Furnishing of one-room apartment: what furniture to choose

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The process of choosing furniture for 1 room apartment is a creative task and it needs a special approach. After all, any furniture is a primary task is the performance of certain functions. But apart from this, it is necessary to choose not only beautiful and high-quality furniture, but also competently fit it into the interior of a room of a small-sized flat. It is precisely these processes that will be discussed today.

Furniture for one-room apartment

Basic principles

There are several basic principles for creating an interior of a 1 room apartment by selecting all the necessary furniture:

  1. Selection of functional furniture.
  2. Space saving.
  3. Visual expansion of space.
  4. Correct selection of colors.

The main quality of furniture in a one-room apartment should be functionality. The reason for this is simple - you need to maximize the use of each corner of the apartment, while leaving enough room. Accordingly, there should not be too much furniture. Only necessary and functional items. With this approach, we will be able to significantly expand the available space without losing any important details.

Furniture for one-room apartment

As for the visual expansion of space, here it can not do without the use of mirrors and reflective surfaces. Today, almost on any kind of furniture you can find a mirror and this is an undoubted plus. After all, due to good natural light and mirrors, the visual space will be enlarged. And once we talk about lighting, it is worth noting that the basis should be natural light. It is thanks to him and there is an increase in visual space. But to ignore artificial light sources is also not worth it.

Furniture for one-room apartment

Color solutions, the application of which is appropriate in 1 room apartment, a lot. But in all cases it is necessary to use light colors. This will also help create an illusion of free space.

Selection of overall furniture

Furnishing in a small 1 room apartment is, first of all, by selecting the largest and overall furniture. This can include a sleeping place and a wall set, both indoor and kitchen.

When choosing a berth, as well as the rest of the furniture, the main emphasis should be on functionality. The classic bed here definitely does not fit, because it takes up too much space, and its functionality is zero, for this reason there are not so many options.

The best option when creating furniture, will be the use of a closet-bed. At night you will have an excellent sleeper, not inferior to the comfort of a classic bed. In the daytime, you will have enough free space to do other things.


Wardrobe bed

A small functional sofa, for example, that can accommodate bed linens, is also suitable. However, when choosing this option, you should abandon large backs and massive handles. There should be a certain minimalism in style, otherwise the huge bed simply does not fit into the overall picture of the interior, and will take up too much space.

Sofa in one-room apartment

As for the indoor headset, emphasis should be placed on narrow furniture. Excellent will look different room shelving, and thanks to its functionality it will be possible to significantly narrow the range of necessary furniture. You can also consider the option of buying a wardrobe. Among these you can easily find a version with mirrored doors, which will make not only less visible the cabinet itself, but also visually increase the size of your room.

Dimensional furniture in one-room apartment

The kitchen set must be selected directly under the dimensions of the kitchen itself. But here you can also consider the option of an individual order, the benefit of the price of similar services has recently fallen. Thus, you can not only create a stunning laconic interior, but also equip your kitchen space with the latest technology, and with all the possible amenities.


Selection of small-sized furniture

Furnishing in any 1 room apartment is the same as in the previous case - the main parameter will be the functionality. When selecting small-sized furniture, it is still worthwhile to avoid massive options, keeping to minimalism. Undoubtedly, the final choice of furniture depends on your needs, for example, a dressing table for a man is absolutely not needed, but women without it will have to hard. Therefore, consider a few common options.

Small furniture in one room

Such furniture as a table in the living room, one way or another, use everything. Today, most often, it is occupied by a computer. Of course, there are specialized tables, but more often they are too large to accommodate in a small 1 room apartment. Therefore, it is worth considering more compact options. Today, the furniture market is rich in a variety of assortments, which allows you to choose furniture with any functionality for almost any interior. Among the popular variants are various folding tables.

Instead of a massive chair, it's also worth choosing a smaller version. A wide choice will allow you not only to choose a convenient and small model, but also to choose the original design. The color range of modern furniture is also wide, which will allow you to easily enter selected options in the interior. In general, choosing a suitable furniture task is not difficult, because the options are always weighty, just need to know exactly what we are looking for.

Accommodation of furniture

Placement of furniture is a very important moment in creating an interior. With a competent layout, you can achieve not only high efficiency of space usage, but also real and visual expansion of free space. By itself, furniture should be placed based on its size and the functionality it performs.

When creating an interior of a 1 room small apartment, zoning is often used. It is thanks to him that it becomes possible to divide one room into several zones, thereby delimiting the rest areas, sleeping and working.

Furniture for one-room apartment

Zoning can be done in several ways, each with its own poles. The most common option - the use of various partitions. You can apply both compact specialized options, and use furniture as the partition itself. The downside of this method is that it reduces the free space of the room. To avoid this, use zoning using color. With this approach, not only differ
ent color tones are used in different zones, but also divided by decor and decoration. For example, in a sleeping area or a recreation area you can lay a carpet.

No less important element is the door. In 1 room-sized small apartment, massive doors occupy a sufficiently large amount of visual space, thereby reducing it. A good option is to replace the classic doors with either simple arched doors or atypical sliding doors.


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