Bedroom in high-tech style (16 photos): examples of interiors

The interior in high-tech style is suitable for decorating a comfortable bedroom. It is chosen by people who value freedom and practicality at the same time. Used to create this style of modern technical equipment, as well as many small details for decoration.

Brown-white bedroom in high-tech style

Thanks to the availability on the market of a wide range of building materials, a variety of furniture, you can create a unique and attractive bedroom interior. Finish its design correctly selected curtains and chandelier in the room.

Modern bedroom in high-tech style

What distinguishes high-tech style

Certain features and secrets have a bedroom in the style of high-tech. This style is unique in such characteristics:

  1. The presence of a modest chandelier, multi-level lighting, which is relevant for the bedroom. The lighting line is designed competently and skillfully.
  2. Attention in the room is emphasized on the free space, it is quite enough.
  3. The presence of contrasting colors in the design of the room and a sense of unearthly space.
  4. Use of functional and smooth materials, simplicity of textures and lines.
  5. The furniture in the bedroom is practical and comfortable, with the function of transformation.
Black and white bedroom in high-tech style

The bedroom, designed in high-tech design, allows owners to solve several tasks at once:

  • everything you need is at your fingertips, although there will be plenty of free space in the room;
  • The room meets modern fashion trends, its arrangement will confirm the good taste of the owner;
  • for a relaxing stay in the bedroom will create the necessary comfort.
Black, gray and white colors in the bedroom in the style of high-tech
Black and white colors in high-tech style

Colors and bedroom materials

To properly design a bedroom in the style of hi-tech, you first need to carefully choose its color palette. Designers advise to use locally saturated, simple colors. For example, focus on the bed - it can be black, red or blue. The rest of the furniture and decoration will remain neutral, suitable for this sand, gray, metallic, white color. A beautiful chandelier decorates the room.

Dark purple walls in the bedroom in high-tech style

In the hi-tech style, it is forbidden to mix a few bright colors, apply drawings or ornaments in the design. Allowed in the decor are simple geometric shapes: circles, stripes, squares. You can use curtains with this pattern - they will create a sense of contrast in the room.

Black and white bedroom with a high-tech work desk

Additional cosiness and a pleasant sensation of the house will create natural materials that are present in the interior of the bedroom. It is wood, leather, glass, stone, fabric. Surfaces must be smooth, possibly lacquered, reflect light. In the design of the room apply:

  • for walls - metallized wallpaper, their task - to give the room a muted attractive luster;
  • for a floor - a tile with heating, a laminate or a parquet with wide lamellas, homogeneous on the color and a structure;
  • ceiling - stretch acrylic with a glossy effect - it will increase the bedroom space visually;
  • used in the bedroom chandelier or built-in lighting.

On the walls for contrast, you can add a photo of black and white color, placing them in a metal thin frame. They will get rid of the feeling of empty walls, make the design of the room cozy.

Bright wall in the bedroom in high-tech style

High-tech style: lighting and curtains in the bedroom

Among the main features of design in a high-tech room is its space and light. Do not hide large windows behind curtains and curtains, even more light enters the room. Choose curtains should be given special attention. Use novelties of the textile industry - products from metallized, anti-glare fabrics. Different curtains, used in the style of high-tech, such features:

  • fabrics are processed by fireproof, sun-protective, dust-repellent compositions;
  • textile products are devoid of pomp and volume, folds and soft bends;
  • Strict geometry is present both in the shape of the curtains and in their woven figure;
  • use of a minimum number of accessories. Decorative elements serve for the design of curtains eyelets and cornices.
Large windows in the bedroom in high-tech style

The interior decoration of the bedroom has chandeliers. For high-tech lights are fitted, equipped with a control panel, which have a function to control the brightness of lighting. Such chandeliers can be used instead of nightlights, including and switching them off directly from the bed.

Minimalistic bedroom in high-tech style

Chandeliers in the style of high-tech refresh the standard interior, will be its highlight. But they can also become invisible without attracting attention. It all depends on your desire. You can combine several types of fixtures on the ceiling, then you will achieve the effect of "infinite space". If the bedroom is small, then use only one chandelier, large - divide it with several lamps into zones.

Bordello bed linen in the bedroom in the style of high-tech

Furniture for interior in high-tech style

his style of interior is anticipated by the use of furniture made of materials such as glass, plastic, metal, mirrors, chrome parts. The surface of the furniture is always smooth and smooth, attracts attention glossy luster. The designs use a lot of hinged fasteners and metal parts. The design of the bedroom allows the presence of cabinet and built-in furniture:

  • low and compact - after all this room is meant for rest;
  • radius cupboards - concave or round;
  • transformers - drawer-drawer on wheels, armrest table, hanging chair, etc.

Do not forget about the practicality, ease, spaciousness of bedroom furniture in the style of high-tech. It should fit into the overall design of the room.

White-gray stylish bedroom high-tech
Beige-brown bedroom in high-tech style
Black, gray and white colors in the bedroom in the style of high-tech

Unusual design solutions for bedroom comforts

To give the bedroom warmth and a pleasant atmosphere, it is necessary to use some simple additions. You can create a ceiling "starry sky" - it will give a romantic atmosphere to the room. On the shiny surface of the floor, put a carpet with a large pile of solid color - this is the exclusive solution for the bedroom.

White bedroom in high-tech style with beige and purple accents

It will help to refresh the design of a large mirror on the wall, if you choose the right lighting. Give the bedroom a mystery and a certain shine of textiles, decorated with metallized threads. The aquarium will help to divide the bedroom into zones - very impressive and worthy. The interior of high-tech in the bedroom is an excellent solution for those who appreciate modern style.

Beautiful bedroom in high-tech style

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