Their distinguishing features:

  • They give the room refinement and have a special energy.
  • Any type of finish is allowed.

Proper care guarantees the ash tree with spectacularity and long operation.

Wooden kitchen with stone countertop

Kitchen from solid pine

Fans of the country theme will appreciate pine sets. Distinctive parameters:

  • Alternating glass and open shelves for visual expansion of the room.
  • Long service life.
  • Over time, the pine becomes darker. This is due to the ability of the material to absorb light.

Pine is not only the most inexpensive of tree species, but also eco-friendly.

Kitchen made of wood in country style

Kitchens from solid alders

This version of the design of the kitchen will appeal to true connoisseurs of classics and comfort. Saturated shades of red and brown can avoid pretentiousness in detail and decor. Restraint is present in everything. Discreet accessories and accessories focus on the facades, made of noble material.

Wood varnished kitchen

Kitchen from solid birch

Headsets from this material are not only beautiful. Birch furniture is ideal for the Russian consumer. Its strength is the key to durability. It does not require complex care, and the cost is quite acceptable.

Solid wood in loft style

Solid cherry wood furniture

Perfectly decorate the interior of the sets of cherry wood due to its attractive brownish-pink color. There will be no need for additional decor elements. Qualitative processing of boards is the only important point. Modular kitchens from an array of this kind differ from others by the softness of the material.

Kitchen from a tree in an art nouveau style

Kitchens from solid wood: modern

Most of the bold design projects are embodied in the theme of Art Nouveau. This style is distinguished by the absence of all unnecessary and natural lines of each element.

The design of the kitchen from an array of dark shades is often accompanied by the use of parts made of chromium and other metals. This method allows you to achieve elegance and give the headset an individuality.

Kitchen from solid wood with island

Design solutions

Among the ideas for design, you can find many interesting things. Below are the most popular of them.

Kitchens Provence

Make any country house cozy with ease when using the style of Provence. An important point here is the shade of furniture. The main condition for decorating the dining area will be a white kitchen from the array. The second rule of the Provence theme is the effect of antiquity. The use of forged decorative elements is mandatory. On the countertop for the kitchen Provence there ma
y be chips, cracks and scrapes.

Kitchen made of wood in Provence style

Kitchen with patina

The tastefully equipped kitchen is the place where you want to relax. Here you can enjoy delicious and simple dishes in a homely atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Such associations cause a room designed in accordance with the noble classics. The use of white color looks especially good. If a tree with a patina is used, this will allow emphasizing the advantageous sides of the kitchen, regardless of its size.

Striped wooden kitchen
Kitchen-chalet made of wood

Monochromism of the array will not cause voltage when using modules with patina. Admission of artificial aging is achieved by using special mixtures depending on the variety of the surface. The set with patina will fit into any interior solution.

Kitchen from solid pine

Corner kitchens from solid wood

Such an arrangement is used most often for premises of a small area. Due to this, effective use of the entire space of the room is achieved. Compact placement requires correct calculations of each zone (storage, preparation of products and preparation).

Corner kitchen from solid wood

The use of an angular variety of kitchen sets from natural wood allows you to divide the room into a working area and a dining room. This will ensure multi-functionality and practicality.

Wooden kitchen in a country house

Kitchen is considered one of the main premises of any house. It is here that the whole family spends most of their time. Therefore, it is important to create comfort, harmony and comfort in this part of the dwelling. The array never goes out of the trend. Therefore, this interior is not boring.

Kitchen from an array of ash

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